17 Reasons Why People Think Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Published February 3, 2021
dog and cat under cozy plaid

There are many reasons why cats are better than dogs. Cats are creatures of habit and quickly learn the routine in a new home. A feline's behavior is predictable, and frequently, cats are sleeping in the same warm spot where the sun shines through the window each day.

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

In ancient Egypt, cats appear as significant figures in people's lives. Cats are known for mystical qualities since the dawn of civilization! With that in mind, cat owners often tell friends a feline makes a better companion than a dog. Perhaps there is a reason felines were honored in death by mummified burial.

Cats Are Pragmatic

The most important thing for a cat is to live, and a hungry feline finds a way to feed himself. Unlike dogs, a kitty is not eager to please anyone but himself. The cat species are opportunists.

They're Creatures of Habit

Cats like routines to stay the same. As long as cats know what to expect each day, felines are happy! Cats do not like surprises, and many dogs thrive on adventure.

Cats Rarely Need Baths

Self-grooming is fundamental to a cat's mental well-being and personal life. With that in mind, felines still need regular nail trims, but grooming removes loose hair and parasites from the coat.

Cat Self-Grooming

Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat

Young and adult cats are curious about everything. Felines use paws to explore the world, and sometimes items are knocked over in the process. Pet parents enjoy watching young kittens as a cat's movement is graceful and precise.

They Hunt for Rodents

Cats benefit from excellent night vision and sharp claws to climb and catch prey. Pet parents with barn cats may keep a kitty for rodent catching rather than as a companion animal.

Cats Enjoy Personal Space

Pet parents may enjoy the cat's need for some personal space. A cat does not want a human always petting and bothering him when cat-napping is on the agenda. Many humans feel the same way.

They're Purrfect for Apartments

Cats are the perfect size for pet owners living in an apartment. An indoor cat is a great roommate, and neighbors don't complain about the noise.

Cats Regard Human Companions as Other Felines

Cats may regard humans in the family as other cats. Cats in the same colony take cues from other felines. A cat observes the behavior of family members the same way.

A Cat's Lifetime Cost Is Less Than a Dog's

Cats do not require as many items and services as dogs, including dog walkers, grooming visits, and meals.

Kitty Gear Is Minimal

You may need a harness, but only if you plan to take your cat for a walk. Many cats may enjoy outdoor freedom, yet a collar is probably all a cat owner needs if the plan is to keep a kitty indoors.

Cat and mouse

Litter Training Is Low-Maintenance

Even if a litter tray is unfamiliar, pet parents may train a cat quickly to use the litter box. A kitty may instinctively cover urine and feces.

They Can Live Indoors With a Catio

Indoor cats may enjoy an outside area to roam known as a catio. Instead of a walk around the block, this safe space allows felines the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. A walk is not required!

Cats Have Nine Lives

The curiosity of cats is why felines need nine lives. If you live with a cat, you know he always lands on his feet.

They Were Gods in the Egyptian Culture

Ancient Egypt worshiped the cat god, Bastet. Cats are part of many ancient Egyptian myths and legends.

  • Egyptian sites turned up huge cemeteries containing hundreds of mummified cats.
  • The preserved bodies of cats, wrapped in linen strips and topped with a head mask, were sold as an offering to Bastet.
  • Cats are emblematic of the sun and therefore of Ra and the Eye of Ra.

Cats Are Popular in Literature and Art

Kitties appear in popular cartoons and famous novels.

  • The grinning cat in Alice in Wonderland declares himself mad and a great icon in literature.
  • The Cat in the Hat teaches children to read.
  • Andy Warhol's series of rainbow-tinted cats in various poses are among his most popular prints.

Cats Don't Bark

A cat's purr is extremely quiet. A dog's barking is often an issue for a landlord or neighbor.

Most Cat Breeds Are Adaptable

Siamese cats are vocal. A Maine coon breed is large and in charge. Most cat breeds go with the flow, and kitties with some positive reinforcement adapt to almost every home.

Cats Stood With Humans at the Dawn of Civilization

Humanity's relationship with cats goes back thousands of years. Cats are known as low-maintenance pets and benefit from pet parents with a set routine. Cat owners may find living with a kitty more enjoyable than with a dog. The decision comes down to lifestyle and you may be a cat person versus a dog person.

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17 Reasons Why People Think Cats Are Better Than Dogs