150 Most Famous Dog Names: Give Your Pup Some Notoriety

Updated October 14, 2021
Saint Bernard dog

Famous dog names can inspire you when searching for the perfect name for your canine companion. You may find a famous dog name you like from a TV series, film, book or animated movie, or you may be inspired by the name of a real life dog hero. These celebrated dog names offer plenty of great choices.

Famous Dog Names of Real Life Dogs

Most Famous Dog Names of All Time

The first famous dog names you may want to consider are those of real life dogs. Some of these dogs are celebrated heroes for various acts of courage, often putting their lives in danger to save a human being. Some of these dogs have been memorialized in books and movies, while others hold a world title, trophy, or award.

  1. Bingo: The brand label iconic dog sidekick of Cracker Jack of the snack food, Cracker Jack.
  2. Gibson: Gibson the Great Dane, Guinness World Record certified tallest living dog (42.2" tall)
  3. Jo-Fi: Sigmund Freud's dog
  4. Lady Greyhound: Logo brand dog for Greyhound Lines transport company
  5. McGruff: Cartoon Bloodhound mascot of the National Crime Prevention Council
  6. Pickles: Discovered stolen 1966 FIFA World Cup trophy
  7. Rex: K-9, US Marine, Military Police K-9 dog, real life movie
  8. Sinbad: US Coast Guard Mascot
  9. Snuppy: First dog cloned from adult dog ear cell in 2005
  10. Strongheart: Dog actor appeared in various movies
  11. Togo: 1925 serum Alaskan run dog, Disney real life movie
  12. Trakr: Time Magazine's one of history's most heroic dogs for rescuing last 9/11 World Trade Center attack survivor
  13. Zorba: Guinness World Record holder - longest and heaviest dog (8'3" long and 343 pounds)

Famous Dog Names in Comics, Cartoons, Animated Series

Snoopy holiday decoration

Many movies originated as a comic strip/book. A cartoon or modern animation was created to tell the story of the characters.

  1. Astro: The Jetsons, cartoon
  2. Balto: Balto, animated movie
  3. Blue: Blue's Clues cartoon
  4. Clue: Mary Kate and Ashley, animation of video game
  5. Deputy Dawg: Cartoon
  6. Dino: Flintstones, cartoon TV series
  7. Dogbert: Dilbert comics
  8. Dug: Up, animated movie
  9. Goofy: Walt Disney Studios animated character
  10. Gromit: Claymation animated Wallace and Gromit movies
  11. Hotdog: From Jughead, Archie comics
  12. Jake the Artist: Adventure Time, animated TV series
  13. Krypto: Superman comics
  14. Lady: Lady and the Tramp, animated Disney movie
  15. Marmaduke: Marmaduke, comic strip
  16. Odie: Garfield comic and animated TV series
  17. Perrito: Dora, the Explorer, animated TV Series
  18. Pluto: Cartoon, Walt Disney Studios
  19. Pork Chop: Doug, animated TV series
  20. Pouch: Chicago Fire, TV series
  21. Rin Tin Tin: Comic strip/book, non-animated movie, and non-animated television series
  22. Rover: Red and Rover, comic strip
  23. Sandy: Little Orphan Annie, comics, radio shows, Broadway shows, and movie
  24. Santa's Little Helper: The Simpsons, animated TV series
  25. Scooby-Doo: Animated series, later comic series, and movies
  26. Slink: Toy Story, animated movie series
  27. Snoopy: Peanuts comic, television show, and movies
  28. Spike: Rugrats, animated TV series

Famous Movie Dog Names You'll Remember

  1. Asta: Thin Man, movie
  2. Beethoven: Beethoven, movie
  3. Benji: Benji played by dog, Higgins, movie series
  4. Boomer: Independence Day, movie
  5. Brandy: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, movie
  6. Bruiser: Legally Blonde, movie
  7. Chance: Homeward Bound, movie
  8. Cujo: Cujo, movie
  9. Daisy: John Wick, movie
  10. Fly: Babe, movie
  11. Frank: Men in Black, movie
  12. Hercules: The Sandlot, movie
  13. Hooch: Turner and Hooch, movie
  14. Milo: The Mask, movie
  15. Otis: The Adventures of Milo and Otis, movie
  16. Puffy: There's Something About Mary, movie
  17. Rocco: The Drop, movie
  18. Verdell: As Good As It Gets, movie
  19. Yellow: Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog, movie

Famous TV Dog Names You'll Love

TV shows offer a great wealth of dog names for you to consider. You may find one of your favorite series a great choice for your dog's name.

  1. Allen: The King of Queens, Spence's dog, TV series
  2. Apollo and Zeus: Magnum-PI, TV series
  3. Backup: Veronica Mars, TV series and movie
  4. Bear: Person of Interest, TV Series
  5. Bismarck: Dr. Hyatt's dog on Checkmate, TV series
  6. Blacktoe: Captain Riker's dog on Star Trek: The Next Generation, TV series
  7. Bullet: The Roy Rogers Show, TV series
  8. Cerberus: Seal Team, TV series
  9. Dog: Columbo, TV series
  10. Fearless: Providence Fearless, TV series
  11. Freeway: Hart to Hart, TV series
  12. Happy: 7th Heaven, TV series
  13. K9: Robot dog on Doctor Who, TV series
  14. Lassie: Lassie, TV series
  15. Marlowe: Simon and Simon, TV series
  16. Maximillion: The Bionic Woman, TV series
  17. Murray: Mad About You, TV series
  18. Pepper: Seal Team, TV series
  19. Pony: Another dog on Veronica Mars, TV series
  20. Porthos: Captain Archer's dog Star Trek: Enterprise, TV series
  21. Vincent: Walt's dog in Lost, TV series

Famous Dogs on TV Comedy or Sitcom Series

Many sitcoms and comedy TV series feature a dog. You may rediscover famous dog names by reviewing a list of these popular TV shows.

  1. Arlo: Rosa Diaz's dog, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, TV series
  2. Brandon: Punky Brewster, TV series
  3. Buck: Married with Children, TV series
  4. Buster: The Wonder Years, TV series
  5. Chamsky: Everybody Loves Raymond, TV series
  6. Cheddar: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, TV series
  7. Chester: The Nanny, TV series
  8. Cinnamon: The Big Bang Theory, TV series
  9. Claude: The Beverly Hillbillies, TV series
  10. Cleo: The People's Choice, TV series
  11. Coco: The Donna Reed Show, TV series
  12. Comet: Full House, TV series
  13. Digby: Pushing Daisies, TV series
  14. Djinn Djinn: I Dream of Jeannie, TV series
  15. Dog: Petticoat Junction, TV series
  16. Doug: The Sarah Silverman Program, TV series
  17. Dragon: Wizards of Waverly Place, TV series
  18. Duke: The Beverly Hillbillies, TV series
  19. Eddie: Frasier, TV series
  20. Fang: Get Smart, TV series
  21. Flash: The Dukes of Hazzard, TV series
  22. Fleegle: The Banana Splits, TV series
  23. Jim: Mike & Molly, TV series
  24. Jupiter: I Dream of Jeannie, TV series
  25. Ladadog: Please Don't Eat the Daisies, TV series
  26. Schatzi: That '70s Show, TV series
  27. Speedy: The Drew Carey Show, TV series
  28. Spunky: Happy Days, TV series
  29. Stella: Modern Family, TV series
  30. Stinky and Nunzio: Dharma and Greg, TV series
  31. Tiger: The Brady Bunch, TV series
  32. Tramp: My Three Sons, TV series

Famous Dog Names in Literature

Famous dog names in literature can be obscured by the success of a movie or animated version. Still, the book was the original format that made the dog name famous.

  1. Fang: Hagrid's Neapolitan Mastiff in the Harry Potter books and movie series.
  2. Old Yeller: Old Yeller, book and then movie
  3. Tock: Phantom Tollbooth, book
  4. Patch, Penny, Perdita, and Pongo: The Hundred and One Dalmatians, book (One Hundred and One Dalmatians, animated Disney movie)
  5. Buck: Call of the Wild, Jack London, book
  6. Lassie: Lassie Come Home (1940), book, inspired TV series
  7. Winn-Dixie: Because of Winn-Dixie, book and then movie
  8. Ribsy: Ribsy, book
  9. Carl: Good Dog, Carl, book
  10. Lad: Lad, A Dog, book
  11. Big Red: Big Red, book
  12. Irish Red: Irish Red: Son of Big Red, book
  13. Outlaw Red: Outlaw Red, book
  14. Ellie: Ellie's Story, book
  15. Atticus: Following Atticus, book
  16. Gracie: Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale, book
  17. Wishbone: Tale of Two Sitters, book, then TV series

All the Presidents' Famous Dog Names

John F Kennedy dog Charlie

A list of a few of the United States Presidents who had canine companions reveals quite a bit about the presidents' personalities when it came to naming their pets. Many U.S. presidents had a menagerie of pets that included parrots, horses, alligators, and bears, that were often gifts from heads of states. The more exotic animals were typically given to a zoo. Some presidents had a tremendous number of dogs, such as George Washington, who was rumored to have over 50 dogs during his lifetime. The pets listed are companions the presidents had during their presidency.

  1. George Washington: Sweet Lips, Drunkard, Taster, Mopsey, Cloe, Tipsy, Captain, Tipler, Lady Rover, Vulcan, Forester, and Searcher
  2. John Adams: Juno, Mark, and Satan
  3. Thomas Jefferson: Bergère and Grizzle
  4. James Monroe: Sebastian
  5. John Tyler: Le Beau
  6. James Buchanan: Punch
  7. Abraham Lincoln: Fido
  8. Ulysses Grant: Faithful and Rosie
  9. Rutherford B Hayes: Dot, Hector, Duke, Grim, Otis, Juno, Shep, Jet
  10. James A. Garfield: Veto
  11. Grover Cleveland: Hector
  12. Benjamin Harrison: Dash
  13. President Harding: Laddie Boy and Old Boy
  14. Theodore Roosevelt: Blackjack, Gem, Susan, Jack, Peter, Manchu, Pete, Rollo, Skip Sailor Boy
  15. William Howard Taft: Caruso
  16. Woodrow Wilson: Davie, Bruce
  17. Franklin Roosevelt: Fala, Major, Meggie, Winks, Tiny, President, Blaze
  18. Harry S. Truman: Feller
  19. Dwight D. Eisenhower: Heidi
  20. John F. Kennedy: Charlie

Famous Dog Names to Consider

With 150 famous dog names to consider, you may recall the source that featured the dog, such as a favorite TV show. You may decide the name of a U.S. president's dog fits your companion best of all.

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150 Most Famous Dog Names: Give Your Pup Some Notoriety