8 Hilarious Kitten Jump Fails

Kitten about to fall

Kids might say the darndest things, but ask any cat owner and she'll tell you that kitties are the ones who do the darndest things. They'll chase laser pointers across the carpet, pounce on their favorite toys, and sometimes, be a little too confident with their leaping skills. Oh, so close...

8 Cute Kitties Failing Spectacularly

There is no shortage of funny cat videos on the Internet and some of the best involve cats misjudging where and how far they can leap.

The Only Way Down

Many cats can jump to great heights and many cats can also jump to great lengths. The kitty depicted in this video can apparently do neither.

Mommy Doesn't Always Know Best

Baby kittens learn a lot about the world from their mother. Mom is a great source of comfort and nutrition too, but in this case her jump fail was a these kittens' source of terror.

Table Service

Cats have this incredible habit of getting themselves into the most precarious of situations. This kitty finds itself stuck on top of a dining chair without a safe exit strategy.

The Wrong Direction

In most cases, the cat is attempting to jump forward and falls. This kitten has that intention in mind too, but things don't always go as planned.

Slippery When Wet

It's perfectly understandable if a cat can't bound across a vast distance. It's less understandable when the cat fails to jump somewhere it's already touching.

The Not-So-Bored Room

Bringing your cat to work can certainly inject a new energy into the office. Dare to achieve the impossible, like Neva, and you just might make it. Or not.

The Fairest of Them All

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is this other incredibly cute kitty cat staring back at me through this window into what must be another room in the house?

Winter Is Coming

After losing his footing just walking around on the icy car, Waffles should have known that jumping was a terrible idea. Even so, his owner says that Waffles the Terrible "fails a lot... every day at one thing or another."

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Kitties can be a wonderful source of entertainment and companionship for all sorts of different people, particularly when they fail spectacularly at what they think they can do. Just follow some basic safety tips to make sure the cat in your life survives these inane stunts.

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8 Hilarious Kitten Jump Fails