DIY Rabbit Toys: Simple and Affordable Ideas

Published December 3, 2020
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DIY rabbit toys are wonderful additions to an indoor or outdoor enclosure. Remember that pet bunnies spend most of their time in the same enclosure, and novel toys help keep rabbits active. These homemade rabbit toys range from bunny tunnels to digging areas in a makeshift outside playpen.

Seven Affordable DIY Rabbit Toys

You may need to add a few materials to your shopping list, but if you live with other small pets (gerbils, hamsters, cats, and mice), you can get many of these items from recycling.

DIY Rabbit Digging Playpen

Digging is a popular activity for pet rabbits as they dig tunnels in their natural environment. Create an area that is tall enough so your rabbit can stand upright on its back legs but not easily jump out. Place this playpen outdoors as rabbits can make a mess. Always supervise your rabbit when they're digging in the playpen to ensure they don't jump out or dig underneath and escape.


  • Two-wire X-pens (the kind used for large/tall dogs)
  • Four carabineers
  • Landscaping rocks
  • Weatherproof tarp to cover the area from the sun
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Shredded paper and dirt


  1. Connect the two X-pens with the carabineers.
  2. Add the rocks to the outside of the X-pen's corners so it isn't easily moved.
  3. Put a tarp on the top of the area so the rabbits are out of the sun or place this playpen in the shade.
  4. Put at least two cardboard boxes in the area for them to dig around in. Fill one with shredded paper and the other with dirt.

Homemade Rabbit Toys Hanging Treat Holders

Wild rabbits forage for food, and pet rabbits also enjoy a challenge during mealtime. This treat holder will keep food off the ground. It improves run cleanliness and reduces food waste.


  • Plastic hook or carabineer
  • Metal basket
  • Nylon string
  • Veggies like leafy greens, cabbage, lettuce heads, carrots, or dandelion greens


  1. Place the plastic hook or carabineer on the side of the rabbit run or outside playpen. Hook the nylon string to both the hook or carabineer and metal basket.
  2. Add the veggies to the basket and let the rabbits forage for snacks. Try filling this with hay, too.
playful domestic pet rabbit

DIY Bunny Nibble Necklace Toy

This project gives your rabbit a whole string of reasons to chew. Collect a variety of materials such as cardboard and treats.


  • Treats that can be hung on a string like a carrot
  • Various shapes of cardboard
  • One-hole punch or hammer and a nail
  • String, about 12-inches long


  1. Cut the cardboard and veggies into different shapes.
  2. Using a hammer and a nail, punch a hole near the middle of the pieces and treats. You can also use a one-hole punch.
  3. Thread one piece onto the string, slide it to the end and tie a knot so it won't fall off.
  4. Thread the rest of the pieces on and mix up the order and shapes.
  5. Tie the nibble necklace to the side of the rabbit enclosure low enough so your bunny can reach it.

Cardboard Box Tunnels for Bunnies

Rabbits enjoy running through tunnels. Think of this DIY rabbit toy as an 'agility course' for bunnies.


  • Large, round oatmeal container
  • Scissors
  • Pet-safe glue
  • Paintbrush
  • One ball of hemp string


  1. Remove all the packaging and plastic covering from the oatmeal container. You just want the cardboard container.
  2. Use the scissors to remove the bottom of the container so your rabbit can crawl through the container.
  3. Start painting the glue onto the outside of the container. The entire container will need to be covered with glue.
  4. Start at the top of the container, wrapping the string around and around until the entire container is covered with string.
  5. Let it dry overnight.
Cardboard box tunnel

Handmade Rabbit Treat Ball

Rabbits can roll around their treat balls, and goodies will fall out as they interact with it.


  • Scissors
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Food pellets, treats, or small pieces of veggies
Toilet roll cores


  1. Use the scissors to cut the toilet paper tube into five equal parts.
  2. Form an X-shape by placing one piece of the toilet paper cardboard inside another.
  3. Put a third piece around the outside of the other two pieces, so it holds them together. At this point, it looks like a ball.
  4. Insert the food pellets and treats.
  5. Place the remaining two rings of the toilet paper roll you cut around the ball in different directions. Treats will fall out of the holes.

Amazing Rabbit Maze

Wild rabbits live in a series of tunnels, and this project allows you to simulate that environment. Create a simple maze using cardboard.


  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Pet-safe glue
  • Pencil
  • Treats


  1. Create your maze floor first. Use scissors to cut the cardboard the size of the maze.
  2. Create the walls of the maze by cutting four strips of cardboard. Two of the strips should match the floor's length, and two strips should match the floor's width.
  3. Use the pencil to create the maze on the floor. Include some dead ends!
  4. Glue the four strips of cardboard to the outside edges of the maze floor to form the walls.
  5. Cut more strips to the same height as the maze walls and trim to match the lengths of the lines of your design. Glue these strips in place to make the maze walls.
  6. Add treats at the end of the maze to encourage the rabbit to get to the end.
Bunny in cardboard box maze

Bunny Hideaway

Create a place for your rabbit to take a nap.


  • Round balloon
  • Drinking glass
  • Toilet paper
  • Water
  • Large paintbrush
  • Paper towels
  • Bedding


  1. Blow up the balloon the size you want the cave to be. Use the glass as a stand.
  2. The glass is used as a stand for this step.
  3. Lay the toilet paper on the balloon and wet the paper with water using the paintbrush, like papier-mâché. Cover the entire balloon and leave a hole around the knot.
  4. Tear the paper towel into strips, dampen them in water and continue to layer the balloon. Add five layers of both toilet paper and paper towel strips, alternating between the two materials.
  5. Leave the balloon to dry and cut a small hole near the knot in the balloon. Let all the air out slowly, and then remove the balloon.
  6. Use scissors to enlarge the opening so your rabbit can easily fit and add bedding or shredded toilet paper to the cave.

Why DIY Rabbit Toys Are Important

Pet rabbits are a wonderful addition to the family and making sure they have enrichment activities shouldn't be overwhelming for pet owners. Bored or lonely rabbits can engage in destructive behaviors, but toys can keep them busy during the day.

Other Toys to Add to Any Rabbit Enclosure

Pet rabbits need to dig and chew as these are natural behaviors that should be encouraged. Providing safe toys for your rabbits to enjoy and a variety of activities should be a priority for all pet parents. All five of the following items can be repurposed and are lying around the house.

  • Use mirrors to prevent loneliness temporarily.
  • Pass sturdy toddler toys, including the teething keys, onto small pets.
  • Fill small dog puzzle toys with rabbit food to keep them occupied.
  • Paper bags (without the handles) filled with shredded newspaper keep bunnies busy.
  • You can also recycle cat toys for your bunny's use.

Homemade Rabbit Toys Encourage Natural Behaviors Like Digging and Chewing

When pet owners research natural behaviors for pet rabbits, digging, chewing, and tossing objects around are top of the list. A variety of toys that bunnies can enjoy with other rabbits and their owners help strengthen these relationships.

DIY Rabbit Toys: Simple and Affordable Ideas