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Nutrition is a hot topic among dog owners, so the Dog Expert gets a number of questions about feeding dogs. Share the advice on what to feed a finicky dog to help him gain weight and what to do about a dog who eats cat food.

Visitor Questions About Feeding Dogs

How Can I Fatten My Dog?

I have a 12-month-old American Bulldog. I currently feed him boiled fresh turkey and liver. I think he needs to put on more weight, so can you give me any ideas on what to give him? I leave a bowl of dry food down for him at all times, but he won't eat it. I'm not sure what else to do.

~~ Shell

Expert Reply

Hi Shell,

Making your own dog food is a great idea, and its time has surely come in light of recent food recalls.

Boiled turkey and liver is a good start, but you can also substitute ground beef or lamb for variety. You can also enhance this recipe by adding brown rice for carbs and green beans for fiber. Give your dog a daily canine multi-vitamin and you will be providing far more nutrition than he would receive by sticking to plain dry kibble. You should also add a few drops of fresh fish oil to this meal once a day.

To help him gain weight, simply add another meal to his daily ration until he reaches a healthy weight for his frame.

Thanks for a great question!

~~ Kelly

Will Cat Food Harm My Dog?

I just caught my pregnant dog eating the cat's dry food. Will that harm her or the pups? It's the same brand name as her dog food, but it was definitely the cat's mix.

Thanks~~ Nery

Expert Reply

Hello Nery,

There's nothing I know of in cat food that is specifically dangerous to your dog, but there are still some good reasons why you shouldn't allow her to eat it.

First, dogs and cats have different nutritional needs, so their foods are formulated specifically for their species. If your dog continued to eat cat food rather than dog food, she would develop malnutrition because she wouldn't be receiving the correct balance of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals she needs.

Additionally, cat food tends to be richer than dog food, and this sometimes leads to a case of loose stools or full blown diarrhea. Richer also means tastier, and if she becomes spoiled with the cat food, she may refuse to eat her kibble.

If you only caught her eating the cat's food this one time, I'm sure she'll be fine. I recommend feeding the cat in another location that your dog can't easily reach.

Thanks for your question~~ Kelly


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Questions About Feeding Dogs