45 Horse Instagram Captions to Capture Your Horse's Beauty

Let everyone know how special your bond is with these clever, caring captions for all your horse pics.

Published February 3, 2023
Horse portrait in yellow flowers and blue sky

Horse lovers, you know your horse is your best friend. And if you're lucky enough to spend the day with them, it's the best day ever. If you are looking for some great horse captions for Instagram, look no further! We compiled a list of our favorite horse captions for social media. Check them out and find your favorite!

Funny Horse Captions

Funny Horse Caption

Thanks to our collection of funny horse captions, you can easily find the perfect one to use on your next horse photo.

  • Easily distracted by horses.

  • I'd rather be at the barn.

  • Hold on to what makes you happy. If it tries to buck you off, hold on tighter.

  • Some of us never outgrew our horse phase.

  • Every horse has its day.

  • It's easier to stay on a horse than to get back on one.

  • You are the mane event in my life.

  • This girl runs on coffee and horses.

  • Boyfriends come and go, but horses are forever.

  • I kissed a horse and I liked it.

Captions that Capture Love

Captions that Capture Love

It's no surprise that you love your horses. Why not show off your love with some loving horse captions on your next Instagram post?

  • Until you have loved a horse, a part of your soul sleeps.
  • Two feet move your body. Four feet move your soul.
  • I live in a house, but my home is in the stable.
  • Your horse has a way of telling you what they need, if we are wise enough to listen.

  • My horse knows more about me than me.

  • There's no better adventure than riding a horse.

  • A horse doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

  • Making memories and building a special bond!

  • It is difficult to explain one's love for horses ... it cannot be explained, it is simply felt!

Witty Horse Captions

Witty Horse Caption

Horses are unique animals with a silly sense of humor. Show off your wit with these clever horse captions!

  • Hold your horses.

  • Horses keep me stable.

  • Wild hearts can't be tamed!

  • A dog may be man's best friend, but the horse wrote history.

  • Horses are my favorite people.

  • Every time you ride, you're either teaching or un-teaching your horse.

  • Good horses make short miles.

  • To ride a horse is to ride the sky.

Cute Horse-riding Captions

Cute Horse-Riding Caption

Next time you go on a horseback ride and snap a photo, add one of the following captions to your Instagram post!

  • All you need is love and a horse.
  • Horses leave hoofprints in our hearts.

  • Eat. Sleep. Ride horses. Repeat.

  • With you, my heart runs free.

  • Life is short. Ride often.

  • The world is best viewed between the ears of your horse.

  • Ride softly, listen carefully.

  • Two feet move your body. Four feet move your soul.

  • Horse riding isn't just a sport. It's an adventure.

  • Ride hard and smile big.

  • If you can walk, you can ride!

  • Feeling alive and free on the back of a horse!

Short Horse Captions for Instagram

Short Horse Captions for Instagram

These captions are short and sweet, but still get the point across.

  • Ride more, worry less.
  • Live. Laugh. Ride.

  • Stay wild.

  • Born to ride. Forced to work.

  • Feeling down? Saddle up.

  • Ride with pride.

Best Hashtags for Horses

Horse owners, riders, and enthusiasts have a lot of fun on Instagram. The photo-sharing app is a great way to share photos of your horses and the world they live in. But there are a lot of people using Instagram these days, so it can be hard to get noticed. If you want more views and followers, you need to use hashtags.

Here are the best horse hashtags for Instagram:

  • #horses
  • #pony
  • #ponies
  • #sporthorse
  • #horsegram
  • #equestrianlife
  • #equestrianlove
  • #equestrianbeauty
  • #equinephotography
  • #horsebackriding
  • #horseriding
  • #horselover
  • #horseoftheday
  • #horsesofinstagram

Choosing the Best Caption

Horse owners and lovers are always looking for ways to connect with other equestrians. Choosing the right caption can put you in front of the right audience. Connect with other horse lovers by using one of the captions listed above. Don't forget the hashtags at the end of your post to share your photo with the most people!

45 Horse Instagram Captions to Capture Your Horse's Beauty