10 Weirdest Cat Meows and What They Mean

Updated October 30, 2018
Cat meowing

Experts say that felines can make up to 100 different sounds, including some incredibly weird cat noises like beeping, whirring, and chirping. While that may be true, most cats don't tend to make sounds quite as weird as these meows.

Is It a Cat or a Goat?

This cat, named Pickles, seems to think he's a different member of the animal kingdom. Extremely cute, but very odd.

This noise is often referred to as "chatter" or "chitter." Cats usually make this noise when they've spotted something they want to hunt, such as a mouse, bird, or a toy. They can also make the noise directed at a person or several people and most often this is because they are feeling stressed or upset about something happening in their environment.

Don't Get Too Close

If your pet is making this kind of weird cat meow (interspersed with hisses and growls), do not approach without protective gear... and possibly an offering of raw fish.

A cat makes this type of noise with the accompanying body language when they are upset, anxious and fearful. This is a cat that needs some space away from whatever is frightening her and could become aggressive if approached until she becomes calm.

Battery Running Low

This is Spike. Spike either needs to be recharged or he was out last night on a catnip bender.

This type of sound is basically a cat being "talkative." This happens when your cat is looking for attention such as when they're hungry. Sometimes they'll do it just to "hang out" with their human and get attention from you such as a verbal response and/or petting and play. Some breeds can be more talkative than others, such as Siamese, Burmese and Sphynx cats.

Barking Cat

Do not trust cats. They are sneaky and apparently very good at doing impressions.

This sound could be another form of "chatter" when a cat spies something he or she wants, such as a bird. It can also indicate a female cat is in heat.

Not Enjoying This Bath

It's generally a well-known fact that cats don't like to get wet. This cat is clearly in the dislike camp, but he has an odd way of expressing his displeasure.

Cats that are very afraid and anxious will make a sound like this cat in the water above. The cat will also show body language indicative of fear such as ears back, dilated pupils, tail tucked in and arched back.

Just Say No

Have you ever spent nearly two minutes listening to a cat meowing in such a way that it sounds like she's saying "no no no," repeatedly? Well, today's your day.

This cat is another good example of a fearful, distressed cat. The vocalization he or she is making indicates stress and the body language is a good clue as well. A fearful cat will show wide eyes, ears back, hunched-in body with arched back and fur appearing to stand straight up.

The Mousie Howl

This cat chases a toy mouse and exclaims a 'mousie howl' of success!

This type of meow can best be described as "I want that!" It's a noise a cat will make when trying to get attention when it wants dinner or affection or to go out. Or, in the case of this video, the cat definitely wants to get the mouse!

Anyone Know an Exorcist?

Maybe it's the big red eyes, but more likely it's the strange string of sounds that come out of this kitty that hint at some sort of possession.

Notice the body language of this cat? It's similar to other cats described above. This meow indicates this cat is very upset and fearful.

Just Add Brush

Here you see what is likely your average, ordinary house cat. Bring out the brush though, and he turns into a crooning songster who sounds like he's been chain-smoking.

This strange collection of noises indicates a form of arousal. The cat is reacting to the grooming and this type of noise is common with some types of cats. The noise is accompanied by licking at the air and usually occurs when you are grooming a hard-to-reach area such as the base of the tail.

Motorized Kitty

This cat sounds like he's running a little motor in short bursts.

Trilling is the term for this type of meow. It's a sound that indicates your cat is happy or excited. If you're playing with your cat, or petting and grooming him, this pleasant sound means your cat is enjoying your company.

Share With Your Cat

If you've got a cat yourself, turn up the volume and share these videos with her for even more enjoyment. She'll likely start searching for the feline making the cat sounds, until she realizes that you've tricked her, that is. Then your life is in your own hands.

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10 Weirdest Cat Meows and What They Mean