Feline Frost Fest: Snow-Loving Cats and Winter Safety Savvy

Snow cat capers: these cats are winter's whimsical wonders! Get ready to grin and learn how your kitty can join the snow party without a chill!

Published November 13, 2023

Cats are a bit like us in the snow. Some days they're snow enthusiasts, while on others, they might prefer the cozy indoors. Whether your feline friend is a snow aficionado or not, treading carefully is key when letting them frolic in the winter wonderland. Remember, supervised snowy adventures are the cat's meow for a safe and purr-sonalized winter experience! 

Is It Just Me, or Is This Snowfluff Purr-fect?


If your cat loves the snow, it can be a great change of pace to let them play, but keeping your cat confined to a safer space is best. Not only does it stop hunting wildlife (like whatever this guy has his eye on), but it keeps your cat away from flying predators or issues like getting locked in a neighbor's basement. 

Walking in Winter Wonderland


Did you know you can train your cat to come when called? This is just purrr-fect when you're supervising snowy playtime in the backyard.

One More Minute


Alternatively, if your kitty is stubborn or gets scared easily, try leash-training your cat instead of letting them roam. This way, they can still romp, but you can be sure they don't dash away at the first big, scary thing (truck) that rumbles by.

Need to Know

Many outdoor plants are toxic to cats. Keeping them supervised or in a catio when outside will significantly reduce the risk of heartbreak. 

We've Got Ninja Moves


Of course, you can also try cat-proof fencing or a catio, if you have multiple cats with ninja moves — like these two!

Cozy Kitty


If you do let your cat enjoy the snow, make sure to understand how to help them stay cozy warm when they need and understand the signs your cat is cold

Arctic Hunter Coming Soon


Bonus to supervised playtime? No dead or decaying "gifts" from your fav feline

Birdwatching from Inside


Of course, you don't need to be outside to enjoy the snow. Consider giving your cat an enriching view on the world from a great window. It'll have your kitty chittering with joy. 

Snow Fall Duty


While keeping your kitty safe and supervised may not be their preference, finding fun ways to enrich your cat's indoor life with outdoor exposure is something you'll both be thankful for.

Let's Go Inside, Please


Remember, outdoor supervised snow play doesn't need to be long. When your cat starts giving you the 'chill-out' meow or sits by the door, it's their way of saying, 'I'm ready for the indoor jungle, hooman!'

Making Tracks


Looking to get in on the fun? Press your cat's paw gently into the snow, snap a pic, and frame the adorable paw print for a purr-fectly charming holiday decoration!

Keeping Them Safe


Sending your cat on a solo outdoor adventure? Paws for a second! Unsupervised escapades can turn into a real cat-astrophe. From ninja-level bird hunting to unexpected detours, it's a risky business. Plus, winter brings its own set of challenges, like speedy hypothermia! Let's keep it cool — enrich your kitty's life with snow play in a supervised and safe way. No risks, just whiskers, and winter wonders!

Feline Frost Fest: Snow-Loving Cats and Winter Safety Savvy