Finding Cat Sound Effects WAV Files

Cat meowing loudly

From sweet meows to scary growls, cat sound effects can take your Halloween party or video sound track to the next level. Several different sites offer WAV files featuring cats meowing; find out where to go to get the exact kitty sounds you need.

Recording a Cat's Meow

There have been 30 or more types of cat meow sounds recorded, and each type of meow means a cat wants something different. A cat can meow to insist his owner feeds him a special treat. A cat might meow to say hello or to let you know he doesn't like the way you are petting him. Anyone who owns a cat can testify to the many different types of meows.

Where to Find Cat Sounds WAV Meow Downloads

No matter the meaning of the meow, you may want to use a specific meow sound for a specific purpose. For example, if you decide to add that loud yowl to your Halloween track, you may actually use the recording of a cat that is frightened, but he simply sounds angry. Anyone who has seen the Mad Cat video at YouTube of a cat named "Burger and Fries" can tell you that this cat is more frightened than angry. However, the sound effects are truly frightening and so is the cat's countenance. Such a cat sound WAV meow recording could make for a truly terrifying track on your ghoulish collection.

While a Google search pulls up thousands of choices for finding cat sound WAVs, not all of the sites are as dependable or have as nice of a selection. LoveToKnow has weeded through some of these sites for you so that you can save time and find the exact recording you need quickly and easily.

Animal Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects offers free WAV recordings of animal sounds. You'll find:

  • Cat purrs
  • Cat meows
  • Cat yells
  • Cat screech
  • Cat scream
  • Big cat sounds, such as a lion's roar

In addition to some of the cat sounds, you'll also find recordings for dogs, jungle animals and a variety of birds.

Cat Sounds

Looking for a nice range of cat sounds before making a final decision on which ones you'd like to download? Kessel's offers a nice spectrum of choices.

  • More than 20 cat meows
  • Six different kitten sounds
  • Six types of purrs
  • Six angry meows
  • A dog and cat in a fight sound
  • Four lion WAVs
  • Sylvester and Tweety recordings

In addition you'll find various music such as the Lady and the Tramp Siamese cat song and Tom Jones' What's New Pussy Cat.

Sound Snap

Sound Snap has a huge selection of animal sounds. You'll find:

  • Cat meows
  • Cat fights
  • Angry meows
  • Cats purring

In addition to the interesting collection of cat sounds, you'll also find many unusual animal recordings such as bats, bears, chickens and even a recording of a wolf howling.

Just think of all the fun you can have with cat WAV sounds. Not only is the hunt for the perfect sound a lot of fun, but finding that file can be quite rewarding.Article contributed by Lori Soard, LTK Cats Site Editor.

Finding Cat Sound Effects WAV Files