6 Most Expensive Pets Ever and How Much They Cost

These pricy pets are valuable examples of beautiful companions everyone can admire.

Published March 16, 2023

6 Most Expensive Pets


The average dog or cat can be expensive, especially with all the expenses that come with owning them. However, there are some dogs and cats more expensive than others. But, they're not the only pets that are expensive. We have compiled a list of the six most expensive pets to purchase.

Bengal Cat


The Bengal cat is an exotic feline that comes from the wilds of India. They're prized for their unusual coloration and the playful personality.

The price of a Bengal cat can vary quite a bit depending on the breeder and the specific cat. However, you can expect to pay somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 for a pet quality Bengal cat. Show quality Bengals are more expensive and start at around $2,500 and range over $6,000. However, one truly exceptional Bengal - Sarez Zeus, bred by Esmond Gay of Sarez Bengals - sold for $150,000 in 2003!

Black Palm Cockatoo


The black palm cockatoo is a large, enigmatic bird. Native to Australia, the black palm is the largest cockatoo. They can make good pets, but they require a substantial investment in time and energy, as they need a lot of engagement and social time with their people.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay between $15,000 to $20,000 for a black palm cockatoo. Sometimes, babies can be had for less, but this is a rare, hard-to-find species for serious bird lovers.

Green Tree Python


The Green Tree Python is a stunning snake on its own, but most do not cost too much. The average member of the species costs between $400 and $500.

However, there is a colorful - and very rare - morph of the species known as the "High-Blue." These beautiful blue versions of the Green Tree Python go for much more than regular specimens. The most expensive High-Blue Green Tree Python sold for more than $400,000!

Fast Fact

A color morph is a unique genetic trait - or set of traits - that makes an individual specimen within a species look different. Most of the time, a morph (meaning "change") is color-related, but genes responsible can alter all sorts of physical characteristics.

Savannah Cat


The Savannah cat is a cross between a domestic feline and a serval. These cats are the result of careful breeding by dedicated breeders, who have worked to produce these unique animals. They're a medium-sized cat with an athletic build and extremely long legs. The coat of a Savannah can vary from short and sleek to nearly as long as the fur of its serval ancestor. Some even have spots on their coats!

The price of a Savannah kitten starts at $1,500 USD and goes up to $20,000 USD. The price depends on where you get your kitten from and how many generations removed it is from its wild ancestors. In fact, F1 females can sell for as much as $50,000!

Tibetan Mastiff


The Tibetan Mastiff is a large, strong and powerful dog that originated in Tibet. The breed was originally bred by nomads to guard their livestock from predators such as wolves and leopards. They're a massive dog that can get as massive as 140 pounds.

The price of a Tibetan Mastiff puppy can vary greatly depending on the breeder, but you should expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 USD for a puppy from a reputable breeder. However, one extra-special member of the breed, Big Splash, sold for more than $1.5 million!

Thoroughbred Horse


Thoroughbreds are generally easy-going and friendly. They bond quickly with people and other animals. They can be trained to do almost any task you ask of them. They are intelligent and eager to please their owners.

Thoroughbred horses are known for their speed and grace, and they're also known as some of the most expensive horses in the world. If you want to own a Thoroughbred horse, you should be prepared to pay a hefty price tag. The average cost for a Thoroughbred is $2,500 to $7,500 and up, depending on the bloodlines and quality of the horse. One magnificent Thoroughbred, Fusaichi Pegasus, who sold for a whopping $72 million!

Choose Your Pet Carefully


These flashy, expensive pets are rare and beautiful. But you probably don't have to spend top dollar to get an amazing companion. If you are thinking about getting a pet, consider all of the costs to care for them throughout their life. After all, loving and taking care of your pet is the most important thing of all.

6 Most Expensive Pets Ever and How Much They Cost