12 Heart-Melting Guinea Pig Pics to Make You Say Awww

Guinea pigs of all types and colors are an adorable and irresistible pet.

Published August 9, 2023

Guinea pigs are some of the most charming and delightful small pets you can keep. Their cuteness is absolutely captivating, with their round, furry bodies, tiny twitching noses, and large, expressive eyes that always seem to be filled with curiosity. Their soft, dense fur is the definition of "cuddly." We bet you can't look at these guinea pig pictures and not fall in love instantly.

It's Time For Bed


It's time for bed and this piggy knows exactly where to go. They're all wrapped up and cozy. Turn out the lights and cuddle up for snuggle time.

Let's Draw


There's a color on each end for these cavies to draw with, but there's one question left to answer. Who gets to go first?

Sneaking a Peek


This piggy is curious about what's going on in life outside the cage. Let's take a peek! What's happening?

Pay Attention To Me


Guinea pigs love attention, and this one is ready for their daily dose. If you don't give them some love, they're prepared to stare you down with those button eyes!

Lost in the Forest


We see a guinea pig hanging out in the grass, but from their perspective, they're in a luscious forest. A little supervised playtime outdoors in a safe spot is great for enrichment. Which path should they take next?

Gathering for Dinner


These guinea pigs are gathering for their daily family dinner. No need to set the plates, they have it covered.

Time To Kiss


Remember that scene in Lady and the Tramp where the dogs are eating spaghetti from the same plate and ... oops! They kissed! These piggies are about to do the same.

Cool Dude


With this stylish haircut, this piggy is the cool dude of the cavy colony looking for some trouble.

Hairless Hog


Oops, this cute little guinea pig got caught munching on a big snack. You have to share! Put it back and eat your vegetables ...

You Can't See Me


This piggy isn't ready to go back in their cage. Can you spot them? We think this guinea pig did a great job blending in!

Wake Up and Smell the Flowers


They say, "wake up and smell the flowers." But someone forgot to tell this little piggy. Talk about bed head.

Hand Over the Veggies


Cavies are notorious lovers of cucumber, but they can't eat it like this, can they? That sure doesn't stop them from trying!

Light Up Your Day


The cute pictures of guinea pigs are sure to brighten your day. Go ahead, take another peak. We know you want to, and we won't tell anyone. Promise. 

12 Heart-Melting Guinea Pig Pics to Make You Say Awww