111 Cute Pitbull Names for Any Gender & Personality

Published November 29, 2021
Woman with pitbull

There's no need to throw a pittie party if you haven't found the perfect name for your new pitbull. Selecting a great name takes time, research, and careful thought. Fortunately, there are dozens of extraordinary names that you can consider for your special pittie. Let this list of dynamic and cute pitbull names inspire you.

Pitbull terrier looking away

Top Cute Pitbull Names

Pitbull terriers are some of the sweetest and most good-natured dog breeds out there. If you'd like to give your new puppy or adult pittie a name as adorable as they are, try out any of these cute pitbull names.

  • Ace: Meaning "number one," a great name for a clever pitbull
  • Alfie: A cute Old English word meaning "elf"
  • Apple: A sweet name for the apple of your eye
  • Bean: Great for a particularly tiny pittie
  • Benji: A sweet name for any dog
  • Birdie: A cute name meaning "little bird" or "bright"
  • Biscuit: Excellent for any dog who loves to eat dog biscuits
  • Bubbles: For the pitbull who likes to blow drool bubbles
  • Button: Perfect for a dog who is as cute as a button
  • Chip: As in chocolate chip, or a nickname for Charles
  • Diamond: Great for a pittie who shines bright like a diamond
  • Donut: A delicious treat, almost as sweet as your new canine friend
  • Fetch: A fun game and an even cuter name for a pup
  • Mack: A Scottish name, or drop the K to name your dog after the Big Mac
  • Pibble: A made-up name commonly used in place of the name pitbull
  • Pickle: A salty food item for a silly dog
  • Pittie: A diminutive nickname from the name pitbull
  • Poppy: A flower that represents "imagination" and "remembrance"
  • Sparkle: For the pitbull with a sparkly personality
  • Squeaks: A small and cute sound
  • Squiggle: A cross between a squirm and a wiggle (something most happy pitbulls do)
  • Taco: A delicious Mexican food item
  • Wooster: A cute play on the name Rooster, also an Anglo-Saxon surname
  • Yoshi: A Japanese name meaning "good luck"

Names for Tough Pitties

Regardless of your dog's gentle demeanor, Pitbulls are notorious for being strong, resilient dogs. Why not give your new dog a name as powerful as they are? Consider one of these fierce names.

Strong PitBull Looking At Camera
  • Arya: A Sanskrit name meaning "honorable"
  • Bear: For a tough, bear-like dog
  • Beast: Great for a tough pitbull
  • Bruiser: Not that your sweet pittie would cause bruises, but they're tough enough to
  • Brutus: A Latin name meaning "heavy"
  • Bullet: For a fast and courageous dog
  • Charger: Perfect for a speedy dog who likes to charge at things
  • Crusher: Suitable for a strong pitbull
  • Delta: The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet
  • Diablo: A Spanish word meaning "devil"
  • Doom: A name meaning destruction
  • Dragon: A mythical creature symbolizing power
  • Echo: A tough name, meaning reflected sound
  • Fang: Sharp teeth, commonly associated with vampires
  • Harley: After the legendary Harley-Davidson brand
  • Hawk: A vigilant and fierce bird
  • Jaws: After the iconic film and ferocious shark
  • Jet: A powerful name for a dog
  • Lobo: Meaning "wolf" in Spanish
  • Major: A high-ranking army officer
  • Master: Someone in charge
  • Maximus: A Latin name meaning "greatest"
  • Mighty: Meaning great strength or power
  • Oso or Osa: Means "bear" in Spanish
  • Ra: After the Egyptian sun god, meaning "sun"
  • Storm: After the X-Men character
  • Tank: A great moniker for a sturdy, tank-like pittie
  • Venom: A tough name meaning poison
  • Zombie: A supernatural creature

Iconic Names After Famous Pitbulls

Pitbulls have been featured as loyal companions and even the hero in numerous movies and TV shows. If your dog's personality suggests that they're destined to be a star, you can consider naming them after one of these famous pitbull terriers.

  • Boy: (John Wick)
  • Brandy: (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)
  • Champion: (Parks and Recreation)
  • Daddy: (Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan)
  • Grunt: (Flashdance)
  • Pedro: (Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2)
  • Petey: (The Little Rascals)

Elegant Names for Pitbulls

Is your new pitbull petite or delicate? Think about one of these graceful name choices. You might find that you're attracted to the way the name rolls of your tongue, or perhaps you really like the meaning. Either way, you might fall in love with one of these names!

Pitbull having fun in the garden
  • Anastasia: A Greek name meaning "resurrection"
  • Audrey: An Old English name meaning "noble strength"
  • Cecily: A Latin name meaning "blind"
  • Cora: A Greek name meaning "maiden"
  • Doris: A Greek name meaning "gift"
  • Eloise: A French name meaning "healthy"
  • Fleur: A French word meaning "flower"
  • Grace: A Latin name meaning "goodness" and "generosity"
  • Jewel: An English name meaning "precious stone"
  • Lilac: Symbolizes "spring and renewal"
  • Marilyn: An English name meaning "star of the sea"
  • Mila: A Spanish name meaning "miracles"
  • Pippa: A Greek name meaning "lover of horses"
  • Portia: A Latin name representing a brilliant and beautiful woman
  • Rosemary: A word with Latin roots that translates to "dew of the sea"
  • Safira: A Hebrew name meaning "sapphire"
  • Stella: A Latin name meaning "star"
  • Vita: A Latin name meaning "life"
  • Willow: An Old English name meaning "freedom"

Handsome Pitbull Names

A pitbull with handsome features deserves a name fit for a dapper dude. Whether the meaning of the name resonates with you or if you just like the way it sounds, you might wish to give your charming pittie one of these names.

Boy in tie dye eating noodles with pitbull
  • Aaron: A Hebrew name meaning "high mountain"
  • Aiden: An Irish name meaning "little fire"
  • Anders: A Scandinavian name meaning "Brave"
  • Aspen: Derived from the Greek name meaning "shield"
  • Axel: A Hebrew name meaning "father is peace"
  • Caesar: A Latin name meaning "ruler"
  • Carter: A Gaelic name meaning "cart"
  • Cullen: An Irish name meaning "handsome"
  • Digby: an old Norse name meaning "town by the ditch"
  • Griffin: A Welsh name meaning "strong"
  • Henry: A Germanic name meaning "ruler"
  • Lee: An Old English name meaning "meadow"
  • Liam: An Irish name meaning "strong-willed warrior"
  • Mateo: A Spanish name meaning "gift of God"
  • Oliver: A Latin name meaning "olive tree"
  • Samson: A Hebrew name meaning "like the sun"
  • Stark: A Middle English name meaning "unyielding"
  • Thor: A Norse name meaning "thunder"
  • Tucker: An Old English name meaning "to torment"

Pitbulls Names Inspired by Their Appearance

With their square heads, stout bodies, and muscular limbs, pitbulls undoubtedly have many endearing features. Play off your dog's appearance with a clever name that highlights your favorite characteristic.

Two pit bull terriers
  • Arnold: As in Schwarzenegger. Great for a muscular pitbull!
  • Beefcake: Perfect for a pup with beefy muscles.
  • Biceps: Which way to the beach?
  • Brick: A fun name for a solid dog.
  • Dot: Great for a dog with a big (or little) dot within their coat pattern.
  • Hercules: Name your pittie after the demigod Hercules, known for his mighty strength.
  • Hulk: Your pitbull doesn't have to be green to earn this name.
  • Pitopotamus: A punny name for a pitbull who looks like a hippopotamus
  • Rock: A fitting name for a pitbull who is as solid as a rock, just like The Rock.
  • Shorty: Cute for a short pittie.
  • Smiles: A cute name for a pitbull with a wide grin.
  • Socks: For a dog whose coat color makes them look as though they're wearing socks.
  • Spot: Another moniker for a pittie with spots in their fur.
  • Tiger: Perfect for a brindle dog.
  • Toad: A pitbull's wide head often resembles that of a toad!
  • Yoda: A wrinkly pitbull with a wise energy would suit this name.

Greatest Pitbull Terrier Names

Use inspiration from your new dog's personality and appearance to help guide you toward a name. However, if you haven't found the perfect title for your bully pup, don't stop here. Consider names taken from Disney characters, mythological gods and goddesses, or Japanese anime. The perfect name for your beloved dog could be right under your nose!

111 Cute Pitbull Names for Any Gender & Personality