8 Awesome Cat Gifts for Any Occasion

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It can be tough to find awesome gifts for your cat that he'll use and enjoy beyond the initial sniff. These eight gifts are purrrfect for any occasion and are sure to prove worthy, even for cats with the most discerning tastes.

Toys as Cat Gifts

Toys are an important part of a cat's development. They bring joy to cats, but according to Drs. Foster and Smith, they also aid in intelligence, memory, and coordination, and they help keep them out of trouble. Try these gifts for your feline buddy:

  • Frolicat Bolt Interactive Laser - Every cat needs exercise, and if cats could talk, they would probably tell you their favorite way to burn calories is to chase a laser. This interactive laser goes beyond the norm; it automatically generates laser patterns, so your cat can play while you're not even home! It's your choice if you want to create the pattern or let the laser do the work for you. Either way, it provides cats with endless entertainment, and Drs. Foster and Smith list it as a great toy for your cat to use by himself. It's available on Amazon for about $18.
    Frolicat Bolt Interactive Laser
    Frolicat Bolt Interactive Laser
  • The Purrfect DVD - Never again will your cat have to feel lonely while you're out. The Purrfect DVD provides 90 minutes of interaction for your kitty, and it has a looping function to continue the fun if you want it to run longer. The DVD is specially designed for cat vision and hearing to keep them inquisitive and attracted to the images on the screen which is full of birds, squirrels, fish, and other feline favorites. Customers on Amazon say it truly works for their cats, and you can purchase the DVD for just over $11.
The Purrfect DVD
The Purrfect DVD
  • Personalized Catnip Toy - Catnip is the way to your kitty's heart, and you can make his toy extra special by personalizing it with his name. A variety of fabric colors are available, and all the fish-shaped toys are handmade from thread, Poly-Fil stuffing, and catnip. The Crochet Kitty Cat Toys store carries a 5-star rating on Etsy, and comments from purchasers of the catnip toy say the fish is durable and it turned out exactly how they imagined. Your cat can have a unique toy made just for him for just $12.
    Personalized cat toy by crochetkittycattoys on Etsy
    Personalized cat toy by CrochetKittyCatToys on Etsy
  • Meowbox - Monthly box subscriptions are the latest craze, and they aren't just for people. If you're looking for variety, Meowbox may be the right choice for your cat. Your cat will enjoy different toys and North American-made treats personalized to your kitty's preferences, with a different set of toys and treats in every box. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance reviewed the subscription, stating their cats were crazy about the toys in the box. You can feel good about indulging your cat too because, for every box sold, the company donates a can of food to a shelter cat in need. Your cat's box of treasures will cost $22.95, and you can choose monthly or bi-monthly subscriptions.
    Inside Meowbox


The right cat furniture can help de-stress your cat, creating a warm and welcoming environment for them to grow. Here are furniture gifts your cat will adore:

  • Whisker Stress-Free Bowl - Whiskers are a sensitive part of a cat's body, and they can easily be stressed and become painful for cats when whiskers rub up on the sides of a bowl. With this stress-free bowl from Dr. Catsby, long whiskers have room to roam without bumping into anything. The bowl comes in a BPA free modern stainless steel finish and a rubber mat underneath to prevent your cat from moving the bowl while eating. Over 100 consumers on The Grommet give the bowl a 4.6-star average rating, citing the bowl is easy to clean, and their cats eat every morsel on the dish without moving the bowl around. Dr. Catsby's bowl retails for $19.99.
  • Refined Litter Box - Give your cat some privacy while they do their business. A large litter box slides easily into this enclosure for extra room, and the surrounding walls make your cat feel secure when they go inside. The refined litter box is is also a gift to pet parents who want to avoid unsightly litter boxes and prevent surrounding areas from having litter kicked on it. Customers on Wayfair say their cats love it and it provides additional storage for their cats' things. It's available for under $190.
    Refined Litter Box
    Refined Litter Box
  • My Kitty Darling Castle - Most cats think they're royalty, and this kitty castle goes perfectly with their mindset. With two cushiony beds, rustling foil in the tower, a perch, a scratching post, and a hanging ball, the Kitty Darling Castle is a home fit for a king or queen. Over 80 customer reviews average the castle a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, revealing the castle is sturdy, simple to put together, and the material is extra soft and comfortable. Your kitty can be awarded a fortress for under $84.
    cat castle
    My Kitty Darling Castle
  • Outdoor Playpen - The perfect solution to allowing your kitty some outdoor time without worrying about their safety. This wooden cat run has two levels and includes a ramp that allows your cat to choose where he'd most like to hang out. Tear-resistant mesh ensures claws won't break the playpen open, and the wood has been weather treated, so no reason to move it inside when your cat has had their fill of fun. Customers on Wayfair love how it can fit multiple cats, and that their felines finally have a respite from the dreary indoors. This cat run is available for just over $490.
    Outdoor playpen
    Outdoor playpen by Trixie

Best Gifts for the Best Cat

Cats are a part of the family, and the things they like should be an important part of what you purchase for them. These gifts will bring happiness, comfort, and style to your cat, no matter the occasion.

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8 Awesome Cat Gifts for Any Occasion