10 Dog Christmas Stockings That Delight

From store-bought or customized to DIY and semi-homemade, these dog stockings will surely get tail wags for Christmas.

Published December 8, 2023
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dog christmas stockings with Boston terriers

It's totally natural to want to include your whole family in your Christmas traditions — including your canine companions. So having a special Christmas stocking for your dog, or even dog-themed Christmas stockings for the whole family, can be fun ways to set your Christmas apart and make it extra special. To help, I've pulled a few of my absolute favorite stockings for you to check out and included a few DIY dog stocking options for folks who are feeling crafty. 

Who’s a good dog? Your dog, of course. This plush stocking with floppy ears, paws, and a puppy tail will look perfect on your mantel. It’s also one of the largest dog Christmas stockings we’ve ever seen at 21 inches long, which means there’s plenty of room for gifts for that very good dog in your life.


It’s an unwritten rule of pet parenthood that you’re not supposed to have a favorite furry child, which can make it difficult when buying things for a pair of dogs. Stocking set to the rescue! This adorable pair of bone-shaped doggy stockings coordinate perfectly without being identical, but they still have cute little name tags, so you know exactly whose stocking is whose.

This hooked stocking with a dog in the snow may only be available with "Woof" in the name place, but I love the simple style and elegance these could bring to any mantle. If you're looking for an elevated hooked Christmas stocking for your dog, and don't need it to have a name, this might get your tail wagging. 

Anything with your dog’s face on it is cute, but imagine a Christmas stocking with that adorable mug. This customizable stocking allows you to upload a photo of your dog that’s then printed right onto the premium fabric of the stocking. Plus, you can add their name at the top in whatever font you choose. If this isn’t the most creative dog Christmas stocking you’ve ever seen, just take it from an Amazon reviewer who raved, “I wasn’t expecting anything crazy, but these blew me away!”


Knit stockings never go out of style, which is why we love this classic choice. It’s thick, durable, and will look pawsitively stunning hung on the tree or fireplace. Plus, you could get a matching set for the whole family. Gorgeous!

This classic red plaid will go well with almost any decor, and the pawprint on the side lets everyone know exactly who this is for. Plus, this adorable dog stocking has five-star ratings on Amazon for sturdiness and craftsmanship, so you know it'll be one to use year after year after year. 

Speaking of adorable, burlap is the epitome of shabby chic, and if that’s your vibe, this dog Christmas stocking is for you. The best part is it includes a transparent sleeve for you to place a photo of your special pup. Swap it out with a current pic every year or keep a puppy photo in there, so you never forget how cute and mischievous your doggo was.


DIY Dog Christmas Stockings

If you're feeling crafty and have a little bit of time, creating your own DIY Christmas stocking for your dog can be a fun a quick project, especially if you have kids. Just follow this simple list of steps for a Christmas stocking your dog will love for years to come. Better yet, make a whole bunch of them to gift to friends and family!

First, you need to select the stocking you want to fill. You can make some beautiful designs suited to your dog, and options are available for every DIY level — from beginner to expert. 

Easy Peasy DIY Dog Stockings

Head to the nearest Christmas Tree shop, Dollar Store, or similar and grab a blank stocking there. You can then decorate it however you want! You can also do this great no-sew Christmas stocking.

Moderate Dog Stocking Options

Use felt and our easy-to-follow pattern for a super cute stocking.

Advanced Dog Stocking DIY

If you want something fancier, you can consider using a stocking needlepoint kit or design your own. Another creative option, though delicate, is crocheting or knitting your own stocking by hand. And, finally, a fun advanced option is creating a stocking garland with ministockings for each of your dogs and cats. To do so, just follow the instructions below and don't seal the stockings at the top.

Get Creative With Decorating It

Since your stocking is for your dog, add some decorations that truly embrace their warm canine heart. 

  • Take some felt or fabric and cut out dog-themed shapes like bones, balls, and puppy paws and sew, glue, or iron them on.
  • If you enjoy embroidery, you can trace some similar patterns onto the stocking with a fine-tipped Sharpie and then embroider the designs on.
  • Use dog-safe paint to get a paw print from your dog and put it where the name would go.
  • For a special touch, take a dog collar and wrap it around or just underneath the cuff of the stocking with the buckle showing on the front. 
  • Since they're Christmas stockings, you may want to add some seasonal accents, like some small tree ornaments sewn onto the fabric.
  • Personalize it with your pup's name, birthdate, favorite toy, or whatever else you like. 

Dog Christmas Stockings That Include Everyone

Dogs might not have a clue about the holidays, but they still appreciate receiving a tasty treat and toy or two. Get them a special stocking where they can collect it all. Have fun with it, and, of course, make sure your dog doesn't treat it like a delicious chew toy so you can refill it again for many Christmases to come.

10 Dog Christmas Stockings That Delight