How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is: Key Clues & Chart

Published April 16, 2021
Newborn baby bunnies

New pet parents may need to know how old a baby rabbit is, as babies are blind for the first ten days. Criteria for five key age ranges help determine how old the bunny is up to about six months. Rabbit lovers use size and weight, but it's still a guess! Grab a journal and write down some critical observations about your baby bunny, as the notes may help your vet.

How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is

The size and weight may help rabbit owners determine an approximate age. When bunnies are born, the eyes are still closed and do not open until closer to ten days. Key age ranges are the best place to start. Diet is one reason it is essential to know how old the baby bunny is, and at seven weeks, a rabbit may start eating pellets and grass hay.

Baby Bunny Age Chart

The criteria for the five key ages are weight, length, overall size, and some distinct physical features. Some rabbit breeds vary slightly. For example, the Flemish giant breed may weigh between 14 and 20 pounds. Some dwarf rabbits only weigh two pounds! Adults are typically 15 to 20 inches tall, and this also varies pending on the breed.

  • Newborn - around one ounce and eyes are shut
  • Five to ten days old - eyes are open or opening, and the baby can fit in the palm of your hand
  • Two to three weeks old - the size of a gerbil and ready for alfalfa hay
  • Four to five weeks old - bigger than a softball and five to seven inches long
  • Six months old - two to three pounds
Baby Bunny Age Chart

Growth May Be Dependent on Breed

Your baby rabbit may be in one of four breed categories: giant, medium, small and dwarf. Adult weights vary for larger breeds. Some rabbits are giant, and others are a dwarf breed and tiny! How do you know when the baby bunny is a grown-up?

Netherland Dwarf

The adorable Netherland dwarf rabbit only weighs two pounds as an adult. This breed is popular. Pet owners enjoy the rabbit's apple-round head and short ears.


The Rex breed's fur is like velour. This breed is a medium-sized rabbit and weighs eight to nine pounds as an adult.

Flemish Giant

At eight to nine weeks, this breed weighs five pounds. From eight weeks to eight months, the rabbit may gain 0.5 to 0.75 pounds each week and is not considered full-grown until 14 months of age. The adult weighs about 14 pounds.

Baby Bunnies Enjoy a Good Chew

At around seven weeks, it is appropriate to introduce alfalfa and grass hay to your baby bunny. Watch your bunny as this small pet is ready for a good chew! When you check the age range, be sure to mark your calendar as this milestone is a big deal for your baby rabbit.

Visit the Vet for the Exact Age

An exotics vet specializing in small animals needs to do an exam to determine your bunny's age. Your guess based on the chart is probably very close, but a vet may help with questions related to diet, age, and overall breed traits. Diet is key for a growing rabbit, so the bunny must be eating an appropriate pellet feed.

How to Tell How Old a Bunny Is

Typically, a new baby rabbit's age may be determined by size and weight. The eyes are still closed before ten days, and there are features to help uncover an approximate age range. Pet parents may want to visit a vet to verify the age as there are essential diet changes during the growing phase, and a missed step may impact the health of the bunny.

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How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is: Key Clues & Chart