Meet the Entertaining & Energetic Wire Fox Terrier

The wire fox terrier dog is a bundle of fun and energy, packed with a quirky personality and a big love for their people.

Updated December 30, 2023

The wire fox terrier is a bundle of energy and charm, with puppy eyes that'll make you swoon and a coat that makes them look like a teddy bear. One peek at these cuties and you're sure to fall head over heels. Their adorable looks, mixed with a lively and playful spirit, make them utterly irresistible. But there are some things to know before you bring one of these sweet pups home.

Experienced Pet Parents Necessary

The wire fox terrier isn't a terrier breed that's recommended for pet parents new to the dog world. They need an experienced owner who understands their exercise needs, socialization requirements, and how to properly care for the breed. 

The Terrier Temperament

Wire fox terriers are like the live wires of the terrier world — full of fiery spirit, boundless energy, sharp smarts, a touch of stubbornness, and a dash of impulsiveness. It's like having a little four-legged firecracker.

To channel their dynamic terrier traits in the best way, they need loads of love, heaps of engaging playtime, and plenty of exercise. And bad weather outdoors doesn't stop that need, so it's best to have an idea of what to do indoors on a rainy day.

Their Zero Fear Personality

Wire fox terriers are known for their zero-fear personality, which likely developed as a result of their hunting tendencies, like many other terrier breeds. They're not known to back down from a fight and can get a little scrappy with other dogs, especially if they're bigger than them or attempting to dominate a situation. 

Quick to Learn Even With a Stubborn Streak

The wire fox terrier is super intelligent and easy to train with firm, consistent training and positive reinforcement. They're known to learn nearly every trick in the book. Their strong drive also makes them naturals in obedience and agility trials.

Similar But Not the Same

There's a bit of a mix-up in the dog world — some think the wire fox terrier and smooth fox terrier are exactly the same. But in reality, they're like distant cousins with their own unique flair.

They might share some family traits, but they're believed to have trotted down different evolutionary paths. The smooth fox terrier, with their sleek coat, was once favored for not being mistaken for a fox. Meanwhile, the wire fox terrier, with its wiry coat, was the star in the hunting fields due to their tough coat.

Wire Fox Terriers Love the Chase

If you're looking for an activity to do together that wears them out, look no further than fetching with a ball. Yep, it really is that simple. Grab a ball you can throw and get ready for this pup to have the time of their life. 

Quick Tip

These dogs are easily distracted so you'll need to redirect their attention from time to time. 

A Regular Fence Won't Get the Job Done

These pups are escape artists with a passion for digging. If left to their own devices in the yard, they might just tunnel their way to freedom under the fence.

So, if you're planning to leave them out there unsupervised, make sure your fence has a secret underground layer to match the above-ground one. It's like setting up a mini-fortress to keep these adventurous pups safely within bounds.

Quick Tip

If you have an excessive digger, a designated area to dig could be a lifesaver.

Their Determination is Stronger Than An Electric Fence

Unlike many dog breeds, this dog is usually not affected by the electric fence. Their determination to chase and capture that small critter is much stronger than any electric fence could handle. They will literally chase nearly anything that moves. This also means a leash is necessary at all times, especially if there isn't an adequate fence in place.

But Cats & Small Animals Usually Aren't Their Best Friends

These pups have a strong urge to pursue anything that moves, and your family cats are no exception. There is a chance (not a guarantee) that if they're socialized with cats and know them from a young age, they may become buddies with the felines in the fam. 

Your other pets are an entirely different story. Tinier critters, like hamsters, might want to watch out! These terriers can't resist the chase, whether they've been raised with small pets or not.

Wire Fox Terrier Colors

These doggos sport coats in classic white, dashing tri-color, sleek black and white, or a charming white and tan combo. Each color pattern adds to their distinct and attractive appearance, making them stand out in the doggy world with their trendy terrier looks. 

Adding Their White Coloration

Wire fox terriers were cleverly bred to have mostly white coats, which was a smart move for their fox-hunting days. This nifty color choice made it easier for hunters to spot them and not confuse them with the foxes they were chasing.

So, in a way, their dapper white coats were their original work uniforms, standing out in the fields and forests during their hunting escapades.

Grooming is Necessary With This Breed

Speaking of their coat, this pup's dense and wiry coat requires frequent brushing to prevent matting. The brushing also helps keep their coat clean and healthy by removing dead fur and distributing the coat's natural oils. They may also require professional grooming (unless you're experienced) to trim and strip their coat. 

Need to Know

Their coat's texture and appearance will begin to change if these pups aren't properly stripped every couple of months. 

A Hypoallergenic Dog Breed

These dogs are like a breath of fresh air for dog lovers with allergies, thanks to being mostly hypoallergenic. (No dog breed is fully hypoallergenic.) These pups are the ultimate companions for those who usually have to keep a box of tissues close by.

They bring all the joy of doggy cuddles and fun without the sneezes and sniffles (to most with allergies). So if you've been longing for a furry friend but dreaded the allergies, you may feel a ton better with a more-hypoallergic dog breed.

Need to Know

Hypoallergenic doesn't mean they're completely allergen-free, but rather that they produce much lower amounts of allergens.

A Generally Healthy Breed

Wire fox terriers are generally a healthy bunch, but like any breed, they've got a few health quirks. They can be prone to allergies (which is ironic since they're hypoallergenic), making them a bit sniffly, and ear infections, which are common in many dog breeds. Hip dysplasia is also something to keep an eye on with these energetic pups.

Wire Fox Terrier Lifespan

These smaller, spunky pups often enjoy a long and lively life, sometimes even trotting happily into their high teens. It's like they've got a secret recipe for youthfulness — living life to the fullest well into their golden years.

Quick Tip

A high-quality diet, lots of exercise, and a strong bond are the main ingredients in the recipe for longevity.

Finding a Wire Fox Terrier of Your Own

Since wire fox terriers are adorable, they're sometimes adopted without an understanding of the level of care and attention they need. This tends to land them in the local animal shelter, awaiting a home that understands their needs. If you're on the lookout for a wire fox terrier that has already developed their personality so you can know exactly what they're like as an adult, a rescue is your best bet. Plus, you'll be saving a life and giving a dog a forever home.

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Meet the Entertaining & Energetic Wire Fox Terrier