Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats? 15 Convincing Reasons

Updated June 6, 2022
Dog and a Cat Standing

Many animal lovers will say that dogs are "better" than cats. Man's best friend is always eager to please and thought to be more social. Dogs also work harmoniously with humans, and some herding dog breeds are an integral part of a farm.

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

So, why do people like dogs better than cats? Dogs have a lot of qualities that make them as lovable as a family member. Dog language is easy to read, and many breeds communicate with a simple play bow greeting or affectionate kisses. Most dogs enjoy traveling in the car and are happy to jump into a crate in the backseat. Canines are also known to learn useful skills and love to play with two and four-legged family members. Here are 15 reasons why dogs might be better than cats.

dog play with orange ball

They're Eager to Please

A dog's connection with their human family is precious, and they are eager to please their pet parents. They are emotional beings and give us constant affection. The contentment on a dog's face makes it easy to ply them with treats, which is perhaps why some pups are a little chubby. While cats can also be affectionate, they are not usually too concerned with making their human happy.

Dogs Are Faithful

Some faithful dogs never leave the hospital bed after an owner falls ill. There are hundreds of stories about loyal dogs, and one of the most famous dogs is Hachiko. This Akita waited for his owner to return from his job at a train station in Japan every day.

After his owner passed away, the loyal dog went to the train station, waiting for his owner to join him. Some cats can be loyal to their parents, but only when it is convenient for them, and it is certainly not what they are known for. Loyalty from a cat may, unfortunately, come in the form of a dead animal it hunts and gives to you as a gift.

They're Super Social

All dog parents are familiar with the infamous play bow between playful pups. If your dog's body language toward another pup includes a friendly wagging tail and elbows down on the ground, your dog is asking if the other canine wants to play! This adorable display of playfulness is very fun to watch. Cats may enjoy being social at times, but they have a more complex social code and are solitary hunters.

Dogs Are Easy to Train

Many dogs love to learn new tricks and skills. Clicker training and positive reinforcement like high-value treats are a way to a dog's heart. Dogs can learn to ring a bell to go outside and potty.

Two border collies set the world record for performing the most tricks by two dogs in one minute. You can train your dog to do just about anything! Dog sports and training sessions are an excellent way to meet other people, too. With dedication, cats can also be trained to do certain tricks, but it is likely to take more work and persistence due to their independent nature.

Man training a dog

Dogs Travel With No Drama

Car rides may be a highlight of your dog's day. The car typically means a trip to the park or beach, and a chance to hang their head out the window with a smile on their face (as they put a smile on the faces of those who see them). Cats tend to get a little more stressed during car rides, and they can bring the drama with lots of meowing.

Dogs Are More Likely to Protect You

A dog can add an extra layer of safety and security to your home. They can (and many will) alert you of people approaching your home -- and they can scare off intruders. Large dogs can also physically protect you, if necessary. Cats can be very fierce with their claws, but their size puts them at a disadvantage when legitimately trying protecting you.

Dogs and Humans Work Together Seamlessly

Dogs enjoy many roles and jobs, and some guide blind humans from place to place. Some places where dogs work with humans include:

Only Dogs May Be Service Animals

The current federal rule defines a service animal as a dog trained to perform tasks to benefit a qualified individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Emotional support animals, including cats, are no longer allowed on all domestic airlines.

blind man with guide dog

Different Dog Breeds Can Match Every Lifestyle

A Border Collie is an excellent fit for high-energy and active families. Other breeds, such as the Basset Hound, may work well with a family ready for long walks and cuddles on the couch. If you live near water or love going to the beach, you might like to own a natural swimmer, such as a retriever or spaniel. Or, perhaps you like a tiny companion who can easily travel to new places with you. Chihuahuas or Yorkshire Terriers are easy breeds to transport in a handheld pet carrier.

As you can see, dog personalities, skills, and interests vary quite a bit from breed to breed! Cats are not all the same, either. Although their personalities can vary based on breed, they are similar in size, appearance, and general interests. Your biggest concern when choosing a cat breed might be if it will get along with everyone under your roof, including other animals.

They Keep Pet Lovers Active

Whether you are a senior living alone, a college student, or a kid, a pet is a great way to ensure you get out of the house. Dogs need daily walks to get fresh air and burn some energy, and most dog owners who are able will spend a lot of time outdoors with their pups. It is also easier to get out of bed in the morning when you know your buddy needs to use the bathroom.

Cats like to wake you up nice and early, as well -- sometimes in the early hours of the morning when they attack your feet just for fun! Beyond that, your cat might actually make it harder for you to move because they've made themselves so comfortable in your lap.

They Communicate Well

Pet lovers only need to understand basic body language to know what a dog is telling them. Dogs are an open book, whether they are relaxed and happy, or stressed or scared.

  • Tails: a neutral position indicates a dog is relaxed and playful.
  • Ears: the ears rotate for listening.
  • Mouth: the mouth is typically open with a tongue showing.
  • Head: If they are stressed, they might turn their head away from what is bothering them.
  • Body: If they seem to freeze, this might signal fear or oncoming aggression.

A cat will communicate in its own way, but it might be subtle and unpredictable. Have you ever experienced a relaxed cat stretching out on the ground, exposing its adorable belly to you, only to attack your hand the minute you go for a pet? Their feisty personalities make cats a little harder to read than dogs.

On-screen Dogs Steal Hearts

Garfield from Garfield and Friends is no doubt a hilarious feline, but the loyal dogs in movies and shows can bring pet lovers to tears. The most beloved canine characters are why many people choose to get dogs:

  • Lassie
  • Old Yeller
  • Benji
  • Toto from Wizard of Oz
  • Buddy from Airbud
  • Marley from Marley & Me
  • Hachiko from Hachi: A Dog's Tale
  • Togo

They Help Humans Socialize

Another reason dogs are better than cats is that they can help you meet other people who are dog-lovers. There are always endless dog stories to share! Plus, it is more common to take your pup out in public, which makes it more likely to connect with people who love dogs. While cat parents certainly bond over their mutual love of cats, "cat parks" do not currently exist, so there is not the same opportunity for connection.

They Greet Family Members With a Happy Hello

If you're a dog parent, you know that walking into your home and getting a joyful greeting from your pup is one of the best parts of your day. A dog is all love. With their bouncy gait and wiggly butt, this moment is guaranteed to make you smile, even on a bad day. If you're lucky, a cat might awaken from their slumber and acknowledge you. Or, they might meow at you excitedly to fill up their already-full food bowl.

Dogs May Change Your Life

Dogs enjoy running around with the zoomies and finding any chance to roll around in something smelly in the yard. And have you ever watched a dog's nose follow a scent after a rainstorm? Dogs do things that surprise you and make you laugh (and sometimes make you shake your head). They can quickly become your best friend and support system. They love you unconditionally, like no other animal or person can do. When they come into your life, they are likely to change it for the better.

Dogs Bring Joy to Pet Parents

How are dogs better than cats? If these 15 reasons didn't convince you, you might be a cat person through and through, and that's OK! There are many advantages to owning a cat compared to a dog, too -- it really depends on your lifestyle and preferences. But dog parents know living with a dog is a gift. They can help ease anxiety in many cases, and even lower blood pressure. Dogs are known to be loyal and they will certainly bring pure joy and smiles into your life. For these reasons alone, some people may think dogs are better than cats.

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