160+ Arabian Horse Names: Authentic & Adorable Ideas

Published April 15, 2021
Arabian horse with owner in the Dubai desert at sunrise

The Arabian horse breed has been around for thousands of years, and these beautiful creatures continue to make stunning pets for many people around the globe. If you are fortunate enough to own one of these beauties, give it an Arabian horse name that reflects its beauty, power, and lineage.

Arabian Horse Names That Reflect Origin

Arabian horses originated in the desert sands of the Arabian peninsula. Use geographical features to give your horse a name that connects him to his original stomping grounds.

  • Dubai - city on the Arabian peninsula
  • Jeddah - a coastal city located on the Arabian peninsula
  • Dunes
  • Quicksand
  • Sandstorm
  • Oasis
  • Desert King
  • Desert Queen
  • Acacia - for the red acacia flower found on the Arabian peninsula
  • Salvia - common desert plant
  • Desert Rose
  • Alharu - Arabic for hot
  • Ramili - Arabic for sandy
  • Sahra - Arabic for desert
  • Azraff Emir Al Badi - Arabic for elegant Prince of the desert
  • Rimel (female) - Arabic for sand
    Arabian horse in a field

Arabian Horse Names That Signify Power and Strength

These Arabic words and names mean power and strength, two known qualities that the Arabian horse possesses. They make excellent choices of a horse that is bred for brawn.

  • Hercules
  • Hulk
  • Abda (male) - Arabic for power
  • Aqwa (male) - Arabic for strongest
  • Asif (male) - Arabic for powerful
  • Quwa - Arabic for power
  • Ashwa (male) - Arabic for strength like a horse
  • Haswain (male) - Arabic for horserider and strong men
  • Oza (female) - Arabic for strength
  • Rizu (female) - Arabic for strong and powerful
  • Izzi (female) - Arabic for mighty
  • Bimin (male) - Arabic for powerful and strong
  • Izana (female) Arabic for powerful woman
  • Jabbar (male) - Arabic for mighty
  • Makin (male) - Arabic for strong and firm

Big Personalities, Small Stature

Horses have big and beautiful personalities, making them the type of animal that humans easily and closely connect with. While Arabian horses have large personalities, they are one of the smaller breeds of equine. Play on their compactness with these fitting names.

  • Hussien (male) - Arabic for little beauty
  • Saghir - Arabic for short and tiny
  • Tafif - Arabic for slight
  • Qalil - Arabic for little
  • Cantara (female) - Arabic for little bridge
  • Jenna (female) - Arabic for little bird
  • Jaafar (male) - Arabic for little stream
  • Junayd (male) - Arabic for small army
  • Nizar (male) - Arabic for to be little
  • Nunna (male) - Arabic for tiny
  • Mini (female) - Arabic for small or tiny
  • Edna (female) - Arabic for little seed
Black young arabian horse in front of the egyptian pyramids

Funniest of Faces

Compared to other horse breeds, the Arabian horse has a peculiarly shaped face. Its head is concave, and is often referred to as "dished." This breed tends to have a bulge between its large eyes, allowing for more expansive sinus capacity. This might be an adaptation for the horse to better breathe in hot and arid desert climates. Consider naming your horse something that references this unique and funny facial structure.

  • Naffo (female) - Arabic for funny
  • Noreenah (female) - Arabic for sweet dish
  • Mustawi (male) - Arabic for flat
  • Adaj (female) - Arabic for large, black eyes
  • Nor (female) - Arabic for eyes
  • Barja (female) - Arabic for beautiful eyes
  • Ainan (male) - Arabic for two eyes
  • Taquez (male) - Arabic for boy with dark brown eyes
  • Mirana (female) - Arabic for adorable
  • Ghareebah (female) - Arabic for strange

Names That Reflect a Fighting Spirit

The Arabian horse breed was used as a warhorse by many well-known warriors like Ghengis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Alexander the Great. These names pay homage to the spirit of a warrior.

  • Bajes (male) - Arabic for powerful warrior
  • Basila (female) - Arabic for brave or courageous
  • Basil (male) - Arabic for valiant
  • Sarim (male) - Quranic name for sharp sword
  • Zufar (male) - Arabic for like a lion
  • Faizah (female) - Arabic for victorious, winner
  • Faris (male) - Arabic for knight
  • Emir (male) - Arabic for command
  • Esam (male) - Arabic for safeguard
  • Ghalib (male) - Arabic for the victor
  • Al-Amir (male) - Arabic for the commander
  • Asim (male) - Arabic for protector
  • Fathi (male) - Arabic for conqueror
  • Matty (female) - Arabic for strong in war
Horse On Field During Sunset

Use Unique Traits to the Breed

The Arabian horse is unique in numerous ways, setting it apart from other common breeds. They are strong animals, but also graceful and smooth in their gait. It is as if they float across the land instead of fiercely clomp about. They are also known for their endurance, setting them apart in competitive forums. Give your Arabian horse an elegant name that suits his/her lithe gait and unmatched stamina.

  • Ada (female) - Arabic for graceful
  • Arnaz (female) - Arabic for purely graceful
  • Raana (female) - Arabic for elegant
  • Mayisa (female) - Arabic for walks proudly
  • Ashreen (female) - Arabic for powerful and graceful
  • Matir (male) - Arabic for fast running horse
  • Sahla (female) - Arabic for smooth and fluent
  • Suhaylah (female) - Arabic for smooth and soft ground
  • Mayra (female) - Arabic swift and light
  • Subira (female) - Arabic for endurance
  • Mayyadah (female) - Arabic for to walk proudly or a swinging gait

Arabian Horse Names Specific to the Purebred Type

There are six types of purebred Arabian breeds, and each type is slightly different from the others. Get really specific and unique with your horse's name and choose something tied to the type of Arabian horse he/she is.

Egyptian Arabian

The Egyptian Arabian is the purest of the Arabian horses. Use words and names that play on the type's authenticity.

  • Rarity
  • Purity
  • Honor
  • Virtuous
  • Asfa (female) - Quranic for pure
  • Affan (male) - Arabic for modest or pure
  • Asfiya (female) - Arabic for pure ones
  • Safee (male) - Arabic for untainted
  • Zakiya (female) - Quranic for pure or innocent
  • Nakia (male/female) - Arabic for purity
  • Visoth (male) - Arabic for heavenly and pure
  • Aeina (female) - Arabic for the only one
  • Hali (male) - Arabic for unique and graceful

Russian Arabian

The Russian Arabian horse is an athletic animal that is widely used in sport and competitions. They are also known to be friendly and easy to work with, making them ideal horses for first-timers. Use these general qualities to name your Russian Arabian horse.

  • Champion
  • Sport
  • Batal (male) - Arabic for champion
  • Nayel (male) - Arabic for winner
  • Aisha (female) - Arabic for prosperous
  • Aila (female) - Arabic for supreme
  • Nayla (female) - Quranic name for go-getter
  • Victor
  • Hero
  • Clement
  • Kareem (male) - Arabic for kind and generous
  • Kadin (male) - Arabic for kind companion
  • Alman (male) - Arabic for kind and wise
  • Faria (female) - Arabic for kind and loving
  • Ashfaq (male) - Arabic for kindness
  • Lufti (male) - Arabic for kind and friendly
  • Khali (male) - Arabic for good friend
Arab purebred horse running free in autumn

Polish Arabian

The Polish Arabian horse type is largely associated with animals designed to engage in battles and war. What is interesting about this specific type is that the breed was nearly wiped out during the Second World War. They are the comeback kids and deserve a name fit for a survivor.

  • Phoenix
  • Spirit
  • Arman (male) - Arabic for rise of hope
  • Amal (female) - Arabic for hope or aspiration
  • Naji (male) - Arabic for survivor
  • Najiyah (female) - Arabic for survivor
  • Azeema (female) - Quranic for determination
  • Azaam (male) - Arabic for determined
  • Sahar (female) - Arabic for awakening
  • Anoud (female) - Quranic for strong-willed
  • Wahuj (female) - Arabic for new beginning
  • Sarima (female) - Arabic for strong-willed
  • Azmee (female) - Arabic for purposeful
  • Moutazim (male) - Arabic for persevering and determined
  • Sazil (female) - Arabic for ray of light and determined

Spanish Arabian

The Spanish Arabian horse is the rarest type of Arabian horse, making up only 1% of the Arabian horse population. Use this rarity to help name your incredible animal.

  • Farid (male) - Arabic for unique
  • Farida (female) - Arabic for unique
  • Hiba (male) - Arabic for gift from God
  • Ozil (male) - Arabic for genuine
  • Yukt (male) - Arabic for precious
  • Ajib (female) - Arabic for rare
  • Bita (female) - Arabic for matchless
  • Asala (female) - Arabic for originality
  • Benza (female) - Arabic for different
  • Nayab (female) - Arabic for scarce
  • Vihaana (female) - Arabic for one in a thousand
  • Nabra (female) - Arabic for rare and precious
  • Turfa (female) - Arabic for rare and novel
  • Treef (male) - Arabic for uncommon
  • Faqueed (male) - Arabic for rare and special

Crabbet Arabian

This particular line started in England in the 1800s. They are larger than their counterparts, strong, and have good temperaments. Use their gentle giant demeanor for a perfect name.

  • Anis (male) - Arabic for friendly
  • Anisa (female) - Arabic for friendly
  • Atif (male) - Arabic for affection
  • Lamba (female) - Arabic for large and tall
  • Wadi (female) - Arabic for gentle and calm
  • Maier (male) - Arabic for larger
  • Mamdood (male) - Arabic for extensive and large
  • Iyad (male) - Arabid for a big mountain
  • Rahab (female) - Arabic for large and spacious
  • Dima (female) - Arabic for gentle rain
  • Malda (female) - Arabic for the gentle one
  • Tatiana (female) - Arabic for graceful giant
  • Aihiza (female) - Arabic for powerful and graceful
  • Azam (male) - Arabic for greatest and biggest
    Beautiful horses running in the desert

Shagya Arabian

This unique Arabian horse was bred and developed some 200 years in the Astro-Hungarian empire. The military wanted to enhance the size of the Arabian horse and bred this type to have incredible jumping abilities. This type of horse seems to jump so beautifully, it almost soars through the sky. If the Shagya Arabian horse had a superpower, it would be its ups.

  • Spring
  • Prancer
  • Qafza - means jump in Arabic
  • Olympiad
  • Rocket
  • Impala
  • Michael Jordan
  • Saqr (male) - Arabic for falcon
  • Altair (male) - Arabic for flying eagle
  • Haytham (male) - Arabic for young hawk
  • Vihaana (female) - Arabic for flying high
  • Areeba (female) - Arabic for brilliant, beautiful fly

Spend the Time on Your Horse's Name

Horses are the type of pet that will be your best friend and a steady companion for many years. The average life span of a horse ranges anywhere from 25 to 30 years. In knowing this, you will want to make the effort to consider several name options, finally deciding on one that you will love for years to come. When naming an Arabian horse, select something that speaks to the stunning horse breed, for these animals are truly one of a kind.

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