Question About a Dog Groomer and Vaccinations


When vaccinations, reactions and groomers collide, you've got a problem on your hands. What can you do when your groomer insists your dog get its boosters?

Visitor Question About Vaccinations, Reactions and Groomers

I have an eleven-year-old Toy Poodle. A few years ago she collapsed and had trouble breathing after receiving her boosters and rabies vaccination. She ended up at the emergency vet's and had to spend the night. I have not had her vaccinated again since then.

We usually take her to the dog groomer, but they are asking for her vaccinations to be brought up to date before they'll see her again. I'm scared. I almost lost her the last time, and it cost me over $1500.00.

What do you suggest?

~~ Ccruzin

Expert Reply


I have a couple of suggestions for you to consider.

Let's begin by addressing the reaction to the vaccinations. Since your dog had such a reaction to the last set of shots, you could ask your vet if she can receive separate vaccinations spaced out over a period of a couple weeks instead of giving her a single combination shot.

Many vets are willing to give boosters on an altered schedule to dogs that have had reactions in the past. If your current vet doesn't want to do this, call around to find a vet who is willing.

Now, let's talk about your grooming dilemma. I think it would be useful to explain to your current groomer what happened to your dog the last time she received her boosters, and ask if they would wave the requirement. You could even offer to be the last appointment of the day, before they clean the shop for the night.

If that doesn't work out, check with your vet's office to find out if they have a groomer on staff. If so, maybe it would be better to have your dog groomed there where they understand the circumstances you're working with.

Hopefully these suggestions will help resolve your situation. Thanks for your question.

~~ Kelly


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Question About a Dog Groomer and Vaccinations