12 Horse Girl Memes That Speak to the Soul

Horse girls are a breed that only other horse lovers will truly understand. Share these horse girl memes with a true horse girl you know.

Published February 2, 2024

As a horse lover, I have heard so many, "You know you're a horse girl when..." and then the sentence continues with a long list of things. If you're in this group, you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

With that said, I have come up with some funny (and oh-so-true) memes about us horse girls that are sure to make you chuckle.

Fast Fact

I attended Cornell University as an undergrad. As an agricultural school, there are farms literally everywhere. In fact, most of my field trips while I was there involved visiting cows and horses.

You Know You're a Horse Girl When...


Horse girls are like the 'crazy cat ladies' of the equine world, with a sprinkle of extra sparkle and a whole lot of horse hair!

Our lives often revolve around magnificent four-legged companions, showcasing a dedication that goes way beyond a simple hobby.

For us gals, a horse is more than just an animal; our horse is our BFF, secret keeper, and a big part of our heart and soul.

1. You Both Have the Same (Horse) Shampoo


You know you're a horse girl when you and your horse use the same shampoo. If you've never tried horse shampoo, you're missing out. It makes your hair super soft and shiny.

It's actually pretty smart when you think about it — sharing a good shampoo with your horse. 

Need to Know

Using your horse's shampoo saves money and actually works wonders — it's a win-win!

2. People Think You're a Horse on Social Media


If you have a horse, think about this for a minute. How many photos do you have of your horse? If you're a horse lover, I would bet that your Facebook looks like an influencer account for your equine pal. Am I right? 

Helpful Hack

Go ahead, grab some more funny horse quotes, horse Instagram captions, and photos of horses playing in the snow to share... you know we both want to... 

3. You Have More Riding Clothes Than Dresses


Riding clothes are an absolute necessity if you're a horse lover...

...and chore clothes

...and show clothes

Let's just say it. You have more clothes that are geared toward horses than you do regular go-out-to-dinner clothes. 

4. Your Dream Date Has to Include a Horse — or Five


Horse girls would much rather have a date that involves a ride and picnic in the barn than a fancy 5-course dinner at some luxurious restaurant. What's better than a date that involves your equine best friend?

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5. You Know All the Best Braids for Horse Hair


You definitely know you're a true horse girl when you have mastered the art of braiding your horse's mane so perfectly that it outshines any hairstyle you've ever done on your own hair.

You're more skilled with a comb and some bands in a stable than in front of your own mirror.

Quick Tip

Cleaning your horse's brushes is an important part of keeping their mane healthy. 

6. There's Always Hay In Your Clothes


If you're a horse girl, you know exactly what I'm referring to. There have been quite a few times when I've literally shed hay all over the bathroom floor. With all those horse hugs, what else do you expect?

7. A Barn Smells Like Home


If you've driven by a farm and thought, "Now that smells like home," you may be a horse girl. There have been so many times that I have been with my friends, and while they're complaining about the farm, I am wishing I owned it.

8. You Have Trailer Payments Before a Mortgage


Horse trailers get high up there in price, and that payment is equal to, or more than, a regular mortgage payment. But hey, you can literally live in one. A comfy horse trailer is every horse girl's dream. 

9. You Know Every Vet's Name


If you have a horse, the chance that you know every local vet's name is pretty high. And you probably know them on a first-name basis. Horses have a list of needs ranging from dental care to farrier work.

Plus, if you have an emergency, the vet probably drives to you rather than you driving to them. Hauling your horse is a lot different than hauling your dog to the clinic. 

Quick Tip

Before you call your farrier for your horse's next hoof-check, take a look at our article about what your farrier wishes you knew.

10. Your Mind Always Wonders Back to the Barn


If you've ever been out and about only to find your mind wandering through your horse's stable, you may be a horse girl. 

11. You've Already Planned Matching Halloween Costumes


As a horse lover, I have seen so many horses dressed up with their human companions. One of the best ones I have seen is the horse disguised as a zombie, and the owner was the headless horseman. Even if you're not a horse fanatic, you can appreciate the creativity.

Quick Tip

Don't forget to watch your horse's body language if you're dressing them up for any holiday or event.

12. You Prefer the Company of Horses


Being around your horse is probably more enjoyable and relaxing for you than being around other people. There's something about your horse that gives you that sense of calm at the end of every day.

Whether it's the peaceful sound of their gentle breathing, the softness of their fur under your fingers, or the understanding look in their eyes, your horse gives you the best feeling in the world.

Need to Know

Horses are so helpful that there's actually horse therapy to help with a list of conditions.

For the Love of Horses


Horses are a special part of some girls' daily lives. They speak a language filled with hoofbeats and hay bales, a dialect that's music to the ears of those who share their passion. If you have never spent time with horses, you should. It will change your life. 

One of my horses, Eeyore, used to walk up to me, set his head on my shoulder, and just relax. They're huge and can seem intimidating, but once you connect with them, they're like your big baby. I have been in love with horses since that first loving encounter with a horse of my own. 

12 Horse Girl Memes That Speak to the Soul