91 Colorful Calico Cat Names

Updated July 17, 2020
calico cat with gold eyes

Great names for calico cats reflect the unique nature of their coat patterns. Since most calico cats are female, calico cat names tend to have a feminine flair. Look for color names and pattern names for your calico to highlight her beautiful coloration with tones of red, white, and black.

Unusual Calico Cat Names

While calicos aren't a breed of cat, you can use your calico cat's attitude or unique personality traits as inspiration for an uncommon name.

  • BFF - Pronounced like the name Biff, this name shows that your calico companion is your best feline forever.
  • Burn - The red and orange colors resemble a fire while the black resembles something burnt, so this strong name is a powerful option.
  • Canvas - Since calicos look like they're painted, canvas is an appropriate name.
  • Chatty Callie - Calicos of several breeds are known to be very vocal.
  • Cordial - This term for a type of red cherry also expresses the often friendly personality of calicos.
  • Ember - This name is a nod to the fiery orange/red colorings and the fiery personality of many calicos.
  • Huntress - Most calicos, no matter their breed, are avid mouse hunters, so the feminine form of the word is ideal for girl cats.
  • Quirk - Calicos are said to be more quirky, or neurotic, than other colored cats.
  • Will - Calico owners say these cats tend to be strong-willed.

Cute Calico Cat Names

three calico persian kittens

Give your adorable calico cat a cute name to match her cute look. Each of these name options is quick and easy to say and reflects the unique coloration of the calico.

  • Blot - If your cat's colors look more like ink stains, this is the perfect name.
  • Blotch - A blot is a large discolored patch, so this name works for calicos with big patches of color.
  • Cali - If you shorten calico you get the name Cali, which is also a nod to the state of California.
  • Dash - A dash is a small amount making this name ideal for calicos with little colored spots.
  • Dot - If your cat has small, rounded patches of color, this is a cute option.
  • Fleck - This is a good name for cats with small patches of color.
  • Lico - Use the second half of the word calico to create this unique name.
  • Smudge - Cats with colors that come in weird shapes are the ideal fit for this name.
  • Speckle - A speckle is a mark of contrasting color, so this name works for any calico.
  • Splatter - Calicos with lots of red splattered throughout their other colors will love this name.
  • Spot - Since many calicos have personalities like dogs, this pattern name works for them too.
  • Sprinkle - This is another fun option for a cat with random bits of color amid big patches of another color.
  • Swatch - If you're a fashion lover, this name reflects the sample-sized color patches.

Cool Pattern Names for Calico Cats

From rock and mineral patterns to fabric patterns, these names describe the beautiful colorations of calicos.

  • Ashlar - This is a stone masonry pattern with various trapezoidal or square shapes.
  • Brocade - This fabric pattern that often features gold thread and rich colors.
  • Camo - This name is inspired by the camouflage pattern.
  • Kaleidoscope - This toy that creates colorful patterns highlights the uniqueness of calico coats.
  • Marble - This stone is often white with streaks or spots of one or more colors in natural patterns.
  • Motly - This adjective means "of many colors".
  • Mottle - Streaks or spots in different colors are said to be mottled.
  • Patches - Think of each different color as a patch of fur.
  • Piebald - With a sound like old-fashioned names such as Oswald, this means something covered with patches of two colors, especially black and white.
  • Quilt - Your cat's coat is like a natural fur quilt.
  • Rando - Short or slang for "random," this name describes the randomness of the coloring pattern.
  • Splash - The spots on a calico can look like she's been splashed with color.
  • Splotch - A splotch is an irregularly shaped spot.
  • Tortoiseshell - Calico coloring is similar to tortoiseshell, so this name works especially well for cats with less white.
  • Watercolor - This painting technique results in tonal variations like a calico's coat can.

Vivid Color Names for Calico Cats

Color names are popular calico cat names because they highlight their beautiful hues. Look for a color name that best describes the exact tones on your cat.

  • Amber - This fossil resin comes in shades of brown, red, and orange just like calicos.
  • Apricot - This is a lighter orange-yellow color that matches the color of the apricot fruit.
  • Butterscotch - This is a medium orange-tan color like the food.
  • Cinnabar - This is a vivid red-orange color also known as vermilion.
  • Papaya - This is another fruit color that is a vivid orange.
  • Peach - This is a lighter orange-yellow color that resembles the flesh of the fruit.
  • Persimmon - Named for the color of the fruit, this is a bright red-orange color.
  • Ruddy - Something with a reddish color is said to be ruddy.
  • Russet - This is a dark brown color with red-orange tints.
  • Tangerine - This is a vivid orange color inspired by the fruit of the same name.
  • Umber - This is a natural brown color with a red tint.

Seasonal Calico Cat Names

long haired calico cat on couch

Common colors, foods, plants, and animals found in the different seasons of the year are great inspiration for calico cat names.

Calico Names Inspired by Autumn

Fall is the ideal season for calico cat naming inspiration because the seasonal colors are very similar to calico colors.

  • Autumnal - Forget the standard girl name Autumn and opt for this version of the same word.
  • Equinox - If you like uncommon names, this nod to the autumnal equinox is a great option.
  • Cornucopia - Just as a cornucopia is full of fall colors, so is your cat.
  • Foliage - Common leaf hues in autumn are similar to the colors in your calico's coat.
  • Indiancorn - Known for its variety of kernel colors including reds, oranges, and browns, Indian corn is the basis for this name.
  • Indian Summer - You could call her Indy or Summer for short with this autumnal name.
  • Spice - Many fall spices from pumpkin spice to cinnamon and nutmeg have red and brown hues just like your calico.

Calico Names Inspired by Spring

From flowers to insects, springtime is also filled with red-orange colors.

  • Fritillary - This species of butterfly typically features reddish-orange tones with some black, white, or brown.
  • Lantana - These tropical flowers come in shades of orange and red with an ombre effect on some plants.
  • Monarch - Orange, black, and white are trademark colors for this butterfly.
  • Painted Lady - This type of butterfly has coloring similar to a Monarch.
  • Wooly Bear - These rust and black caterpillars are fuzzy and resemble some of the calico coloring.

Nerdy Names for Calico Cats

You can find tons of calico name inspiration in literature, TV shows, social media, or movies.

  • Aslan Parcassi - Cat from the film The Cats of Kedi.
  • Bombalurina - Red, white, and black cat from Old Possum's Book of Practical cats.
  • Demeter - Black, white, gold, and orange elegant cat from Old Possum's Book of Practical cats.
  • Honeybee - A blind hiking cat famous on social media.
  • Pig - This cartoon calico cat is from the movie Home.
  • Princess Peony - Martha Stewart's calico cat.
  • Pudge - A female calico with a white moustache famous on social media.
  • Sheriff Callie - This cartoon cat sheriff is brave and kind.

Egyptian Calico Cat Names

Experts believe calicos originated in Egypt, so an Egyptian name could help connect your cat to her roots.

  • Bastet - This is the name of a feline deity.
  • Maftet - A deity depicted as a lioness.
  • Miu - This is one Egyptian word for "cat."
  • Miut - This is another Egyptian word for "cat."
  • Mut - A deity depicted as a lioness.
  • Pakhet - A deity depicted as a lioness.
  • Sekhmet - This is a warrior lioness deity.
  • Shesemtet - A deity depicted as a lioness.
  • Ta-miu - Meaning "the female cat" in Egyptian, this was the name of a royal pet cat buried in her own coffin.
  • Tefnut - A deity depicted as a lioness.
  • Wadjet - A deity depicted as a lioness.

Japanese Calico Cat Names

From art forms to Japanese words, you can find calico cat naming inspiration throughout this culture.

  • Ayano - In Japanese, this name means "my color."
  • Buyo - This fat cartoon calico is from the anime title Inuyasha.
  • Chachamaru - This calico comes from the anime title Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.
  • Kobicha - This traditional Japanese brown color also means "brown-noser."
  • Madara - This is an alternate name for Nyanko-sensei from Natsume's Book of Friends.
  • Meowth - This power-hungry Pokemon features calico-like colorings.
  • Nasuno - This calico is from the anime title Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl.
  • Nekomusume - Meaning "cat girl," this name is used to describe a character who looks and acts like a cat.
  • Nyanko-sensei - This cartoon character appears in the anime and manga from the Natsume's Book of Friends series.
  • Shamisen - This adorable cartoon male calico is from the anime and manga titles The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • Suminagashi - This is the art of Japanese marbling.
  • Tama - This famous stray calico became an official stationmaster in Japan.

Calling Your Calico

Calico cat names can be as unique and creative as the cats they describe. Pay homage to this interesting and uncommon coloration by giving your calico friend a name to match her looks. To play off the uniqueness, you could also check out magical cat names and mythological goddess names for cats.

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91 Colorful Calico Cat Names