Benefits of Double Dog Leashes and Where to Find Them

Taking two Goldens for a walk
Replace two leashes with one.

If you have two dogs, you may find that it is easier to manage them using a dual leash instead of two individual leashes. Dual dog leashes are popular with pet owners and dog walkers because they can make the task of taking unruly pooches around the block easier. Before you purchase a dual leash, you're going to want to know the benefits of such a leash before learning where you can purchase one of your own.

Dual Dog Leashes

There are several reasons why a dual leash might appeal to the person who has two dogs.

How These Leashes Work

A dual dog leash is effectively two leashes linked together on a single handle. The leads for each individual dog feed through a separate housing and sometimes the leads operate on a swivel system. This makes it difficult or impossible for the two leashes to become tangled.


While the idea of a dual leash may be interesting in and of itself, there are definite benefits to having one other than just having an interesting toy for strolling around with your dogs. A dual leash allows you to control two dogs with a single leash. Well-constructed leashes have mechanisms that prevent the two from tangling, a feature that no two individual leashes can boast. Further, the dual leashes are separate, allowing your dogs to trot along at their own pace without any care for the other dog on the other side of the leash. Each lead allows you to control each dog individually as well, correcting the behavior of one dog while allowing the other to roam freely. You can often remove one of the leads if you are only walking one dog at a time.

Where to Buy a Dual Leash

There are several places where you can buy dual leashes. Many local pet stores carry these distinctive leashes. You can also buy the dual leash at one of several online pet stores. These have the advantage of allowing you to read customer reviews before you make your selection.

Aspen dual leash
Aspen dual leash
  • Nextag: You can buy just about anything at Nextag. This includes over 200 different dual dog leashes, with each one including customer reviews for you to peruse to make sure that you are buying the right style for you and your dogs.
  • Pet Food Direct: While primarily a place to buy food for your dog, you can also purchase dual leashes at this online pet supply store. Leashes are available in a variety of lengths and colors.
  • Dog Leash Store: This website is a dog leash superstore with every type of leash you can imagine. There are several different kinds of dual dog leashes, including both nylon and steel chain type leashes.

Purchasing a Dog Leash

The surest way to determine the best leash for your dog is to research the individual products listed here. This allows you to compare features as well as prices of dog leashes. You will also want to get a leash in the right size for your dog. If you have two dogs of radically different size, buying the leash in separate components may be the best option for you. Whatever you decide, you will now know how the leash operates, as well as several places to look for the right product for you and your dogs.

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Benefits of Double Dog Leashes and Where to Find Them