Accidental Inbreeding

Springer Spaniel

One visitor is very concerned about an accidental inbreeding between her dogs who are brother and sister. While it's true a pregnant dog might face delivery complications due to puppy deformities, there's still a chance the pups may turn out healthy. See the dog expert's advice about spaying and neutering in a situation like this.

Accidental Inbreeding Between Young Dogs

My dog will be one year old on August 1, and she accidentally got bred by her litter brother on Memorial Day. We aren't sure what to do. Will she and the puppies be okay? Do you think she might die since she's so young?

We had big issues with Lucy, their mom, so we can't afford to get the puppies spayed. We are not sure if we should go ahead and just treat her as if she's a normal pregnant dog, or if there is anything else we should do. We need help!

~~ Marissa

Expert Reply

Hi Marissa,

Although this is certainly not an ideal situation, your dog may still come out of this fine. What kind of dog is she? This will give me an idea of her size, and how close she would be to her mature size at one year of age.

Make sure she is receiving very good nutrition. She is in the home stretch of this pregnancy, so try to keep her from too much strenuous activity. Definitely keep her from rough housing with her brother, or she could easily be injured.

Someone definitely needs to be present at the whelping in case there are complications.

I highly advise you to search for a low cost spaying and neutering program to help you cover the cost of having one or both of the dogs fixed. Unless you take care of this, you are only in for more reckless breedings. If you're not able to do this, then I'd advise you to find a home for the brother to eliminate the possibility altogether.

Please take my advice to heart~~ Kelly

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Accidental Inbreeding