12 Quirky & Unusual Gifts Dog Owners Will Love

Sometimes, the most peculiar presents are the ones that leave a lasting impression — and these unusual and quirky dog-themed gifts will definitely do just that.

Published December 5, 2023
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dog with full car of gifts for dog lovers

Dog lovers have seen it all — from the mug with your favorite dog breed to dog-themed Christmas stockings, we're often amused and enthralled with the little gizmos and gadgets that represent our best furry friends. But what gifts can you give a dog lover that they haven't already picked for themselves? Check out these unique, quirky and often adorable gift ideas for your dog-lover friend who has everything (including a sense of humor).

Everyone loves a puppy dog nose, and you can make a dog's snout last forever with a nose print necklace. Once you place your order, the artist will send you a mold kit to use on the dog's nose.

When you send the mold back, they will construct a unique sterling silver necklace with an imprint of the dog's nose. The dog nose necklace makes a sentimental and unique gift for those who treat their dogs like their children. 


For dog-loving hipsters, these Boston terrier earrings are a trendy way to express their passion. Realistic pictures of an adorable pup are on display in the front with gold backs and a metal stem. 

Photographer Seth Casteel created a new, fun way to catch dogs in their glory while they're swimming underwater! This hardcover book is full of funny photos that will make any dog lover's heart smile.

What better way to announce to the world that the home behind this door knocker loves dogs? This piece can be ordered in several dog breeds, all of which are fancy and regal. This handy knocker is a bold gift suited for a bold dog owner.


These mid-century modern inspired "dog blueprints" provide entertainment while serving as an informative display piece of the makeup of a specific breed of dog. There are an array of breeds available, with each blueprint explaining the origins, history, size, and temperament of the breed. 

Sometimes it's better to give a fair warning before letting someone into a house full of excited dogs. This doormat is a great gift for someone who owns multiple dogs or always has a house full of rescue dogs they're fostering.

Dog snack dishes are an adorable present to grab for your favorite dog lover. What better way to feed guests and show a love of dogs at the same time? They're sure to be a hoot at the next get together.


This can be a super entertaining game for any dog lover to play with other pet parents. Let's see how spoiled their dogs truly are and get a chuckle (my dog is ridiculously spoiled). 

If you know a dog lover who loves puzzles, this one can provide quite the challenge. And it's quite entertaining that there's literally one cat in the entire puzzle. 

This gift is truly one-of-a-kind. Grab this for the dog lover in your life, help them pick their favorite photo, and customize the painting. Not only will this provide them with relaxing entertainment, they'll have an adorable hand-crafted painting of their dog to hang on the wall. 


This gift will grab attention when your friend's guests ask for ice and they return with a dog in their cup. It's a definite conversation starter and something that they'll surely enjoy. 

Knock your friend's socks off with these fun dog feet. Everyone loves comfy goodies, and these will definitely be fun to open. 

Give Gifts As Unique and Quirky as They Are

This year, don't revert to any old gift for your canine-loving pals. Choose a gift they'd never think of buying themselves. If you know someone who truly loves dogs, any of these unusual presents would make a great gift this holiday season.

12 Quirky & Unusual Gifts Dog Owners Will Love