Getting to Know the Smooth Fox Terrier: A Lively Socialite

Published March 16, 2021
Adorable smooth fox terrier puppy

The smooth fox terrier is a highly energetic dog recommended for active pet parents. This lively breed is a wonderful companion and easily trained. This natural-born gardener enjoys digging and may help pet parents plant a vegetable garden!

Smooth Fox Terrier Breed Overview

The smooth fox terrier often accompanied foxhound packs on hunts, and hunters favored this breed during the nineteenth century. Fox terriers locate a fox when hidden underground in a burrow, and he barks vigorously to alert hunters. This breed likes to dig and bark!

Origin and History

The smooth and wire fox terriers were once thought of as one breed. Both fox terriers were developed in England, classed, and often bred together until the end of the nineteenth century, when breeders began to distinguish between the two types. In 1876, the Fox Terrier Club established the breed standards. The smooth fox terrier is ancestral to other breeds, including the toy fox terrier, rat terrier, Jack Russell terrier, and Parson Jack Russell terrier.

Smooth fox terrier puppy

Smooth Fox Terrier Temperament

The smooth fox terrier is an outgoing, alert, and active dog breed. This terrier is also an excellent watchdog. The canine is known to be an affectionate companion and a wonderful family pet. He enjoys digging, so gardening may be a perfect way to bond with your new pet.


The smooth fox terrier has a hard, flat double coat, similar to a beagle's coat.

  • Coat colors: The terrier's coat is predominately white. Brindle, red, or liver markings are objectionable.
  • Height: The breed is up to 15 inches tall.
  • Weight: This terrier weighs up to 18 pounds.
Smooth fox terrier at park


The smooth fox terrier's short coat does not require extensive grooming. Pet parents need to trim this breed once during the year, and this dog may enjoy a brush daily which keeps his coat in top condition.


Active owners need to take this terrier for at least two brisk walks every day. Modern fox terriers enjoy dog sports and activities, including agility, tracking, search and rescue, and drug detection.

Health Conditions

This breed is a generally healthy pup, but there are a few medical conditions pet parents need to talk to the vet about at the wellness exam.

  • Deafness
  • Luxating patellas
  • A variety of eye disorders
  • Lens luxation and cataracts

Small Breed Diet

Most small breeds benefit from a diet designed for little dogs. Always feed your small breed a diet with high-quality ingredients. Active dogs may tell you treats are part of the diet, but you do not want your small breed to become obese.

Smooth fox terrier puppy

Finding a Reputable Breeder

The Smooth Fox Terrier Association may help pet parents interested in the breed or puppies. Fox terriers from reputable breeders are often healthy and hardy pups.

Caring for Your Senior Smooth Fox Terrier

The smooth fox terrier's lifespan is ten years. As dogs age, it is vital to see the vet at least two times a year. A senior fox terrier may need lab work, supplements, or pain medication for achy joints.

Smooth Haired Fox Terriers Enjoy Digging

This canine is a fearless British breed. The smooth fox terrier is intelligent, enjoys digging, and is quick enough to catch vermin. Pet parents need to be active and prepared to exercise a fox terrier multiple times a day. Animal lovers may choose between a wire or smooth hair, as both dogs are similar. Breed clubs are an excellent resource for pet parents interested in puppies.

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Getting to Know the Smooth Fox Terrier: A Lively Socialite