Beautiful Black Cat Pictures: Celebrate These Magical Felines

Black cats have a unique blend of mystery, elegance, and charm that captivates the soul.

Updated May 19, 2023

If you're dreaming of adopting a dark-colored kitty, looking at pictures of black cats can be inspirational and exciting. Get a sense of what your next pet might look like and just enjoy the beauty of these sleek, dark felines.

Something Special About Black Cats

Black cats are the stuff of legend. Although there's something just a bit special about every feline, these cats stimulate our collective psyche like no other. From their magical associations to the sleek beauty of their fur, these cats captivate your imagination and heart.

Once the Symbol of Dark Magic

In centuries past, black cats were eyed with suspicion. They were believed to be the familiars of witches and accomplices to casting magical spells. They were regarded as omens of bad luck when Friday the 13th rolled around, a stigma that still persists to this day. Let a black cat cross your path on this day, and you just might be in for a bit of trouble. Or maybe you won't!

Endless Beauty and Variety

Of course, people are more enlightened these days and realize that black cats are just like other felines. Some are a bit stand-offish, while others are downright sweethearts. They come in all sizes and coat lengths, offering endless beauty and variety for owners who appreciate them.

Black Cats With Blue Eyes

Some black cats have blue eyes, which offer a striking contrast against their dark fur. The deep black background of the cat's coloring allows the eyes to shine like sapphires. When you look at them, you'll feel they're just as precious.

Gorgeous Golden Eyes

Other black kitties have gorgeous gold eyes. These yellow-toned eyes add warmth and a sense of mystery to a cat's face, and some people consider this combination the classic black cat look. But as we all know, black cats are equally beautiful no matter their eye color.

Green-Eyed Beauty

Green eyes may be a little harder to find at your local shelter, but if you want a truly distinctive looking black cat, it might be worth the search. The green can range from a very subtle shade to a bright, distinctive hue, and it's sure to turn heads when friends visit you and your gorgeous feline companion.

Many Different Black Cat Breeds

According to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), a variety of cat breeds have black coat colors. These include the Japanese Bobtail, the Devon Rex, the American Shorthair, and many others. Additionally, you can easily find non-purebred black cats in animal shelters or rescue facilities.

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Look on Petfinder or Save-a-Pet if you're searching for a specific breed of black cat.

Bombay, the Classic Black Purebred Cat

Perhaps the best known purebred black cat breed is the Bombay, a sleek, yellow-eyed beauty that resembles a panther. The Bombay was actually created to look like their wild cousin, the black panther. They are mischievous, intelligent, and can even be taught to fetch or walk on a leash.

Black From Birth

Whether you choose a purebred or adopt a shelter cat, black kittens are born with their dark coloring. Even when they're still very young, black kittens exhibit the gorgeous sleek coats they will have as adults.

Playful and Pretty

Every cat breed is different, but most black kittens are playful and sweet. If you've just adopted a black kitten, you may enjoy playing with them using their favorite toys. These can help your black cat use up that youthful energy so they can fit in some snuggle time.

A Name Inspired by Their Coat

If you're looking for a name for your new black kitten or cat, you can let their beauty and magnificence inspire you. Black cats inspire creative names - perhaps more than other colors and breeds. You can even go with magical or mystical names like Thackery Binx or Minnaloushe.

Wild at Heart

Whether you choose to keep your black cat indoors or let them explore outside, chances are good they have a wild side. Part of the appeal of any cat breed or color is their untamed imagination, and black cats are no exception. Enjoy watching your cat pretend to be a wild panther in the great outdoors.

Cozy and Cute

At the same time, your adorable black feline probably has a tamer side. They may enjoy being petted or simply curling up in a cozy spot of sunshine. Either way, you'll love looking at them during these peaceful moments.

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Snap a photo during the calm moments! You won't regret it!

Harder to Place in Forever Homes

A study of animals in shelters found that black cats were harder to place in forever homes than cats of other colors. This may be because of superstitions or because it's often more difficult to get a good photograph of a black cat. Either way, they're often last to be adopted.

Places to Adopt Black Cats

If you're not superstitious and love the beauty of black cats, you can find them from a variety of shelters. You can buy a cat from a breeder or pet store, or you can visit the local Humane Society. Some places even offer free kitten adoption.

Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day

If you love beautiful black cats and kittens, you'll love knowing there's a holiday just for them. Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17, and some shelters offer reduced adoption fees for black cats on this day. Even if you already own a black kitty, you can celebrate with a special treat or some extra snuggles.

Sleek, Stunning, and Captivating Black Cats

Whether you adopt a kitten or just enjoy looking at pictures of black cats, there's no denying that these sleek and stunning feline beauties are captivating. Their gorgeous good looks, combined with their mystical roots, make them stand out as some of the loveliest felines around.

Beautiful Black Cat Pictures: Celebrate These Magical Felines