40 Funny Horse Names for Your Silly Pony

Updated December 28, 2021
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A funny horse name shows a lot of personality and speaks to your sense of humor. While not everyone is guaranteed to appreciate a silly name, it will certainly garner attention. Racehorses are best suited to funny names, but any horse can pull off one of these creative suggestions.

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Humorous Spins on Famous Horses

Many horses have gained fame through their track records, historical significance, or literary mentions. These names pay homage to famous horses but add a humorous twist.

  • Ocean Cookie - Synonyms for the words in the name of popular racehorse Sea Biscuit.
  • Mistered - Pay homage to famous talking TV horse Mister Ed with this humorous new spelling.
  • Secretary at (your farm name) - Inspired by racehorse Secretariat, this name is funny and meaningful.
  • A Firm Ed - A breakdown of the triple crown winner, Affirmed.
  • Hide Al, Go - Popular movie horse Hidalgo inspires this ominous name.
  • Peggy Sue's - Inspired by the mythological horse Pegasus.
  • Mare 'N Go - Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's faithful companion Marengo gets a modern twist.
  • Sgt. Wreck Less - Inspired by famous historical war horse Sergeant Reckless, this new name is great for a clumsy or very large horse.
  • Sent Ore - The legendary half-man, half-horse known as a centaur, inspires this work horse name.

Ironic Descriptive Names

Horse On Grass

Horses are known for being large and fast. One easy way to get laughs with your horse name is to include words for things that aren't typically associated with horses.

  • 4-Hooved Sloth - Inspired by the notoriously slow three-toed sloth, this name is the horse equivalent.
  • Snail Male - A masculine name inspired by the sluggish creature and the cliche it influenced.
  • Pinto Bean - As a food, this item is tiny; as a funny horse name, it is counterintuitive and inspired by the horse type.
  • Ant - Short for Anthony, this nickname is fitting for a strong horse but sounds silly because the insect is so tiny.
  • Minnie Scule - Another word for small, this play on the word miniscule sounds like a real name at first.
  • Ze Brah - For the horse who thinks they're a zebra, try this German-sounding name featuring the slang word for bro or brother.
  • Fleatia - Not only a reference to the tiny critter, but also the slang phrase, "Bye Felicia."
  • The Horse Whisperer - Inspired by the 1998 movie of the same name, this moniker is ironic because people tend to call themselves this name.

Horse Pun Names

All of these names play on the dual meanings found in common horse-related terminology. If you own a horse or love working with horses, these ideas are sure to get you giggling.

  • D'apples are Sweet - The coat color known as dapple gets a sweet update.
  • Bucks Kin Kick - Buckskin hair color takes on a powerful meaning.
  • Bald Face Liar - The bald face marking is silly on its own, but gets funnier when mixed with the common phrase, bold-faced liar.
  • Neighkid - This moniker is not for the faint-hearted.
  • Bred & Butter - This common pair gets an equine update.
  • Neighsayer - A name you might give to a pessimistic horse.
  • Long Face - This phrase serves as the punch line for many horse jokes.
  • Dee Canter - A decanter is a glass vessel for storing wine, but this play on words also references a horse's gait in an almost human name.
  • What the Buck - The perfect funny name for a horse who just doesn't care what others think or want.
  • A-tack - This vicious-sounding name also sounds quite silly, depending how you look at it.
  • Foaling Around - For the horse whose young spirit will never fade.
  • Just Mare-ied - While she may not be married, a horse with this name will get a lot of attention.
  • Pasture Bedtime - Perfect for the horse that stays up too late.
  • The Exhorseist - A particularly naughty horse could earn this name, after a movie about being possessed.
  • Globetrotter - Great for a traveling, adventure horse.
  • Mane Attraction - If your horse is blessed with luscious locks, this name would suit them.

Pop Culture Horse Names

Horse with mouth open

Music, fashion, TV, and movies inspire everything from baby names to pet names. Give your horse funny cultural relevance with these names.

  • Kolt Kardashian - All the reality star members of the Kardashian family have first names that start with "K," and the word "dash" is hidden in the last name.
  • Rogue One - The popular Star Wars movie title makes a great name for a horse with a wild personality that tends to "go rogue."
  • We Gotta Find Barb - A catchphrase from the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, this name is inspired by pop culture and a horse breed.
  • My Bae - The trendy term for a significant other plays double duty when it refers to the horse's coat color.
  • Cremello Anthony - This horse coat color gets a funny upgrade when combined with the name of popular NBA player, Carmelo Anthony.
  • Dunald Trump - Give your horse this presidential name that plays on the dun coat coloring.
  • Game of Throans - The roan coat pattern mixed with popular TV show title, Game of Thrones, makes for a clever and funny name.
  • Teeny Turner - The irony of a horse as tiny is combined with famous singer Tina Turner's name to make something new and silly.
  • Macareigna - Inspired by the popular song Macarena.
  • Hay Jude - The Beatles song Hey Jude gets a farmyard makeover.
  • Barn Stall Rock - How horses might interpret Elvis' Jailhouse Rock.
  • May the Horse be With You - After the iconic line from Star Wars, "May the force be with you."
  • Watch Me Neigh Neigh - A spin on the Silento lyrics from his hit, "Watch Me," could make a silly horse name.
  • Doja Horse - A riff on the popular rapper, Doja Cat.

Names to Make You Whinny With Laughter

When you give your horse a funny name, it says a lot about your personality or pays homage to the horse's circumstances. However, if you choose a humorous name, be prepared for added attention that is both negative and positive.

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