These Winter-Ready Cats in Clothes Are Taking the New Year by Storm

Feline down? These cats in winter clothes are sure to lift your mood and give you the warm fuzzies.

Published December 14, 2023

Cats in clothes are undeniably cute, but are these pint-sized sweaters really necessary? The short answer is no, but there are certain situations where clothes can be super helpful, like on hairless cats or young kittens who can’t regulate their temperatures. But the majority of cats wearing clothes just do it because they look great, and we’re OK with it if they are.

What’s Cooler Than Being Cool?

“The only thing cooler than winter is me in this jacket.” Even though some cats hate wearing clothes, others, like this cool dude, don’t mind it at all. Does that holographic puffer come in human size?

Finally, Sweater Weather

This is the purrfect cat outfit for a chilly day, and this kitty looks completely content just gazing out the window. As much as you might want to let your cat out to explore, there are tons of equally enriching indoor activities they can engage in. Let them watch birds out the window, indulge in some catnip, or work on a food puzzle. Or, better yet, teach your cat to walk on a leash or build a catio.

Fashion Trendsetter — Cat Style

OK, a sweater AND glasses? Not only does this little sphynx kitten look toasty warm, but they’re one stylish kitty.

Fast Fact

Shaved cats can get cold much more easily than their fully-furred companions. If you have to shave your cat consider adding a sweater to their wardrobe to keep them comfortable.

No Hair, No Problem

Hairless cats in clothes are extra cute, but there’s actually a good reason behind it. They don’t have a natural fur coat to keep them warm when the temperature drops, but a sweater can have the same effect.

Doctor’s Orders

Some cats might wear clothes for medical reasons. If you’re trying to keep your cat from licking or scratching at the skin on their chest or back, a shirt can often be a great alternative to a cone. Just make sure they can’t get around the clothing!

Fast Fact

Speaking of healthy cats, did you know cats can catch the human flu? In fact, it happens more than you'd think. But cats also have their own strains of colds that aren't transmissible between people and our pets. Learn these common cat cold symptoms.

Feline Fashion > Human Fashion

Who says fashion is only for the humans? Cats can wear clothes, too. Just make sure your cat is comfortable with the idea you attempt to dress them, and if they’re not OK with it, let them set the limit.

Purr-fectly Ferocious

When your cat's morning routine includes a mane makeover and a royal proclamation. Long live the fluffy king of the jungle!

Fast Fact

Cat ownership has tons of proven physical and mental health benefits, like reduced stress, improved heart health, and better immunity.

Smarty Pants, Err, We Mean Sweater

This sweater isn’t just a piece of clothing, it’s a statement. And the statement this cutie is making says, “I’m a dignified and intelligent feline.” And they’re absolutely right! Sphynx is on the list of the smartest cat breeds, and this outfit definitely adds to their air of intelligence.

Pawsitively Purrpared for Winter

Winter checklist: Paws? Check. Whiskers? Check? Cozy vest? Double check!  Gotta keep that frostbite away.

Ugly Christmas Sweater With a Side of Mischief

‘Tis the season for holiday sweaters and curious felines doing their darndest to take down the Christmas tree. If your kitty is a master of mischief, you’ll definitely want to cat-proof your tree or at least take a photo of it before tucking away all your fragile decorations.

Just Taking a Winter Cat Nap

Cats sleep about 12 to 16 hours each day, but that average increases over the colder months. Just like humans, cats sleep more in the winter. Why not cuddle up and enjoy it together?

Feline Chilly

How precious is this kitten in a scarf? This little one definitely needs it because kittens can’t regulate their body temperatures until they are at least six weeks of age. That’s why bitty kittens need their mother’s body warmth or heating pads (if they’re orphaned) to keep them toasty warm.

Does My Cat Need a Sweater?

Probably not, unless your cat's hairless, shaved, or has a special medical condition. We love cats in clothes as much as the next pet lover, but only if the cats are OK with it. If your cat doesn’t mind, go ahead and dress them up and snap a few pics, then let them go back to being comfy and naked. And if it’s something you don’t even want to think about attempting, you can enjoy photos of cute cats in clothes instead!

These Winter-Ready Cats in Clothes Are Taking the New Year by Storm