18 Horses Enjoying Snowy Shenanigans

Horses playing in the snow is just as magical and adorable as it sounds.

Published November 27, 2023

You’ve probably made a snow angel, but have you ever seen a horse snow angel? Some horses absolutely love the snow. It gets them excited and giddy, which can lead to some pretty adorable photos. These horses playing in the snow might even inspire you to bundle up and gallop around in the white stuff yourself!

Double the Snowy Love


When a horse wants to play, they’ll often initiate playtime by nudging their friends. These two look like they’re enjoying each other’s company, and we’re definitely enjoying that beautiful view.

Pony Snow Angels


There are many reasons why a horse might get on the ground and roll around, and one of them is because it just feels good. This pony looks like they’re having a fun day in the snow and needed a little back scratch.

A Little Too Nosy


No horse can resist a carrot, which means this snowperson is losing their nose. Whoops!

Follow the Leader


Horses naturally play follow the leader, but it’s way more fun (and adorable) in the snow.

Winter Wonderland


Horses turn snow into a galloping wonderland. There’s just something so ethereal about photos of horses in the snow, especially this beautiful steed.

Fast Fact

Ears that are up and forward are a good indication that a horse is happy.

Horses “Play Fighting” in the Snow


Just like cats and dogs, horses will “play fight,” which is exactly what these two young horses are doing. They’ll nip, nudge, and neck with each other.

Snowflakes & Snorts


“Hey that’s mine.”

“No, it’s mine!”

The Epitome of Frosty Frolics


Foals are constantly learning, and based on the age of this cutie, this is their first winter, and maybe even their first glimpse of snow. This definitely calls for some dancing and leaping around in the flakes, but perhaps some horseshoes would make it feel less funny?

When It Snows, the Horses Will Play


Winter definitely turns the pasture into a snowy playground, and this mother and foal can’t get enough of it!

Snowy Back Scratches


Back scratches feel even better in the snow! Just take it from this cutie.

Fast Fact

Hydration is especially important in the winter, and horses will drink more when their water is warmed up slightly. Good to know! 

Snow Day Nuzzles


Love is definitely in the air if you see two horses nuzzling and grooming each other. That’s a sign that they’re relaxed and happy. These two look like they’re enjoying each other’s company.

Some Horses Just Love the Snow


Some horses love playing in the snow, and we absolutely love watching them. It’s important to take extra care in the winter months and snowy weather to ensure your equine friend is safe. And keep an eye on their posture and behavior to make sure they’re having fun and don’t become stressed in the cold weather.

18 Horses Enjoying Snowy Shenanigans