100+ Spanish Cat Names for Fabuloso Felines

Published January 19, 2021
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Finding a great Spanish cat name can be hard. However, there are a lot of fun, powerful, and beautiful Spanish cat names for you to choose from. Get a list of Spanish cat names for your male or female feline.

Strong Male Cat Names for a Furry Feline

Does your furry friend have a strong personality? A strong feline needs a strong name. Explore a range of strong, powerful, and brave Spanish cat names for your pet. These names can work for all different types of breeds, whether your cat is a specific breed or you are just looking for something beyond the normal fluffy and tiger. For your strong male cat, give one of these Spanish names a try.

  1. Alwar: guardian of all

  2. Andres: manly; brave

  3. Bernardino: brave

  4. Fernando: bold

  5. Feroz: lucky

  6. Fidel: faithful

  7. Fuerte: strong; firm

  8. Guerrero: warrior

  9. Helio: sun

  10. Herculano: glory of Hera

  11. Lion: lion

  12. Lobo: timber wolf

  13. Lupe: wolf

  14. Reyes: king

  15. Sergio: to serve

  16. Sombra: shadow

  17. Tiburon: shark

  18. Tigre: tiger

  19. Valentino: strength

  20. Valiente: brave

    Cute tabby cat with moustache

Unique Male Cat Names

Choosing a Spanish name for your cat already has you looking for something beyond the normal. However, you can take it to another level by looking at unique Spanish names for your male feline. These names have unique spellings, pronunciations, and meanings to keep your fur baby's name special.

  1. Acacia: thorny

  2. Agdta: kind

  3. Allegro: music

  4. Amante: lover

  5. Berto: intelligent

  6. Casimiro: peace bringer

  7. Daunte: enduring

  8. Honoratas: honor

  9. Leonor: light

  10. Quin: counsel

  11. Rio: river

  12. Ronroneo: purr

  13. Toli: farmer

  14. Usoa: dove

  15. Yago: supplanter

    Ginger Cats is Sitting on a shelf

Cute Male Cat Spanish Names

Who doesn't like a cute name for their kitty? But that doesn't mean your Tabby needs a name like Whiskers. Instead, you can give any traditionally cute pet name a twist by looking at a few Spanish alternatives. Check out a variety of cute cat names for your favorite furry boy.

  1. Aldo: elder

  2. Bigotes: whiskers

  3. Cazador: hunter

  4. Chico: boy

  5. Churro: fritter

  6. Cielo: heaven

  7. Dulce: sweet

  8. Gaspar: treasure

  9. Gato: cat

  10. Gustavo: staff of Geats

  11. Hermoso: beautiful

  12. Loco: crazy

  13. Oslo: meadow

  14. Paquito: free man

  15. Vivo: alive

    Young Birman kitten playing

Beautiful Female Feline Spanish Names

A beautiful cat needs a beautiful name to fit its vibrant personality. Allow your little furry princesses' beauty to shine by choosing a Spanish cat name with a beautiful meaning.

  1. Alegria: joy

  2. Amada: darling

  3. Amor: love

  4. Bella: beautiful

  5. Bombon: sweetie

  6. Caramela: sweet as candy

  7. Cascada: waterfall

  8. Chiquilla: little girl

  9. Cielito: little sky

  10. Corazon: heart

  11. Estrella: sky

  12. Flor: flower

  13. Leonora: bright

  14. Lindo: lovely

  15. Luza: light

  16. Mariposa: butterfly

  17. Muneca: doll

  18. Nina: little girl

  19. Perla: pearl

  20. Querida: beloved

  21. Safira: sapphire

  22. Salsa: dance

    Person and a ginger cat dancing to the music

Cute Spanish Cat Names for Females

Cute cat names for your little girls can be hard to come by. This is especially true if you are trying to keep the name of your cat unique. Cute Spanish cat names can be the answer. These names might just be perfect for your fabulouso feline.

  1. Baya: berry

  2. Brisa: breeze

  3. Chica: girl

  4. Emelda: battle

  5. Fantasia: fantasy

  6. Felisa: lucky

  7. Frida: peace

  8. Giselle: beautiful like the stars

  9. Grecia: graceful

  10. Lela: black beauty

  11. Lita: gladly

  12. Margarita: cluster of blossoms

  13. Neva: snow

  14. Playa: beach

  15. Selva: jungle

  16. Vida: life

  17. Zelia: ardent

    Domestic Cat Lies in a Basket with a Knitted Blanket

Spanish Cat Names for Cool Female Cats

Looking for a cool, regal, or even sweet name for your female cat? These cool Spanish female cat names might just be the answer to your pet naming struggles. Dive into a divine list of cool and quirky names for you fierce little female feline.

  1. Adella: noble

  2. Aurelia: golden

  3. Brunilda: ready for battle

  4. Candela: candle

  5. Carmelita: garden

  6. Chiki: sweet

  7. Divina: divine

  8. Fatima: captivating

  9. Ivette: yew

  10. Katia: pure

  11. Leta: gladly

  12. Mija: sea of bitterness

  13. Niebla: fog

  14. Pia: pious

  15. Sabella: God's promise

    Cat on green meadow on a foggy day

Finding the Perfect Spanish Cat Name

Naming your cat can be hard. However, going beyond English names can help you to find something truly unique for your fabulous felines. Try out these Spanish cat names on your cat to find the perfect one for your furry family friend.

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