Great Toys for Large Cats

Updated February 23, 2019
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Ginger cat with toy fish

People who share their lives with bigger breeds like a Maine Coon cat know toys for large cats need to be durable and mentally stimulating. Big cats must continue to be active in their adult life to guard against health issues and obesity, so it's important to find the right toys that will encourage them to play.

A Variety of Toys for Big Cats

Large cats need a variety of toys to keep them interested. Cats often like to have empty boxes and paper bags to play with and hide in, but even they'll even become bored with these favorites eventually and turn their attention elsewhere. Here are a few toys that might prove especially enticing to larger felines.

Large Toy Mouse

Toy mice have been a favorite of most cats since someone first made one with some scraps of calico. The problem with the average-sized mouse toy is that it's rather small and doesn't easily hold the attention of a larger cat. The average size of a mouse toy is about three to four inches long. A fuzzy toy mouse that's nine inches long is bound to attract more attention and perhaps generate a little more excitement when a cat plays with it. The Kats'N Us Rabbit Fur Mouse Cat Toy with Squeak Sound sells for about $8.

Kats'N Us Rabbit Fur Mouse Cat Toy
Kats'N Us Rabbit Fur Mouse Cat Toy


Springs are fun for almost any cat, and all the batting and chasing will help a large breed cat get more of the aerobic exercise she needs. These colorful springs move in unpredictable ways when cats pounce on them. There are two sizes of these, so be sure you get the wide ones if you decide to give them a try. The Ethical Pet Wide Durable Heavy Gauge Plastic Colorful Springs come in a pack of 10 and sell for about $5.

Catnip Mouse

A cute, catnip-filled mouse toy is another good toy for large cats because it is built sturdy enough to endure a lot of batting around, hugging, pouncing on, and carrying. If your cat is the type that normally doesn't have much interest in toys, catnip may prove enticing enough to pique her curiosity. The Petmate Large Big Batters Cat Toy sells for around $14 and the rabbit version sells for $13.

Petmate Large Big Batters Cat Toy
Petmate Large Big Batters Cat Toy

Realistic Fish

A set of realistic-looking fish filled with catnip are another great option for large cats. Your cat will love chasing and batting these fish around and they're perfect for large cats. They are made of durable fabric, can be refilled with catnip any time, and are almost 12 inches long. The MAXXV Catnip Fish Toys come in a pack of 3 and sell for about $11. You can choose a selection of a Spanish Mackerel, Salmon and Crucian Carp or a set with a Crucian Carp, Salmon, and Grass Carp.

MAXXV Catnip Fish Toy for Cats
MAXXV Catnip Fish Toy

Ball in Tower Toy

Large cats will love the Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy because it's just the right size for them, standing almost as high as your average cat. The toy is made of heavy-duty plastic and can stand up to your cat's paws attempting to catch the balls out of the track. It can also hold up to use in a multi-cat household. It's an "Amazon's Choice" cat toy and gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from thousands of user reviews. It sells for about $24.

Kitty Tunnel

Cats love to burrow into things and hide and just at the right moment, pounce out and attack! It's even more fun with a feline friend or two. This tunnel is great fun for cats and gives them not only a place to run through and play in but when they get tired, a bed! You can set the tunnel up as just a tunnel or a tunnel/bed combination. It's large enough to accommodate any large domestic cat breed and can even be broken down and folded up for easy storage. It retails for about $38.

Robot Mouse

The Mousr is an innovative approach to the interactive cat toy and won best new cat product in 2018. This electronic "mouse" can be controlled through an app on your smartphone and can be programmed with different play styles based on your unique cat's personality. Its heavy-duty construction is made to withstand lots of cat batting, pouncing and jumping and can handle your big kitty. It also comes with a one-year warranty and the tail attachments can be replaced after too much wear and tear from your cat or if you decide to try a different one. The manufacturers also claim it was tested before launch with large cats such as Maine Coons, Bengals and Savannahs. It sells for about $150.

Wand Teaser Toy

The wand toy with an attachment, whether it's a feather or a long piece of fabric or another toy, is a classic choice for cats. It's a great way for you to enjoy playing and bonding with your cat and almost all cats find chasing it endlessly fun. However, when dealing with a larger cat, you need to be sure to use an attachment that will hold up to a lot of kitty abuse. The Natural Pet Company Feather Wand Cat Toy includes 3 long feathers. The pack sells for about $10. Refill packs consisting of 6 feathers can be found for another $10.

Natural Feather Wand Cat Toy
Feather Wand Cat Toy

A Big Cat Hamster Wheel

The manufacturers from One Fast Cat took a look at the common small animal wheel used for exercise and brilliantly made it cat-sized. In fact, their initial Kickstarter launch for the product was fully funded within 7 hours. The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is a perfect outlet for big, energetic cats that need to burn off some speed but need to stay safe inside. The wheel is designed for cats up to Bengal-size and can also be used to help exercise heavier cats that need to lose some weight. The wheel comes in different colors and sells for about $199.

Kong Eight Track Cat Toy

Chasing balls is always a great way to stimulate your cat to get up and go. The KONG® Eight Track Cat Toy is perfect for large size cats. It has two heavy plastic circles for cats to pounce on in pursuit of the two balls. It also has a tail attachment and a plumed feather for cats to bat at and you can purchase replacement feathers when your cat has put the first one to rest. The tail is also coated with catnip. The toy retails for about $21.

Ball Chasing and Scratching

Another fun ball chasing toy that works well for large cats is the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy. This circular track features a scratching board in the middle so your cat can work on his claws while trying to get the ball. The toy comes in several colors and for even more fun, you can switch out the ball with their flashing Twinkle ball for an extra $3 (sold separately). You can also buy replacement scratch pads so no need to worry about your larger cat overdoing it. The Bergan Turbo Scratcher gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from Amazon users and is a number one Amazon Best Seller. The toy sells for about $11 and replacement scratcher pads come in 2-packs for about $5.

Jackson Galaxy Ultimate Hunting Instincts Bunny Kicker Cat Toy

TV cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy has his own line of cat toys created especially with a cat's needs in mind. The Ultimate Hunting Instincts Bunny Kicker Cat Toy can take a beating. The toy is a typical catnip stuffed toy made with heavy duty construction. This toy will get a lot of use and its big size makes it perfect for any large breed cat. Cats also love cuddling up to it once they're done attacking it and it's big enough to make a nice size pillow. The Kickeroo is 13 inches long and sells for about $11.

Egg-cersize for Large Cats

The PetSafe Egg-cersizer can be used to provide exercise and mental enrichment to your large cat by "making them work" for their food. You can feed them a small amount of their daily kibble in the toy, or all of it to give them an extra workout throughout the day. You can also place some cat treats inside as well. The Egg-cersizer is made of strong plastic and can hold up to rolling and batting on all types of home flooring. It's also easy to clean and reuse again for regular feedings. The toy sells for about $6 or can be purchased in packs of 2 for around $13 or 3 for around $18.

Laser Fun

Almost everyone who's owned a cat has discovered the fun of showing their cat a laser light. It's the ultimate chase item for all sizes of cats! The Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy goes one better than the traditional laser pointer by handling the work for you. The laser has 3 adjustable speeds based on your cat's energy level and can display the laser in completely random patterns. This is sure to make your big feline fully focused on chasing the laser and taking a nice long nap when he's done. It also lets you provide some fun exercise for your cat when you are busy with dinner or cleaning the house and can't interact with him while he plays. The toy sells for about $25.

Engaging the Senses

CatIt's line of Senses toys are designed to provide mental and physical enrichment for your cat based on stimulating all of his senses. Their toys can be purchased separately and used on their own or combined into multi-toy, feeding and grooming stations that will be heaven to your cat. Their full line of Senses Toys can be found on their website but Amazon sells a "value bundle" featuring three of their most popular ones. Your cat can use the Senses Play Circuit toy to chase the ball and you can set up the track in many configurations. He can then enjoy using his foraging skills to find his meal in the Senses Food Maze and finally relax on the massage center with some soothing self-grooming. The set sells for about $30 on Amazon and you can buy additional Senses toys to create your own feline wonderland.

Big Cats Need Stimulation and Exercise

All cats need a certain amount of activity to keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated and providing them with toys can definitely encourage them to be more active. Finding the right toys for large cats can sometimes present more of a challenge. You need a toy that's sized appropriately for your pet, and it has to be able to stand up to a little rougher play. No cat toy lasts forever, but most cat owners would like to see the money spent on cat toys stretch just a little farther.

Variety Is the Spice of a Large Cat's Life

Whichever toys you choose for the big, loveable feline in your life, don't make them all available at the same time. Rotate them on a regular basis and it will be like giving your cat a new toy to play with each time. He gets to rediscover old favorites, and you have the satisfaction of know you're enriching his life.

Great Toys for Large Cats