15 Reasons Dogs Are More Pawsome Than Cats

Dogs will help you get or remain healthy, keep you active, and give you enough kisses to last a lifetime.

Updated April 22, 2023

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats


Yes, it's true. Dogs do sometimes drool. But they're still better than cats. Not only do dogs use the bathroom outside, but they also see you as the best gift the world could have ever given them. They're grateful to be in your presence, whereas a cat's opinion of you might change hour by hour. You and your dog form a pack, a tight family unit. Cats are more like roommates. We've put together 15 more reasons why dogs are the best pets ever and you should definintely get one instead of a cat.

1. Dogs Are Literally Your Best Friend


There's a reason dogs are literally called "Man's best friend." This term wasn't coined for nothing. The bond between humans and dogs can be traced back millennia (waaay longer than cats)! Take a look around. How many people do you know who have a dog? How often do you see dogs in the movies or television shows? Dogs are by our sides in everything we do.

Fast Fact

Dogs have cats beat when it comes to how long we've loved each other. Dogs were domesticated at least 20,000 years ago (and it's probably closer to 40,000 years), while cats have been hanging around for less than 10,000 years.

2. Dogs Don't Need a Litterbox


Unlike cats, dogs don't need a litter box. Once they're trained, they go potty outside and you don't have to deal with a box full of kitty litter and poop. There's no litter scattered all over the floor, and you don't have to live with the smell of cat urine inside your home. Checkmate, felines.

3. Dogs Force You to Be Active


Studies have shown that dog owners exercise more and live longer than those who don't own dogs. Dog owners walk approximately 300 minutes per week; 200 more minutes than those who don't own dogs. Meanwhile? Cats can't even figure out how to use a harness.

4. Dogs Will Protect You


Good luck getting a cat to stand up for you. If something bad goes down, most cats are more likely to run and hide, while dogs will defend you with their life. Not only will they bark or growl if they sense someone who isn't supposed to be there, but once an intruder enters your house, it's game on. Your dog will protect you with all they have. Scaredy cats, anyone?

5. Dogs Enjoy Travel


Most dogs will happily travel with you regardless of the destination. All you have to say are the magic words, "Do you want to go for a ride?" Before you know it, your dog will be excitedly waiting at the door, ready to hit the road with you.

6. Dogs are Loyal


Dogs are loyal, and they love you unconditionally. Cats, on the other hand, are independent creatures who don't care about you as much as dogs do. Dogs rely on humans for survival, love, and companionship. Cats are more independent and most don't mind if you don't come home for the day as long as they have food and water.

7. Dogs are More Trainable


Cats can be trained, but it's not as easy as training a dog. Even with treat-based training, dogs are more receptive to learning commands. Dogs enjoy training. Training gives them a job while spending time with you. What could be better?

8. Dogs are Better with Kids


Dogs are better with kids. They can be trained to be gentle and will even protect children from harm by barking at strangers who come near them. Children can learn responsibility by helping take care of the dog, which makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved!

9. Dogs Can Help You Physically


Service dogs and guide dogs help people with physical disabilities. These hero dogs serve vital roles helping people navigate through life and overcome limitations. Service cats aren't a thing. Dogs are basically just dunking on cats at this point.

10. Dogs Can Support You Emotionally


Dogs are the most common emotional support animals. They can tell how you're feeling and pick your mood up when you need it most. Whether you're feeling stressed, depressed, or just upset, your dog will be there for you.

Fast Fact

The act of petting a dog has been shown to release feel-good hormones like oxytocin, which can help reduce stress and anxiety.

11. Dogs Help You Make Friends


Dogs are social animals who need interaction with other dogs or humans to feel fulfilled. When you take your dog out for a walk and meet other people with dogs, the conversation starts naturally, and it's easy to strike up a friendship. This is especially true if you bring your pup to the dog park on a regular basis. You'll probably see the same people, with the occasional newbie, when you bring your pooch.

12. Dogs are Eager to Please You


Dogs want to please you, while cats are independent and don't really care what you think. Dogs can learn to follow any command you give them and will do so happily, especially if they see how much you appreciate their actions. Cats, on the other hand ... Well, they may do as they're told if they feel like it.

13. Dogs Sleep Through the Night


Cats sleep in cycles, and most will sleep for a while and then wake up to eat, play, or use the litter box. This is called crepuscular behavior. Cats are most active at dawn and dusk, when it's easier to hunt. Unlike cats, dogs are likely to sleep through the night, so you're not waking up to loud meows when your cat decides it's time for breakfast.

14. Dogs are Pro-Social


Dogs love to play and be with people. They're highly social animals. Dogs seek out human interaction and are happiest when they have a family. A dog will follow you around the house and want to snuggle with you at night; a cat will sleep on your bed but only if they want to, not because you want them to. Cats just prefer to do things on their own terms, including playtime and affection from their owners.

15. Dogs Can Help Reduce Allergies in Children


According to research, children exposed to dogs as babies have a lower risk of developing allergies and asthma. The microbes found on dogs help strengthen a child's immune system, resulting in better health down the road. This research also explains that homes with more than one dog can provide even stronger immunity. Additional research is necessary to understand how this works, but that's still an impressive finding for now!

You Won't Regret Getting a Dog


Dogs are an incredible addition to the family. Once you have a dog, you will see the entire world differently. There are some who can think of reasons to get a cat, too. If you're one of these people, maybe you want both! There's no rule saying cats and dogs can't live together harmoniously.

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