17 Good Morning Cat Memes That Are Better Than Coffee

Whichever side of the bed you woke up on today, there's a "Good Morning" cat meme for that.

Published January 27, 2024

Are you one of those people who can't seem to pull themselves out of bed in the morning? Or maybe you're up at the crack of dawn, ready to take on the day? Just like us, cats have their preferences, too. And they're not afraid to voice them. Send your favorite feline lover a good morning cat meme that features a happy or grumpy kitty that feels the same way you do this morning.  

Good Morning... Rise and Shine!


Who could be mad at that little face?!

Good Morning... My Bowl Is Empty


That look is all too familiar. The "I've been up for hours" glare. But if your cat hadn't done zoomies across the bed at 4 am, you'd be fresh and alert, too!

Fast Fact

Don't blame kitty – cats are wired to be awake at dawn and dusk because they're crepuscular. 

Good Morning... Now Leave


We all have that one friend who's just unreasonably chipper in the morning. Yup. That's the one.

Good Morning... Time for Bed


A lot of cats believe the sun rises and sets for them, whereas others are a little more like our loyal dogs. A few of the most dog-like cat breeds are the bengal, Siamese, and the hairless sphynx. 

Good Morning... With You


It's the truth... every morning is made better with a little cat fur tossed in. 

Good Morning... This Time I WILL Succeed


Have you seen the movie Cats & Dogs? We're still not convinced cats aren't trying to take over the world….

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Good Morning... I'm Fueled by Sunbeams and Tuna


There's no denying that cats love laying in sunbeams. We agree that it's the purrfect way to start the day, don't you?

Good Morning... I Need a Sick Day


If it were up to our kitties, every day would be a sick and snuggle day.

Good Morning... But First, Coffee


No, cats can't actually have coffee, but for us humans, the struggle is real. How many cups does it take for you to greet the day? 

Good Morning... Why Are You Awake?


Some cats will actually wait until you've opened your eyes before they start meowing and pestering you for breakfast. How pawlite!

Quick Tip

There are ways you can train your cat to let you sleep! Try these tricks so you can get a full night of Zs.

Good Morning... What Happened to Good Night?


When you wake up and can't remember going to bed.

Good Morning... I Radiate Light Like the Sun


The sun feels great on anyone's face, and this sweet kitty looks like they're soaking it all in. Just make sure you take precautions to protect your cat from sunburns. And yes – they can get them through the window!

Good Morning? I Just Went to Bed


Send this "Good Morning" cat meme to a friend you've shared a few late nights with.

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Good Morning... But Only If There's Breakfast


To get up for breakfast or not to get up for breakfast? That is the question. Most mornings, the stomach wins.

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Good Morning... Now for Our Post-Breakfast Cat Nap


If you think cats sleep a lot, you're right. Studies show they sleep up to 18 hours a day, and most of these hours are in little cat naps. Hence the name!

It's the Best Kind of Morning


The best kinds of mornings are the ones when you have a little extra time to snuggle with your feline friend and delight in their purrs and whisker kisses before getting out of bed. This is a reminder to set your alarm five minutes early so you can!

"Good Morning" is Better With Cats


No one wakes up on the right side of the bed every single day, and that's purrfectly OK. Whatever mood you're in this morning, there's a cat meme for that. Share the one that resonates most with you on your social media, or send it to your buddies so they can anticipate whether you're going to greet them with hisses or kisses.

17 Good Morning Cat Memes That Are Better Than Coffee