21 Ways to Help Cats Say “Happy Birthday” to Their Humans

Sigh a birthday card from the cat to give your favorite cat-lover a chuckle.

Published March 13, 2023
Woman pet owner cuddling with cat

Pets are part of the family, so if you're signing a birthday card, you might want to include the cat in the "From" portion. Use one of these "Happy Birthday" messages for tongue-in-cheek card from your favorite cat lover's feline friend. Whether you're going for funny or sweet, there are plenty of birthday cat greetings to choose from.

Hilarious Happy Birthday Greetings from the Cat

Cats can be fickle creatures, which is why a birthday greeting with cattitude might be appropriate. Use these messages in a birthday card, "Happy Birthday" post to a friend, or a craft project for the special birthday person. They're sure to get some laughs.

Hilarious Happy Birthday Greetings from the Cat
  • A little birdie told me it's your birthday … so I ate it.
  • I suppose I can take some time out of my busy day of napping and sunbathing to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • I got a birthday gift for you. I left it on the carpet, just where you like it.
  • Where is my food?? Oh, and Happy Birthday.
  • Meowy Birthday to my human servant.
  • Happy Birthday! I think you should just stay home and feed me.
  • I didn't get you a present, but if you could save the boxes from your other gifts for me, that would be greaaaat.
  • Happy Birthday to the one who cleans my litterbox.
  • I was up all night kneading you these birthday biscuits. Hope you like 'em!

Sweet Ways to Say Happy Birthday from a Cat

Kitties certainly have a sweet side, too. Send a message of well wishes and love with a sweet "Happy Birthday" from the cat phrase to a loved one.

Sweet Ways to Say Happy Birthday from a Cat
  • Wishing you a purrfect birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to my best furrend.
  • I love you as much as I love empty boxes. Happy Purrrthday.
  • Meowy Birthday from your cat!
  • From one cool cat to another, Tabby Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the human who knows exactly how I like my tuna. I love you.
  • Happy Purrthday from me(ow).
  • "Moew meow purrrr meow prrrrow!" (translation: "Wishing you a very Happy Birthday")
  • I'm not kitten; I hope you have a meowgical day.
  • Never forget how pawsome you are! Happy Birthday.
  • Thanks for always being there when I knead you. Happy B-Day.
  • You're the best cat mom I could ever ask for. Happy Purrthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes from Cats

Any cat lover will appreciate a cute birthday greeting from their cat, your cat, or any cat, really. Include these wishes in their next b-day message to add a unique spin to it. Maybe even draw a paw print or make a genuine print of your cat's paw to accompany the greeting. Get creative!

21 Ways to Help Cats Say “Happy Birthday” to Their Humans