7 DIY Dog Ramp Ideas, Plus a Free Downloadable Plan

Whether you're looking for a free DIY plan, or specific dog ramp ideas for your bed, truck, or stairs, we've got you covered.

Updated January 16, 2024
Dachshund sits on a diy home dog ramp

If you have older dogs with arthritis or dogs with other health problems and need to build a dog ramp, don't worry. Although you may not be Bob Vila, with good measurements and a bit of help, you can put a ramp together in no time.

Free DIY Dog Ramp Plan

The plans provided as a PDF download detail all the required supplies and materials that you will need to build a ramp for your dog, as well as step-by-step instructions. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the printable instructions. If you need assistance, there are some helpful guidelines on how to download and use a PDF document.

More Dog Ramp Plan Options

Ramps are relatively easy to build, and blueprints are not required to build a simple ramp. If you prefer to have blueprints, there are a couple of online retailers who sell or provide dog ramp plans.

Quick Tip

Etsy is an awesome place to find some blueprints for nearly everything you need, including dog ramps.

DIY Dog Ramp for a Deck

Sometimes your older dog is fine in the house but has trouble dealing with outside steps, which can be larger and harder to maneuver for small dogs in particular. This set of plans involves plywood, some 6-inch boards, and basic woodworking tools to create a basic deck ramp for your dog.

DIY Dog Ramp for a Bed

A clever addition to this set of plans for a ramp for a bed includes a storage area. Ramps can take up a bit of room in your home, so making use of the space for a dual purpose makes it extra handy.

DIY Dog Ramp for a Truck

Make and Build Dog Stuff sells a set of plans for a truck dog ramp. The estimated cost of materials is relatively low, especially when you consider the cost of ones that are pre-built. The plans also provide information on how to customize the size as well as add decorative touches.

DIY Folding Dog Ramp

One of the problems with a dog ramp, especially if you have a large dog, is that it takes up a lot of space. This video shows a clever design for a folding dog ramp you can slide under the bed or in a closet when not in use:

DIY Dog Ramp Over Stairs

This simple set of plans to build a ramp over stairs uses scrap wood and doesn't require you to be a woodworking expert either! You can expect to spend a tiny portion on supplies, and it's well worth the few bucks. 

DIY Outdoor Dog Ramp Over Stairs

When building an outdoor ramp over stairs, make sure that you use pressure-treated wood to protect it from the elements. This simple design illustrated in the video uses some scrap wood to make a simple ramp over concrete steps:

Building Dog Ramps for Steep Stairs

If you want to build a ramp over stairs that have a steep angle, you'll have to make sure that you build in "assists" for the dog. This can be cleats every 6 to 12" depending on your dog's size, as well as adding in slip-resistant material such as carpeting, stair traction tape or rubber matting.

If you're not sure if the angle is too steep, some general guidelines for a dog ramp incline are a rise of 18 to 20 degrees for small dogs and 22 to 25 degrees for medium-sized dogs. 

Quick Tip

Including guardrails along the side can also be a good safety precaution in case the dog slips off the side.

Help Your Dog With a DIY Dog Ramp

It's natural for older dogs to have trouble getting up and down steps and in and out of bed. A dog ramp can be a wonderful assist for a senior dog and benefit you as well by protecting your back from lifting your dog up constantly. If you have some basic DIY skills, you can put together a ramp in an afternoon that your dog will definitely be thankful for!

7 DIY Dog Ramp Ideas, Plus a Free Downloadable Plan