150+ Girl Puppy Names & the Rich Meaning They Carry

Wild or sweet, we've got your new girl puppy's perfect name. From historical heroines to Disney damsels, we've got you covered.

Updated November 16, 2023
Young woman with laughing corgi puppy

Picking out your girl puppy's name is like the best kind of fun homework. You get to check out tons of super cute names, and then you hit the jackpot when you find one with a cool story or meaning behind it. It's kind of like finding a little gem where each name tells its own tale. And the best part? You end up learning some neat stuff along the way. Sort through the list of names and take note of the ones that match your vibe.

Historical Names for Girl Puppies

Great names are all around us, and everywhere we look, so how do we choose? Consider naming your new pup after someone who meant something to you — either a family member or a famous woman in history. 

Names Based on Famous Women

These names pay tribute to the incredible thinkers, shakers, and movers throughout time. 

  • Alcott: Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women and nurse during the Civil War
  • Alice: Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, and activist against sexism and poverty
  • Beth: Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman in the world to graduate from med school
  • Billie: Billie Holiday, became a famous jazz singer during a time of significant discrimination
  • Cady: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, played a critical role alongside Susan B. Anthony, in the women's rights movement
  • Calamity Jane: A rebellious woman known for dressing as a man in the 'Wild West' when it was considered incredibly inappropriate
  • Catherine: Catherine the Great, responsible for expanding Russia into Central Europe
  • Charlotte: Charlotte Bronte, the renowned writer of Jane Eyre
  • Clara: A Civil War nurse known for founding the American Red Cross
  • Curie: Marie Curie, the famous scientist
  • Golda: Golda Meir, the second woman prime minister in the world
  • Harriet: The woman Abraham Lincoln accused of starting the civil war due to her book, Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • Hypatia: The ancient world's most prominent mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher
  • Jane: Jane Goodall, famous anthropologist known for documenting the life of chimpanzees in the wild
  • Josephine: Josephine Baker, an exotic dancer who helped with the Nazi resistance
  • Marge: Margaret Thatcher, the first woman prime minister in Europe
  • Mata: Mata Hari, one of history's most renowned spies
  • Montessori: The first woman to earn a medical degree from the University of Rome, who also developed learning methods for disabled children
  • Oakley: Annie Oakley, a sharpshooter who performed with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
  • Reno: Janet Reno, the first woman to hold Office of U.S. Attorney General
  • Sacagawea: The brave Native American woman who led the Lewis and Clark expedition 
  • Sally: Sally Ride, the first woman astronaut in space
  • Sappho: Ancient Greece's most well-known poet
  • Shelley: Mary Shelley, the writer of Frankenstein
  • Sojourner: Sojourner Truth, well-known for work in civil rights and women's rights movements in the 19th century 
Need to Know

This list could be so much longer — check out other famous women in history for more inspiration. 

Cool Puppy Names to Bark with Style

If you're on the quest for a puppy name that's truly one-of-a-kind, something that will have heads turning and tails wagging, then it's time to get creative. They don't even have to be names you find on most puppy lists. 

  • Dali: For a pup that is surreal and has a distinctive personality.
  • Galilea: Like Galileo, the famous astronomer
  • Mona: Short for the famous Mona Lisa
  • Orion: After the constellation
  • Pebbles: Ideal for a small dog with a peppy personality
  • Phantom: For a mysterious or stealthy dog
  • Rhiannon: Means 'divine queen' in Celtic mythology
  • Thalassa: The spirit of the sea in Greek mythology
  • Tiana: Fairy Queen of slavic origin
  • Quintessa: Means essence in Latin
Quick Tip

Dive into everything from foreign languages to unique locations, or even invent a name that's a mix of your favorite sounds.

Girl Puppy Names Based on Physical Characteristics

Does your pup have something striking about her look? Consider a name that honors and calls that out.

Names for White Puppies

There are sources of inspiration everywhere you look while naming your puppy. Look around for ideas that fit your puppy's special personality and find a name that’s as perfect and unique as they are.

Great Pyrenees puppy sitting in chair outside
  • Alabaster: A white type of gypsum

  • Avalanche: A massive amount of snow sliding down an incline

  • Blanca: Spanish word for white

  • Brie: A type of cheese

  • Casper: Like the friendly ghost

  • Cotton: A plant with fluffy white blooms

  • Everest: The highest point of the Himalayan mountains

  • Finn: Means fair or white

  • Glacier: A slow-moving mass of ice

  • Gnocchi: A type of dumpling

  • Gwen: Welsh for white, holy

  • Ivory: White material often associated with wedding gowns

  • Luna: Latin for moon

  • Pearl: A precious white gem

  • Winter: The cold and snowy season

Names for Black Puppies

There's a common misconception that black dogs don't have as many creative or charming name options as their lighter-coated pals. But it couldn't be further from the truth. Don't let color be your limit—their fur color can add spark to their name.

  • Ashie: Inspired by ashes
  • Cinder: The residue of coal
  • Cosmo: Like the vast, dark universe
  • Dahlia: The Black Dahlia is a beautiful, rare flower
  • Ebony: Dark, tropical hardwood
  • Jet: Like jet black
  • Kahlua: A coffee-like liquor
  • Layla: Means night in Arabic
  • Mamba: Like the black mamba snake
  • Midnight: Like the dark black of the night sky
  • Nero: Black in Italian
  • Noir: Means black in French
  • Onyx: After the beautiful, shiny black gemstone
  • Raven: A blackbird associated with mystery and intelligence

Girl Puppy Names Filled with Personality

Of course, if your puppy is bursting with personality (as they usually are!), a cute, cuddly, funny, or truly unique name can be a great match.

Unique Puppy Names For Special Pups

Don't be afraid to get creative with your puppy's name. After all, a unique name for a one-of-a-kind pup will make for great stories and an even greater connection between you two.

Labrador retriever puppy playing with autumn leaves

  • Aster: After the star-like flower
  • Begonia: A flowering plant with broad leaves
  • Calista: Greek for 'most beautiful'
  • Delphine: Like the ancient city of Delphi
  • Indie: Short for independent and best for a free-spirited dog
  • Keiko: Means happy child in Japanese
  • Lilac: A beautiful purple flower
  • Pepper: Great for a spunky black pup with lots of energy
  • Persephone: The daughter of Zeus in Greek mythology
  • Phoebe: The Greek goddess of the moon
  • Uma: Means tranquility in Sanskrit

Strong Girl Names to Forge a Legend

For a buff and spirited pup, pick a name that packs a punch. Think mighty, warrior-like names that mirror their strength and bravery. It's all about finding a name as grand and fearless as they are.

  • Adelaide: Noble and strong like Queen Adelaide
  • Anastasia: Like the daughter of the last czar of Russia
  • Athena: The wise daughter of Zeus in Greek mythology
  • Harley: After the Harley brand
  • Louella: German for famous warrior
  • Maeve: Warrior Queen in Greek mythology
  • Phoenix: A mythical bird that rises from its ashes
  • Thunder: Like the powerful and impressive nature of thunderstorms
  • Vada: After Darth Vader from Star Wars
  • Zoe: Means 'life' in Greek
Quick Tip

Greek mythology, with its list of mighty gods and goddesses, offers great inspiration for strong puppy names.

Cute Names That Are Pawsitively Adorable

There's no denying that puppies are adorable. It doesn't matter what color, size, or breed they are. Naming your puppy something adorable could suit them perfectly.

  • Aurelia: Latin for 'the golden one'
  • Biscuit: A cute name for a sweet, treat-loving pup
  • Buddy: A friend
  • Calliope: Popular muse in Greek mythology
  • Coco: Inspired by the fashion icon, Coco Chanel
  • Dixie: Charming southern name
  • Gigi: A name that’s as cute and classy as your little pup
  • Ginger: A cute name for a pup with a little bit of fire in their personality
  • Lotus: A symbol of purity, prosperity, and good luck
  • Nevaeh: Heaven spelled backwards
  • Teddy: Like a cuddly teddy bear

Sweet Puppy Names Full of Puppy Love

Picking a sweet name for your puppy means finding one that fits their lovable personality. It's a name that sounds just as cuddly and gentle as they are, like a warm hug or a happy wag. Think of names that remind you of something soft and pleasant, because a sweet name really shows off how cute and special your puppy is.

  • Bean: Tiny and lovable name for a small and cuddly dog
  • Celeste: Perfect for a dog that is a little slice of heaven
  • Ella: Means fairy maiden in English
  • Hazel: Warm, nutty brown color
  • Honey: Like the sweet substance made by honeybees
  • Mochi: Like the sweet Japanese rice cake
  • Muffin: A cute name for a pup as sweet as a muffin
  • Paisley: Like the little Scottish town
  • Peanut: For a small and sweet puppy
  • Rosie: For a puppy that's as sweet as a rose
  • Sugar: For a pup as pure and sweet as sugar

Playful Puppy Names for Your Bouncy Puppy

Got a playful puppy? Give her a name that's as fun and energetic as they are. Look for something catchy and cheerful.

Bouncy puppy

  • Bouncer: Perfect for a puppy with a bubbly personality that loves to hop around
  • Dash: A short, fast run
  • Doodle: A playful name that's great for a pup with a fun, carefree attitude
  • Fidget: Perfect for the puppy that can't keep still
  • Maria: Means rebellious in Hebrew
  • Pepper: Great for a spunky black pup with lots of energy
  • Peppy: Excited and ready to go
  • Roo: As in a kangaroo, perfect for a dog that loves to jump and bounce
  • Victoria: Means victory in Latin
  • Zoe: Means life in Greek-would be good for a lively pup

Funny Puppy Names for Your Comical Canine

Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild when naming your pup. Their playful antics and goofy behavior can spark the most unique and fitting names. If your furry friend is a bit of a comedian, pick a name that shows off their silly side.

Cairn terrier cub in a box
  • Fable: For a dog whose antics are the stuff of legends.
  • Folly: A good name for a dog that doesn't always make sense 
  • Gumdrop: For a puppy as cute as a gumdrop button
  • Ivy: For the puppy that climbs all over you like ivy climbs on literally everything
  • Potato: A silly name for a puppu that's as round as they are long
  • Shadow: Perfect for a pup that follows you as closely as your shadow
  • Sherlock: For the puppy that finds everything
  • Sorrel: An herb with a sour taste, for a dog with a bit of a tangy personality
  • Spanx: For a pup that holds you tight like spanx holds women's bodies
  • Taffy: A puppy named Taffy literally sticks to you

Girl Puppy Names With a Nod to Modern Culture

If there's something you love, consider it when thinking of puppy names for your girl. Whether you have a favorite book, Disney movie, or celebrity, giving your puppy their moniker could celebrate your two great loves in one. Plus, you don't just have to consider the female characters' names. Yes, even the names of male characters can provide a neat androgynous name for your girl puppy.

Fun Puppy Names from Disney

When naming your puppy, Disney movies are like a gold mine of cool ideas. And you don't have to stick to the doggie characters. Any Disney character you love can give you a great puppy name. 

  • Ariel: The Little Mermaid — ideal for a pup with a free spirit
  • Baloo: The Jungle Book — a good name for a laid-back pup
  • Elsa: Frozen — a fun name for a pup with an independent streak
  • Lady: Lady and the Tramp — for an elegant and well-mannered pup
  • Meeko: Pocahontas — for a dog that's a bit mischievous and loves to snack
  • Merida: Brave — fun name for a puppy that pushes their limits
  • Minnie: Mickie Mouse — a classic name from a Disney classic — is perfect for a dog as cute as a mouse
  • Moana: Moana is suited for an adventurous and fearless female pup who loves to explore
  • Mowgli: The Jungle Book — for a puppy that loves adventure and exploration
  • Mulan: Mulan — perfect for the pup that loves a good adventure
  • Nala: The Lion King — for a loyal and adventurous female pup
  • Remy: Ratatouille — for a pup with fine taste
  • Stitch: Lilo & Stitch — a name for a mischievous yet lovable dog
  • Yzma: The Emperor's New Groove — for a dog that's a little on the dramatic side

Book-Inspired Puppy Names 

Books are full of cool names that could totally fit your puppy's vibes or even their looks. It's a fun way to mix your love for stories with the excitement of having a new little buddy at home.

  • Ajax: Homer's The Iliad
  • Asher: The Giver
  • Darcy: Pride and Prejudice
  • Gatsby: The Great Gatsby
  • Harper: To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Hermione: Harry Potter
  • Jem: To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Oliver: Oliver Twist
  • Ophelia: Hamlet
  • Renesmee: Twilight
  • Rue: The Hunger Games
  • Scarlett: Gone with the Wind
  • Scout: To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Watson: Sherlock Holmes

Pop Culture Names for Trendy Pups

Pop culture is a goldmine for puppy name ideas. Think about it — you've got legendary music icons, Hollywood stars, or those unforgettable movie characters that stick with you long after the credits roll.  These figures make a big splash in our lives, and I'll let you in on a little secret. Marvel might be my inspiration when I adopt another puppy someday.

  • Adele: Popular singer in 2020's pop
  • Blake: Like the actress Blake Lively
  • Bowie: As in David Bowie
  • Elvira: The well-known mistress of the dark
  • Ghost: Inspired by the dire wolf in Game of Thrones
  • Gizmo: The cute creature in Gremlins
  • Katniss: A character from The Hunger Games
  • Isla: Like the famous actress Isla Fisher
  • Milo: From the classic film Milo and Otis
  • Morticia: From The Addams Family
  • Zorro: The famous masked vigilante

Picking the Perfect Girl Puppy Name

Choosing a name for your puppy can be overwhelming, with so many options. To make it easier, look into what the names mean and find one that fits your puppy's personality. Take it slow, try calling out different names, and see how your puppy reacts — the right name will feel natural. 

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150+ Girl Puppy Names & the Rich Meaning They Carry