Stunning Bengal Cat Photos

Bengal Cat Photos and Facts

View some beautiful Bengal cat photos to get a closer look at an unusual breed that many people may have never had the chance to encounter. The Bengal looks like a wild cat but has the personality of a domesticated feline, and this breed is full of fascinating surprises.

Origin of the Bengal Breed

To create the Bengal, breeders first crossed a female Asian Leopard Cat with a male domestic cat. Ocicats, Abyssinians and Egyptian Maus are some of the breeds that were commonly used.

Achieving the True Bengal

Males of this first generation hybrid (F1) are sterile. Generation F2 and F3 females are bred back to domestic cats. Generation F4 is the product of breeding two F3 cats together, and it's at this point that these cats are considered true Bengals.

Wild Cat Look

Ideally, a Bengal cat should look like a miniature version of a wild leopard.

Bengal Kitten

Bengal kittens are distinctly fuzzy, and they have that cub-like look that sets them apart from other kittens.

Colors and Patterns

Bengals may be marbled or spotted with distinct rosettes. Within the breed, you'll find:

  • Brown-spotted Bengals
  • Silver Bengals
  • Snow Bengals

Snow Bengal

Here's a look at the Snow Bengal which, in the very best specimens, closely resembles the Snow Leopard.

Siamese males of various color points were used to produce this color variation.

Temperament and Personality

Bengals, unlike some other domestic cats, are incredibly outgoing and want to participate in nearly everything their human companions do. Athletic and adventurous, these cats do not enjoy spending long hours alone.

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Stunning Bengal Cat Photos