Christmas Gifts for Dog Groomers

Updated December 13, 2022
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woman and her dog wrapping Christmas presents together

The holidays are a time to show appreciation for the people who make your life better, and the professional who keeps your dog looking and smelling fresh is definitely one of them! If you have your dog groomed regularly, you may feel called to give your groomer a Christmas gift to show how much you value their services throughout the year. From gift certificates to specialty items like personalized grooming aprons, tumblers, or a framed photo of your pet, a simple present can offer an extra way to say "Thank you" this holiday season.

Between hair clippings, bath water, and shampoo, dog grooming can be a messy job. Most groomers use water-resistant aprons or smocks to protect their clothing during their workday. And because they have to switch them out after grooming each pet, they go through these items quickly. A waterproof grooming apron in a fun, dog-focused pattern can serve as a great gift for your favorite groomer. Find one with an adjustable neck strap and large front pockets, so they have easy access to their tools.


Groomers go through dog biscuits faster than your pup's tail wags in response to hearing the word "Treat." If you're hoping to give them something you know they need, consider gifting dog treats. Grab a bag of bite-sized, low-calorie biscuits filled with healthy ingredients, like fruit. That way, they won't upset anyone's belly. This pumpkin variety is a perfect choice that also aligns with the holiday theme, though groomers can use them year-round -- if they last that long!

Let your groomer know you (and Santa) think they're the very best with a personalized ornament. They can place this memento on their tree at home or use it as décor at the salon. Better yet, have an ornament made with your dog's photo on it, so they'll never forget your special pup.

Hydration is important, and your groomer's water undoubtedly collects some stray strands with so much dog hair flying around the salon. Why not gift them a tumbler with a lid and straw to protect their beverage? Have their name engraved on the cup, or add a fun catchphrase you know they'll appreciate, like "A well-groomed dog is a happy dog," or "Dog hair, don't care."


Groomers form strong bonds with their pet clients. A framed photo of your dog with a fresh haircut will surely touch your groomer's heart. If you have the time (and the patience), you could even plan a photo shoot with a holiday backdrop, or include a photo of your pet with Santa. While any frame will work, one emblazoned with holiday bones and snowflakes adds a festive feel to the gift.

A gift certificate to a pet supply website, such as, can be a much-appreciated gift for any pet professional. Plus, electronic gift cards are easy to send and are a perfect last-minute present. Groomers are always in need of new clipper blades, scissors, and other equipment, so your gift can go toward any of these necessities. If they're also a pet parent, you could suggest they use the gift funds to spoil their own special pup!

Groomers use their hands continuously, which can do a number on their skin. A hydrating hand mask is a thoughtful present for the groomer who always puts others before themselves. These single-use gloves can be used by those with sensitive skin and will leave your groomer's hands feeling nourished and smooth. Why not buy a pair for yourself while you're at it?


A holiday gift doesn't have to be extravagant to be thoughtful. Consider giving your groomer a handwritten message to express your deep appreciation for their services. Write from the heart. You can also include any inside jokes or funny memories you've shared. If you don't know your groomer very well, don't worry; pick a meaningful holiday sentiment of your choice and make sure to include your dog's name in the "From" portion!

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Groomers

Gift-giving doesn't have to be stressful. With these groomer-specific holiday gift ideas, you'll know you are giving your groomer something they'll truly use. Whatever you choose, they will appreciate the thought that went into your gift.

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Christmas Gifts for Dog Groomers