Fun Ideas to Celebrate Your Cat’s Birthday

Published December 19, 2019
Kitten with confetti and gifts

You love your cat and want to show your appreciation at that special birthday time of year. While some people may scoff at the idea of throwing your cat a birthday party, feline lovers can delight in giving their kitty a fun day to show their affection.

Birthday Activities to Celebrate Your Cat

Plan a few fun activities to do with your cat (and his friends, if invited) on his birthday.

Foraging Festivities

Foraging is a natural behavior for cats and not only does it provide mental enrichment, cats enjoy it because it gives them a chance to hunt. Pet care expert Morgan Weber of Lucky Pup Adventures suggests using this instinctual behavior to provide a fun birthday activity for your cat.

  • Set up a scavenger hunt by hiding a small amount of cat treats around the house. Lead your cat along to help him find them with a treat in your hand or a few tossed on the floor. Make sure you extra special treats to fit the occasion, such as cut up boiled chicken.
  • You can also surprise your cat by hiding small amounts of treats throughout the house and continue to do so all day long. Your cat will love finding treasures continually throughout the day.

Box Maze Extravaganza

Everyone who owns a cat knows that cats love boxes. You can start collecting boxes a few weeks before your cat's birthday. Set them up in a room, or across several rooms, in various configurations to create a "maze" for your cat. You can even cut cat-sized holes in the sides of adjacent boxes and secure them with duct tape to make a multi-room structure. Sprinkle treats, catnip and small toys throughout the maze so your cat can have fun making discoveries along the way. If you want to get extra fancy, wrap the boxes before you assemble them with birthday wrapping paper, ribbons and bows.

cat gift box

A Birthday Spa Day

Pamper your cat on his or her birthday with a luxurious grooming routine. This can include brushing, combing and rubbing fur with a massaging mitt. If your cat enjoys grooming, this will be a wonderful way to bond with your kitty and bring joy to your cat's birthday. Some cats even enjoy having a bath which you can add to the spa experience, but only if your cat approves! When you're done, you can finish off by gifting your cat with a fancy collar, like the stylish Cocopet leather cat collar with bow tie or the blinged-out Chukchi velvet collar.

Feline Model Photo Shoot

Set your cat up for a photo shoot with a birthday theme. You can take the photos yourself or if your cat is amenable, find a pet friendly photographer with a studio you can visit or who will come to your home.

  • For your backdrop, you can create fun backgrounds featuring birthday themes like balloons and cake, using either photo collages or your own painted designs.
  • Or find a different theme that will be fun like a jungle theme for a black cat or a Bengal, or a pirate ship theme for a cat that loves to go mousing like a Maine Coon or a Siamese.
  • If your cat has no issues with wearing a wig or costumes, you can make some fun photos with accessories. Weber reminds owners though that, "You should only do so if your cat is truly happy wearing items as most cats do not!"

When you're done with your shoot, you can create a photo book of your cat, or even make your cat their very own Instagram page!

Cat posing with a tiara

Laser Tag Party

Laser pointers are always fun for cats and some cats will go crazy trying to chase it. A laser tag party can involve several people at once with lasers giving your cat non-stop chasing action. If you're alone, you can buy some interactive laser toys that will display a laser for you and set them up in different areas so there are several ones moving in different directions, and then join in with your own handheld laser. Prepare for your cat to be in laser heaven on their birthday, after which they'll enjoy a nice long birthday nap on your lap.

Cat Birthday Party Themes

Another fun way to celebrate your cat's special day is to add a theme to the event. The best way to pick a theme is to find something related to your cat's breed, personality or even environment. For example, you could come up with themes like:

  • If you have a breed like the Siamese, you could create a theme based on their penchant for being very vocal. Think of famous singers, such as an Elvis-theme or a theme based on their Southeast Asian heritage, such as decorations featuring colors and figures based on the culture.
  • A black cat could have a mystical or witch theme, as these cats are associated with the paranormal.
  • If you have one of the British breeds, such as a British Shorthair or Longhair, Devon or Cornish Rex or a Scottish Fold, you could have a tea party theme celebrating their United Kingdom heritage. Add in some cat treats shaped like tea biscuits or crumpets and some Union Jack decorations!
  • Instead of using breed as a theme generator, think about your cat's personality. Does he love laying out in the sun more than anything? How about a beach theme with palm tree and lounge chairs set up as decorations, and possibly even play toys for your cat?

The Cat Birthday Cake

You'll definitely want to have a cake for your cat's birthday.

  • You can make one using cans of wet food shaped into a mold, such as a small bundt cake mold. Put the food in, freeze it until it settles and put it onto a plate or in a cat food bowl.
  • You can also bake a cake using the Kitty's Favorite Turkey Balls or Tuna Ball Treats recipes shaped into a mold or a small cake dish.
  • Decorate with some small commercially prepared cat treats or drizzle a bit of sardine or tuna oil on top as a glaze.
  • If your cat is on a prescription diet, they can still enjoy a cake! Just use the canned diet to shape into the mold or pan. If they're on a dry prescription diet, ask your vet if you can use some low sodium chicken broth or water to wet the dry food so you can shape it.

If your cat isn't used to eating this much wet or rich food, you may want to give them their cake and treats in small bites with time to digest in between each slice, as you don't want to upset your cat's stomach and cause diarrhea.

Cat birthday cake

Gift Ideas for Celebrating Your Cat

Give your cat something special in honor of his or her big day.

A Brand New Toy

Giving your cat some amazing new toys can be fun not only for your cat but you can enjoy watching them have a great time. Look for unusual toys rather than the run-of-the-mill kitty mice and feather toys.

  • Some ideas could be getting several Catit Senses ball tracks and other Catit toys and linking them together to make one massive installation. If your cat loves chasing things they'll have a blast trying to get to the ball as it winds through the tracks.
  • Or set up a series of tunnels and throw in some toys, catnip and treats and let your cat explore and find goodies along the way.
  • If you have a highly energetic cat, splurge on a cat wheel, which is a large hamster-type wheel made for cats. He or she will love running at a fast pace without worrying about banging into anything in the house like your furniture or walls.

A New Window Point of View

Weber says, "Cats love being able to see outside, especially in a nice sunny spot where they can enjoy the warmth." You can use this behavior to set up special spot for your cat's birthday.

  • Set up a new window perch for your cat so he or she can see the activity outside, including squirrels and birds which will excite any cat. You can wrap a fancy bow around the new perch and place your cat on it with some catnip or treats to make it extra special.
  • Or if you really want to go all out and have the room, build out a "catio" for your cat that lets them move outside while still in the safety of a screened barrier.
  • If DIY isn't in your wheelhouse, there are cat playhouses and cat runs you can purchase pre-built. Just set them up and bring your cat in and let them enjoy their new "outdoor habitat."

A Posh Condo

Because cats love to be up high and also enjoy a good hiding spot when they want to nap, getting your cat a brand new deluxe cat tree on their birthday is a perfect gift. Instead of going for the "usual" cat trees found at pet stores, look for something really unusual that your cat will absolutely adore.

  • For example the Hidden Hollow Fantasy Forest cat trees are truly one of a kind, with custom decorations with a woodland fairy theme.
  • If you have the budget, the Park Place Cat Tree is a luxury cat tower that will make your cat the envy of all the neighborhood felines.
  • Make sure you wrap up your new tree with a bow, perhaps with some streamers and tassels for your cat to bat at while he enjoys his new condo home.

Tips for a Great Cat Birthday Party

When coming up with ideas for your cat's birthday party, make sure they're activities that your cat would actually enjoy. While dressing cats up in costumes, hats or wigs may seem fun for you, your cat may hate it and even hide or scratch if they're upset. Loud music or noise makers will also upset many cats. Put yourself in your "cat's shoes" when you picture what the party will be like. Your kitty will thank you and have a great time on their birthday with some special planning on your part.

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Your Cat’s Birthday