Ragdoll Cat Price Breakdown: What Do They Cost?

Updated April 20, 2022
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The price of a Ragdoll cat can vary depending on the pedigree, whether you plan to breed or show the cat, and any transportation costs. However, most purebred Ragdoll kittens cost between $800 and $5,000. Ragdolls have many extraordinary qualities that put them at a slightly higher price point than other breeds, but any owner will tell you they're absolutely worth it.

How Much Do Ragdoll Cats Cost?

So, how much do Ragdoll kittens cost? When you purchase a Ragdoll from a breeder, you typically purchase a kitten. Sometimes there are fully grown cats for sale. This is usually because a breeding animal has retired or because a kitten didn't sell for a particular reason and has matured into adulthood before sale. Cats generally cost less than the kittens because it can be more difficult to introduce a cat into a new home than a kitten.

Ragdoll Kittens Cost Discrepancies

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Catteries don't typically vary too much when it comes to the price of their animals. Great discrepancies in pricing can throw off the market. Breeders usually like to be fair to one another and avoid promoting unnecessary competition, so shopping around from breeder to breeder can give you a reasonable idea of fair pricing.

Cost of Ragdoll Kittens From High-Titled Breeding Lines

Kittens that come from high-titled breeding lines can cost anywhere from $800.00 to $5,000.00, depending on whether the buyer is purchasing show rights. Do remember that shipping costs (where applicable) will increase the price of your kitten to some extent.

Know the Ragdoll Cat Breed Standard to Get the Best Price

Familiarizing yourself with the Ragdoll breed is also a very important step in buyer protection. Some unethical breeders may attempt to sell a kitten that, although a descendent of flawlessly pedigreed lines, does not uphold the Ragdoll traits for whatever reason. Buyers should never have to pay full price for a kitten that does not properly resemble its breed.

Buying Ragdoll Cats From Breeders

It is generally inadvisable to purchase your kitten from a pet store. The animals sold in pet stores often lack proof of pedigree, and they are sometimes raised in unjust breeding environments that promote illness and deficiencies in the breeding lines. Pet stores generally do not provide buyers with a contract that illustrates the buyers' rights and expectations regarding their new kitten. Breeding contracts are meant for the protection of the animal as well as the buyer. Introducing a sick cat into your household may result in a flood of veterinary costs as well as a threat to otherwise healthy pets that may already live in your home.

The breeding process is intended to preserve the inherent traits of the breed, but it is also a business for the breeder. Breeding may not be a lucrative business, particularly for ethical breeders who are willing to sell their cats for the most reasonable prices, but it is a business, nonetheless. The kittens sold are the commodity, and most breeders like to make a profit.

Breeding Costs Affect the Price of Ragdoll Cats

A breeder's price for a kitten should be based on a number of factors such as:

  • The costs involved in showing the breeding queens and studs at cat shows
  • The number of titles earned by the breeding queens at cat shows
  • Breeding overhead
  • Vaccinations and health procedures issued to the kittens
  • Travel expenses

Breeders spend a great deal of money traveling around and enrolling their breeding animals in cat shows. The titles earned during these shows determine how well a cat represents the breed standard. Every title earned costs the breeder in show and travel expenses, so it makes sense for the kittens of a Triple Grand Champion Ragdoll stud to cost more than the kittens of a mere Champion stud. A breeder whose cats have not achieved high titles in the competition circuit will not be able to sell her kittens at the same prices as a cattery that holds multiple titles.

Purchasing a Ragdoll Cat or Kitten

Do your research to get the best price on a Ragdoll kitten or cat. While breeders charge similar prices, understanding what you're looking for can ensure you're getting the best cat for your money. If you'd like to acquire a purebred Ragdoll at a lower price while helping a cat in need, you can contact a Ragdoll cat rescue.

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Ragdoll Cat Price Breakdown: What Do They Cost?