7 Reasons the National Dog Show Wins on Thanksgiving Day

Is the family warring over what to watch? We've got 7 reasons why watching the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day beats football every time.

Published October 18, 2023
Welsh pembroke corgi at the dog show

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there for the TV remote on Thanksgiving. One family member wants to watch the parade, while another is all about football. You, however, know where the real action is: the National Dog Show. I mean, an event dedicated to dogs? Yes, please! This show has some serious competition and sportsmanship but isn't just about touchdowns; it's about the triumphs of the adorable tail-wagging champions.

Thankfully — pun intended — you can have your dog biscuit and eat it if you’re into balloons and dogs. Fortunately, the National Dog Show airs right after the parade. But football competes and you need to get others on your side. Try these arguments to convince your family and friends that the Thanksgiving National Dog Show is truly the winner for the Thanksgiving remote.

1. Adorable Dogs Galore

Um, need we say more? Over 2,000 dogs enter the National Dog Show, with over 200 breeds taking part. You’ll see herding dogs, terriers, hounds, and more. Besides, dogs are way cuter than an entire field of sweaty dudes, right?  

2. A Boost for Your Brain and Mood

Dogs just make us feel good. Don’t take my word for it — it’s science. Research shows that petting dogs increases the levels of feel-good hormones in your brain, but looking at cute images of them can do the same thing. Plus, watching the dog/handler relationship makes you smile every time. Trust me.

3. A Family Affair

Not only is the National Dog Show friendly for all ages, you can watch it with your pooch! Check out your own dog's breed characteristics, compare them to the "standard" and learn lots about their breed group's history. 

4. Root for All

Say goodbye to bitter team rivalries and hello to some friendly competition. Instead of feeling you’re in or out with a chosen team, each of you can pick one of the seven groups to cheer on. Maybe even put a fun wager on it. For example, whoever wins gets out of dishwashing duty next week!

Quick Tip

If you know your dog’s pedigree, you can root for one or all of their breeds. Go team!

5. A Dog Show Fantasy

Turn the National Dog Show into your own fantasy football-type draft for a little extra fun. It’s easy to do this ahead of time so everyone can read up on the previous winners and make their picks. Award prizes at the end of the game, including bragging rights for the next year.

6. Show-Stopping Names

If you’re familiar with horse racing, you know that racehorses have some pretty long and wild names. Show dogs are pretty much the same. Our favorite is 2022 competitor Kiralia N Nanook’s Veni Vidi Vici, who also goes by Star. Have some fun marveling at all the elaborate names, then share your favorites.

7. Finish Feeling Smarter

Not only is it fun to see the different dog breeds, but it’s fascinating to learn about the breed standards. Dog fanciers historically bred each for a special purpose, and their appearance and even the way they walk should reflect that. So cool! Plus, this can seriously help on family trivia nights.

Dog Events Win Best in Show Every Time

In the end, the Thanksgiving National Dog Show promises a winning combination of fun, heartwarming moments, and educational value, making it the best choice for the ultimate Thanksgiving Day entertainment. I'm sure your whole family will agree!

7 Reasons the National Dog Show Wins on Thanksgiving Day