Homemade Dog Collar Holder

Collar and tag

Guest columnist Wendy Nan Rees' homemade dog collar holder offers a great way to keep your extra collars and leashes organized and stored out of the way. This easy do-it-yourself project can be completed in under 15 minutes, but its convenience will last far longer than that.

Mission: Organization

As many of you know, I have been on a mission for the last six months. First, my old roommate and her dog moved out, so I took the opportunity to deep clean and redo my home. When the New Year came, I went on a cleaning and organizing mission. With that being said, I have found some great things I actually wanted to keep and have easy access to. If I had been more organized, I would have known I had so many supplies to use for my three boys!

Today's tip is about how to make your own collar holder. If you are like me, you don't just have one collar for your dog; you have a regular collar for every day, a choke collar for walking and maybe even a collar or bandana for special occasions. This holder is even suitable for hanging all those pesky leashes so they are out of the way and not dragging on a floor when not in use.

How to Make Your Own Dog Collar Holder

For some time, I've had my eye on a product that I saw in a catalog that will remain nameless. Let's just say that if it had cost around $25.00 to $35.00, I would have bought it by now. However, it is more like $100.00, and that just seems to be a bit over-priced to me. With so many ideas running around in my head, why couldn't I come up with an inexpensive collar holder on my own?

While I was cleaning out drawers, I came across at least twelve (Yes, twelve!) different collars for the boys, some of which I had not even used yet. Why? Because they were hidden in a drawer, so I would not have any clutter out in sight. That is the kind of neat freak I am. Anyway, I came up with this do-it-yourself idea, and I hope you find it as useful as I do.

Supplies and Directions

  1. You need one paper towel holder. I like to use the white plastic kind, but you can use any kind you want.
  2. Save an empty paper towel cardboard tube. You can cover it with wrapping paper, fabric or anything you want to use. You can even leave it plain if you prefer.
  3. Once you have covered your cardboard paper towel tube, you can put it back on the paper towel holder and add your collars and leashes. You can now hang your collar holder anywhere you would like to. I keep mine on the back of my utility closet door.

Quick alternative: You can also just use an old wooden pants hanger to hold your collars. You can easily hang it on a hook or closet pole, and you still have everything at your fingertips!

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