6 Inspiring Ragdoll Cat Rescues to Help Find Your Perfect Pet

Bring your new best friend into your life through a Ragdoll cat rescue and give a loving kitty a second chance.

Updated July 10, 2023
Ragdoll cat nuzzling her person.

If you have your heart set on a new kitty with a loving disposition, check out the work of some amazing Ragdoll cat rescues before you get in touch with a breeder. These inspiring associations help keep Ragdolls and Ragdoll mixes out of kill shelters and help them find the right, loving home. You can find your chosen breed and give a cat a new lease on life at the same time.

6 Ragdoll Cat and Kitten Rescue Shelters

The following organizations place Ragdoll cats. National organizations can refer potential Ragdoll parents to local organizations that may have available cats and several regional Ragdoll rescue groups are listed as well.

Ragdoll Rescue USA/International

Ragdoll Rescue USA/International is an organization dedicated to finding homes for surrendered or abandoned Ragdolls. They have postings on their Facebook group for Ragdolls available for adoption, but cannot guarantee whether those listed are true Ragdolls or Ragdoll wannabes. If you find yourself in a position where you need to surrender your cat, or you're ready to adopt a cat, fill out an application online.

Ragdoll Rescue

Ragdoll Rescue is an organization that is dedicated to keeping Ragdolls out of shelters. They operate in both the United States and Canada, and do their best to classify the cats as true Ragdolls or as Ragdoll wannabes if the cats are unregistered. Ragdolls may be listed from all over the U.S. or Canada; click on the links of adoptable pets in your country to see if an animal is located near you.

Merlin's Hope Ragdoll Rescue

This group is located in Ennis, Texas, and rescues both Ragdolls and Maine Coons. They will adopt only to homes in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Louisiana. All of their cats are kept in private foster homes.

They require an adoption application, and also that Ragdolls under the age of 4 years must go to a home with another cat, as social interaction is very important to this breed. If you have a cat that needs a home, Merlin's Hope allows courtesy postings on their Facebook page.

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue is a source of all specialty cat breeds, including Ragdolls. The organization is based in the Mid West and has helped find homes for surrendered cats for more than 24 years (and counting!) Browse the adoptable Ragdolls to see which one(s) fit your lifestyle, then fill out an adoption application to let the rescue know you're interested.

Adopt a Retired Ragdoll Cat, USA

Breeders will often retire breeding cats and rehome them. If you're interested in giving an adult Ragdoll a second chance, you can do so through Adopt a Retired Ragdoll Cat, USA. Here you'll find private listings for adoptable retired breeding cats. If any call out to you, you can contact the individual directly for rescue information.

Ragdoll Cat Rehoming Adoption and Rescue

You can also find Ragdoll cats who need a home through the Ragdoll Cat Rehoming Adoption and Rescue. Adoptable cats are posted by admins on the Facebook page as well as the Pet Rehoming Network. There you can find rescue cats from all over the United States and Canada.

Quick Tip

Purebred Ragdoll kittens from a breeder can cost anywhere from $800 to $5,000. Rescuing is a great way to not only save a life, but save some money, too.

Using Social Media to Find a Ragdoll Rescue

Ragdoll kitten lying in their bed.

Social media is a great way to connect with people and even find Ragdoll kitten rescues, but you should always be careful. The intention behind rescuing is to rehome a cat who has been abandoned, surrendered, and otherwise needs a home. In some cases, people may try to "Adopt" out stolen cats or impersonate cat rescues.

  • Always do an internet search on the rescue. Most rescues have websites which boast their 501 c3 credentials. This is a good sign they're probably legitimate.
  • Ask questions about the Ragdoll's story, where it came from, and how long they've had it.
  • Be aware of the costs. Some smaller rescues, especially those that rescue purebred cats, might charge higher adoption fees, upwards of $100 to $200. However, if the adoption fee is exorbitant, this could be a red flag. Ask what the adoption fee includes.
  • Make sure all adoptable cats come with a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian.

Other Ways to Find a Ragdoll Rescue

There are several other ways you can find a second-chance Ragdoll to give a loving home.

  • Large national adoption websites, such as Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet, have searchable databases of almost all private rescue groups and public shelters. You can type in your zip code and "Ragdoll" to see if there are cats available for adoption at an all-breed rescue or public shelter.
  • Rescueme.org is a similar site with a simpler interface. Just go to their site, and a U.S. map will display how many Ragdolls there are in states across the country.
  • Contact your local shelter and ask if they have any Ragdoll or Ragdoll mix cats in their adoptable database.

Contact an Organization Near You for Ragdoll Cat and Kitten Adoption

Ragdoll cat rescue associations have a common mission of saving lives and finding homes for Ragdoll cats that have been lost, abandoned, or placed in kill shelters. In addition, they help Ragdoll cat owners who must give up their cats find appropriate homes for their Ragdolls. If you'd like to foster a Ragdoll cat or give one of these mellow cats a permanent home, consider contacting a Ragdoll rescue group.

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6 Inspiring Ragdoll Cat Rescues to Help Find Your Perfect Pet