Cat Clip Art You Can Use Right Now

Free cat and kittens clip art
Cat and kittens

A little cat clip art can add a touch of fun and personality to all your communications. Download these cute cat and kitten clips for free and begin using them right away.

Free Cat Clip Art

There are eight free cat images in various styles to choose from. You can select your favorites or grab them all for later use. To save this clip art to your computer:

  • Click on the image you want.
  • When the file page opens, right click on the image and select "Save image as" to save the full-size image.
  • Name the file and click save.
  • Alternatively, you can simply right click on an image to save the smaller version shown on this page.
  • If you have any trouble, use this guide to help you navigate the process.
Cat silhoutte clip art
Cat silhouettes
Happy cat face clip art
Happy cat faces
Sleeping kitty clip art
Sleeping kitty
Cat with toy mouse clip art
Cat with toy mouse
Cat having dinner clip art
Cat having dinner
Purple cat clip art
Purple cat
Cute kitty clip art
Cute kitty

More Cat Clipart

If you want more choices, there's a lot of feline clip art available. Just make sure you follow the terms of use for any website you download images from. For example:

  • Graphics Factory has more than 1,100 cat clip art images to choose from. A one-year platinum membership costs about $50, and there's no limit on how many images you can download for personal or commercial use.
  • I-Love-Cats offers around 25 pages of kitty clip art in a wide range of designs. You can use these images on a website or print them for personal use.
  • Public Domain Clip Art has a feline clip art collection of nearly 130 images. Styles range from fairly realistic to cute, and you can download them at no charge.

Ways to Use Your Clip Art

Once you download the clip art, you can begin using it different ways. For example:

  • Use clip art as your avatar on social media pages.
  • Create cute greeting cards or invitations featuring your favorite kitty clips.
  • If you have kittens to sell or give away, add some clip art to your signs and fliers to attract more attention.
  • If you happen to be a cat groomer, create business cards and add a clip to the design.
  • Create cat-theme refrigerator magnets by printing the clip art images on printable magnetic sheets.

Clip Art Cats

With so many ways to use your cat clip art, you'll have fun coming up with new projects. It all begins with a few clicks, so download this clip art and get busy!

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Cat Clip Art You Can Use Right Now