10 Happy New Year Cat Memes & Holiday Greetings

Wishing your feline-loving friends and family a Happy New Year with cat memes is a great way to start off the year on the right paw.

Published December 7, 2023

The New Year is a time to say goodbye to the last 12 months and hello to new pawssibilities. If your New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with your cats, you’re in the right place. Wish your friends, family, and followers a very happy New Year with cats using one of these funny or heartwarming memes. You’ll be furry glad you did!

That’s One Lofty Resolution


Little cats have big dreams, too. You’ve got this!!!

Knock, Knock…


There’s just something enticing about that pen, glass, or (gasp!) candle sitting on the edge of the counter that makes a cat want to go push it off. And they do it with such gusto! May you be this confident going into the New Year, too, friend. Just keep everyone away from the candles, please...

Three Cheers for the New Year


In the book of life, spending time with you is my favorite chapter. Here’s to many more years with your special kitty!

Sending Kitten Kisses


If kitten kisses aren’t one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen, we don’t know what are. 

Only a Cat Can Bring This Kind of Love


Purrs are like mewsic to our ears! Wish your loved ones a Happy New Year with this adorable kitten so you can share the feline love.

Got Cattitude?


This cute kitty sure does have cattitude to spare.

Ready to Tackle Another Year


We can all resolve to be a little more like cats next year: eat well, nap more, and make time to play.

Paws and Give Thanks


There’s so much to be grateful for as we move into a New Year. Cats are definitely at the top of our list…

You’re the Highlight of My Year


It’s like cats are fueled by solar power! They certainly love sunbathing and being warm.

Wishing You an Ameowzing New Year With Cats


If you know someone who loves cats as much as you do, go ahead and send them a Happy New Year meme with cute cats. It’ll definitely fill their day with cozy comfort knowing you’re thinking of them. Cheers to the new year ahead! 

10 Happy New Year Cat Memes & Holiday Greetings