130+ French Dog Names With Fantastique Meanings

Published January 25, 2021
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French dog names can be a cute way to express your pup's heritage. You can explore each name and its meaning to determine if it is a good fit for your little French canine of joy.

Female French Dog Names

Female French dog names offer you many choices for your special girl. You can read over the meanings to decide which name best describes your canine companion.

  • Bijou: Jewel
  • Blanche: White
  • Elle, Ellie: She
  • Eloise: Healthy
  • Fantine: Infant
  • Françoise: From France
  • Gamine: Naughty, playful
  • Giselle: Bright pledge
  • Helene: Bright, French variant of Greek name, Helen
  • Heloise: Famous warrior
  • Lulu: Famous warrior
  • Lyonette: Little Lion
  • Marcelle: Belongs to Mars
  • Margeaux: Pearl
  • Monique: Advisor
  • Nicolette: People of victory
  • Odette: Wealth
  • Ophelia: Serpentine
  • Paris: Wallet
  • Patrice: Patrician, noble
  • Renée: Reborn
  • Sophie: Wisdom
  • Villette: Small town
  • Violette: Purple
  • Vivienne Life

French Dog Names With Fantastique Meanings

Beautiful and Special Female French Dog Names

You may decide that you want a French name for your female dog that reflects her beauty. You can select a name that describes your female dog's noble, precious, or beautiful persona.

  • Adele: Noble
  • Aimeé: Beloved
  • Alair: Cheerful, glad
  • Alette: Noble
  • Belle: Beautiful
  • Cherie: Darling
  • Delphine: Delphi (home of Greek oracle)
  • Desireé: Desired
  • Esmé: Esteemed
  • Felicite: Happiness
  • Jolie: Pretty
  • Mignon: Pleasing, charming
  • Nanon: Grace

French Female Dog Names Related to Nature

A French name that represents an aspect of nature and life might give your female dog the perfect moniker. You can consider each of the names and their various meanings when selecting one of these French dog names that refers to nature.

  • Brie: Marshland
  • Chanel: Lives near water or canal.
  • Chantal: Stone
  • Éclair: Flash of lightning
  • Fleur: Flower
  • Lili: Lily flower
  • Milou: Snowy
  • Papillon: Butterfly
  • Rochelle: Little rock
  • Soleil: Sun
  • Suzanne: Lily
  • Sylvie: Forest
  • Therese: Harvester
  • Yvette: Yew tree
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Female French Dog Names for Religious Owners

If you are a religious person, you may find a French name with a religious meaning perfect for your female dog. These names give you several beautiful choices.

  • Brigitte: Exalted one
  • Céline: Heavenly
  • Dominique: Of the Lord
  • Fifi: God will increase, diminutive of Josephine
  • Gabrielle: Of God
  • Gigi: God is gracious, earth worker
  • Isabel: God is my oath
  • Jacqueline: May God protect
  • Jeanette: God is gracious
  • Josette: God increases
  • Lisette: Pledged to God
  • Pascale: Easter child, lamb

Strong Male French Dog Names

A strong male French dog name might describe your French bruiser better than other French dog names. You may prefer a name that means warrior or strength.

  • Alphonse: Battle ready, noble
  • André: Man, warrior
  • Armand: Bold
  • Arnaud: Power, leader
  • Charles: Man, warrior
  • Chevalier: Knight, horseman
  • Emile: Strive, excel
  • Enzo: Ruler of home
  • Gérard: Brave spear-wearer
  • Guy: Leader, guide
  • Léandre: Lion man
  • Louis: Famous in battle, warrior
  • Maël: Chieftain, prince
  • Manet: Strong man, fierce
  • Marceau: Little warrior
  • Rainier: Wise or judging army
  • Raoul: Wolf-counsel
  • Reynard: Strong counselor
  • Sacha: Defender
  • Tanguy: Fire dog
  • Valentin: Strong, healthy
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Male French Dog Name of Places

The name of a place may have a special meaning for you. A French dog name of a place can be a good choice for a dog that defies everyday names with common descriptions.

  • Adrien: From the city Hadria
  • Bastille: Castle tower, fortress
  • Descartes: Dwells outskirts of town
  • Devereaux: Bank of river
  • Étienne: Garland
  • Mont: Mountain, hill
  • Olivier: Olive tree
  • Pierre: Rock (French form of Peter)
  • Pierrick: Stone

Positive Male French Dog Names

Why not give your wonderful French pooch a name that has a positive or complimentary meaning. That positive reinforcement is always vital in training your canine and starting with a name that means something positive may feel like the right choice.

  • Antoine: Highly praiseworthy
  • Aubin: White, bright
  • Beau: Beautiful
  • Beauregard: Beautiful gaze
  • Boniface: Good fate
  • Chance: Luck
  • Danton: Form of Antoine, highly praiseworthy
  • Felix: Happy
  • Heureux: Happy
  • Lucien: Light
  • Marvel: To wonder, admire
  • Norbert: North bright, shining

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Variety of Meanings for Male French Dog Names

If you don't have a specific theme or meaning in mind, you might want to explore a variety of names with various meanings. You might be surprised to discover a new name you never considered.

  • Denis: Devotee of Dionysus, Greek god of wine and revelry
  • Dominic: Of the Lord
  • Fabien: A bean
  • Flaneur: Loafer
  • François: Frenchman
  • Garçon: Boy, young unmarried man, servant
  • Gaston: Stranger, guest
  • Henri: Ruler of home
  • Hugo: Heart, mind, spirit
  • Jacques: Supplanter
  • Julien: Youthful
  • Lafayette: Beech
  • Leroux: Red-haired, red-skinned
  • Luc: Man from Lucania
  • Marin: Of the sea
  • Matisse: Gift of God
  • Noel: Christmas
  • Noir: Black
  • Pascal: Passover
  • Philippe: Lover of horses
  • Quentin: The fifth
  • Raphaël: God has healed
  • Rémy: Oarsman
  • Timéo: Honor

French Dog Names for a Sophisticated Choice

French dog names can often provide you with an exotic or sophisticated choice. You may end up having a difficult time just choosing one name and might decide to create a name by combining your two favorite ones.

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