14 Cute Guinea Pigs With Hats Who Are Always in Vogue

These cute guinea pigs are a perfect pick-me-up. But beware — you'll be scrolling for tiny guinea pig hats before you know it.

Published December 7, 2023

You’ve seen cats and dogs wearing outfits, but have you ever seen a guinea pig in a hat? Something so endearing about these furry potatoes in costume’ll brighten even the gloomiest of days. From cowboy hats to flower crowns, these 14 guinea pigs in hats definitely have style.

Mary Had a Little Guinea Pig


Mary doesn’t have a little lamb, she has a little guinea pig, and it sure is adorable in that hat.

Fast Fact

There are as many as 21 types of guinea pigs, including the unique skinny pig, abyssinian, and texel. Which is your favorite? 

The Smallest Santa Paws


Santa Paws is coming to town and he has the tiniest paws you’ve ever seen.

Quick Tip

Even though guinea pigs look absolutely darling in hats, not all animals love wearing clothes. Watch your pet’s body language and stop as soon as they become stressed.

Hat's Off to You


Tiny fashionista alert! Hat’s off to this cutie and their sense of style.

Barbie Vibes


Vroom, vroom! This speedy pig is buckled in and ready to go.

Fast Fact

When guinea pigs are happy, they dance! No, really. They do a cute little jumping behavior called “popcorning,” which sounds just about as cute as it is.

Witchy Pigs


What’s cuter than a guinea pig wearing a hat? Two guinea pigs wearing hats. These cuties look like they’re ready for Halloween with those spooky witch hats.

Fast Fact

Guinea pigs are social creatures that do best in pairs. If you're thinking about getting one of these fun pets, consider two! 

Small Hat, Big Style


We sure hope those are cherry tomatoes in that basket! Guinea pigs can eat tons of different kinds of fruits and veggies, but there are several that can be toxic to these little guys.

Quick Tip

A guinea pig's diet should include fresh vegetables along with hay and commercial guinea pig pellets. 

Guinea Pig Glam


This fashionable furball is sporting a very chic flower crown. We think every cavy deserves a touch of elegance.

What if the Hat Wears You?


If you're wondering, this little guinea pig gets his frizzy fur from a special gene known to produce curly-haired cavies

The Queen of Hats


“And I dub thee Queen Cavy of All the Pigs.”

Fast Fact

Guinea pigs are also called cavies, derived from the scientific name Cavia porcellus, which means "little pig."

Origami Hat Overload!


A paper origami hat just adds to the whimsy of this photo. We can get over how cute this little fawn guinea pig looks.

Furry Couch Potato


We can all use a moment of pause to put our feet up and melt into the couch. We’ll join you in just a little bit, cutie.

Fast Fact

Despite their name, guinea pigs aren’t pigs at all. They’re more closely related to porcupines than actual pigs.

Ready for a Stylish Adventure


Yeehaw! Guinea pigs are often fondly referred to as furry potatoes, and this photo definitely shows the resemblance.

Cute Guinea Pigs in Hats


We love the trend of putting small pets in hats, but only if they're OK with it. Not all guinea pigs love being dressed up. Always go slow, create a positive experience, and monitor their reaction. And if your guinea pig isn't one to tolerate outfits, you can always enjoy pictures of other guinea pigs wearing hats instead! 

14 Cute Guinea Pigs With Hats Who Are Always in Vogue