Make or Buy a Cat Condo

Cat paws reaching out of condo.

There are many ways to make a cat condo for your feline friend. You can purchase custom-made condos, put together ready-made pieces for your own unique creation, or build a condo completely from scratch.

Custom-Made Cat Condos

A cat condo is a place where your cat can hang out and spend most of his life, if he so desires. Most condos include play areas, places to climb and places to nap or hide. Since condos are composed of different levels and pieces, it might be better to purchase a condo than to try to make one unless you are good at carpentry work or have some scrap wood and want to try a new project.

You can find custom-made condos at large pet supply retailers such as PetSmart, Feeder's Supply and smaller versions at Wal-mart. For the biggest selection, try the following online stores:

  • Outdoor Funhouse: This company carries a unique screened tent condo, so your cats can enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Cat's Play: You'll find some really unique cat condos at this site in sizes from small to gigantic. You'll find many designs on this site that will blend perfectly with any interior.

Piecing Together Ready-Made Condos

Another way to make a cat condo is by piecing together various ready-made pieces. The most important thing is that the unit has a sturdy base that is wide enough to bear the weight of the upper levels plus a cat and not fall over. You may want to get advice from a professional builder or copy another cat condo to be sure the condo is safe for your cat. Another option is to put all the elements on a single level, although this might not be as much fun for a cat that loves to climb. Some of the pieces you'll want to be sure to include are a:

  • Scratching post
  • Hideaway
  • Cat bed
  • Hanging toys

Be sure that any pieces you attach are nailed or screwed down with the heads of the nails and screws flat against the wood. Once that's accomplished, the unit should be covered in carpet.

Make a Cat Condo from Scratch

If you are interested in making a cat condo from scratch, your best bet is to work from a set of plans. This will ensure that the condo is sturdy and won't fall over on your cat. One of the advantages of making your own cat condo is that you can create it to blend in with your own furniture or give it a truly unique look like that of a tree trunk. You'll find plans at sites like:

  • Tool Crib: You'll find 21 different plans for building different types of cat furniture. These plans are all free. You'll find a multi-level cat condo and a cat tree made from a ladder.
  • Cat Condo Plans: If you don't mind spending a little on the plans, you can get more deluxe plans on CD through this site. They have many different varieties available.

Where to Put the Cat Condo

Where you place your new cat condo is going to depend on the personality of your cat. If you have a cat that enjoys spending most of her time with the family, you'll want to place the condo in the part of the house where most of the family hangs out. On the other hand, if your cat likes a bit of solitude, you may want to place the condo in an out-of-the-way place. No matter which type of condo you choose and where you decide to place it, your cat is sure to get many years of enjoyment out of this piece of cat furniture.

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Make or Buy a Cat Condo