Puppy Names and Meanings

List of Puppy Names and Meanings


When you get a new puppy, names and meanings become more important than they ever were. Settling on a particular name can be a difficult decision.

What do you name that cute puppy? Many people name their puppy Spot, Blackie or even Pirate after a particular physical characteristic. This doesn't mean you need to have an average name like that for your puppy. Use foreign words that describe your dog. For example, Gigage (ge gah gay) is Cherokee for "red." This could be a great name for a red-colored puppy.

Sweet Girl Puppy Names


Cho means butterfly in Japanese. This would be a great name for a Papillion (which means butterfly in French) or any female puppy.

Sachi means "child of bliss," and this would be a good name for a calm, sweet-natured breed.

Seasonal Puppy Names


Yukiko means "Snow Child." This would be a great name for a Husky or other working dog.

Natsuko means "child of the summer," while Aki means "born in autumn."

Names for Puppies that Travel


If you like to travel with your dog, you have several options. Zigeuner means "Gypsy" in German. This is certainly the perfect name for a well-traveled pup.

Fayina is Russian for "free one," another good traveling name.

Names for Smart Puppies


Is your dog smart? Are you the type that likes to read? Gigi means "brilliant" in French. If you like philosophers and writers, what about Descartes (a French philosopher)?

Mai means "brightness" in Japanese and would be a good name for a smart dog.

Good Names for Guard Dogs


Conail means "strong wolf" in Gaelic. Beathen, also Gaelic, means "male" or "life." Sasha means "defender of men" in Russian. Otso means "wolf" in Basque.

Any of these would be a good name for a guard dog.

Celebrate Your Puppy


Finding the right puppy names and meanings can help you choose a name that fits your puppy's personality as well as your lifestyle. Names like Fiesta (celebration) to Chipara (Incan for rainbow) can set your puppy apart from the crowd.

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Puppy Names and Meanings