9 Best Rabbit Cages for Safe & Happy Pets

Updated February 3, 2021
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Rabbit in a cage

The best rabbit cage is large and at least four to six times the size of your bunny. Bunnies play for almost five hours each day, so the exercise pen also needs to be giant. With that in mind, an enclosed run or two-story condo connected by a ramp are two types of enclosures to consider for your bunny.

Best Rabbit Cage

The best rabbit cage design revolves around size, cage door, predator-proof structure, and an easy to clean material. There are many types of rabbit housing for pet parents to research and evaluate. The key features are a low maintenance design and easy to clean material so rabbit owners may spend more time with Cotton and Hopper.

Best Overall Hutch and Enclosure - Omlet Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch

The criteria for the best overall hutch is simple. A perfect enclosure for your rabbit is safe, predator-proof, and comfortable. The best overall hutch decision is easy as Omlet is a brand with a stylish and straightforward rabbit hutch and an outside run for two adult rabbits. The design elements go above and beyond a typical cage. The Omlet Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch considers a rabbit's instincts. The hutch without the outdoor extension starts at $275.

  • Easy to clean plastic hutch
  • Predator resistant run
  • Built-in areas for hay, feed bowl, and innovative waterer
  • Attractive design

Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch - Petsfit Wood Rabbit Cage

While rabbits thrive outdoors, living in extreme elements may cause illness. A rabbit living primarily inside with her owners may be let outside for sun and fun in a safe enclosure whenever the opportunity arises. Petsfit Rabbit Hutch is 35 x 21 x 21 and has a loft and a hideout area for your rabbit. The side has a slide-up door and a ramp that makes it easy for your rabbit to exit the hutch and visit with you. The hutch is also easy to clean with a pull-out tray. The grey and white paint make this a beautiful indoor hutch. It sells for about $140.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Cage - Good Life Waterproof Wooden Hutch

Good Life USA Wooden Waterproof Rabbit Hutch Pet House

When choosing a hutch for the outdoors, consider the weather extremes in your area and how waterproof the hutch needs to be. You may also want to plan to attach the hutch to an outdoor space for the bunny to roam in during favorable weather conditions. The Good Life Wooden Hutch is constructed with premium natural fir wood and painted with eco-friendly waterproof, non-toxic varnish. Customers at Walmart enjoy the design and say it is perfect in the rain. The dimensions are 62 x 21 x 37. It sells for about $185.

Top Rabbit Cage On Wheels - Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch

A mobile hutch or cage is convenient for rabbit owners. Many rabbit owners hope to enrich pets in every room of the house, and easily moving the hutch into the kitchen is an excellent feature. The Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Rabbit Cage is 40.6 x 26 x 37.6. The design offers extra space for bunnies to roam around. This hutch sells for $185.

Best Cheap Rabbit Cage Starter Kit - Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

Ferplast Krolik Large Rabbit Cage with Wood Hutch

An affordable rabbit cage needs to be a priority for all caretakers. Yet be careful as you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. Luckily, there are a few cheap rabbit hutch options and enclosures worth buying with many high-quality features. The Ferplast Krolik Rabbit cage's dimensions are 55.91 x 23.62 x 19.69 inches, and this product is known as a perfect starter kit for newbies. There is a living space and spacious house for one rabbit. This wood hutch sells for $143.

Easy to Clean Cage - Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

One of the most important features for newbie caretakers is an easy to clean hutch. The easier the cage is to clean, the more likely a pet parent is committed to weekly cleaning sessions. One easy-to-clean cage is the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation The dimensions are 36 x 24 x 39 inches. Customers say the double doors provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning and feeding. There is also a wide expansive shelf and full-width plastic pan floor. The Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation sells for $160.

Best Predator Resistant Hutch - Gambrel Predator Proof Rabbit Hutch

Gambrel Predator Proof Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit lovers planning to keep bunnies outdoors need a hutch off the ground and elevated as much as possible. The goal is to keep predators from digging under the hutch. The Gambrel Predator Proof Rabbit Hutch is available on Etsy for under $2,000. The expensive price tag on this hutch may be worth it as it is raised enough, so caretakers do not need to worry about raccoons, weasels, or coyotes.

Top Untraditional Enclosure - Riverdale Walk In Chicken Coop

Use a chicken coop as a hutch for bunnies. The housing design is similar to what bunnies need, and the coops are spacious with outdoor runs. The Riverdale Walk In Chicken Coop sells on Wayfair for $380. The coop is perfect for up to three rabbits. The features are endless, and the hutch includes a non-toxic, waterproof roof with polycarbonate panels allowing maximum light transmission.

Types of Rabbit Housing

There are many appropriate housing types for rabbits, but it is important to consider solid flooring over a wire bottom. Also, the hutch's size is essential, and no matter the size of the bunny, a large enclosure is best.

Solid Flooring Versus Wire

Solid-floor cages are more comfortable for rabbits. The cages need to be scooped out, wiped down, and refilled with bedding. Some owners prefer to litter-train rabbits to keep the cage more sanitary between cleanings and keep the droppings mainly in a drop tray. This option works best if the cage is large enough to accommodate a litter box or if the rabbit can get in and out of the cage through an open door.

Best Size

The rabbit's main living space needs to be as comfortable as possible. The general rule to follow is to make sure the cage is at least four to six times the rabbit's size. Additionally, rabbits enjoy two-story cages or ones with shelves to get off the ground.

Best Type of Bedding

It's essential to choose safe bedding. Clay kitty litter may seem convenient, but this product may harm rabbits. Hay or straw is a better choice for outdoor bunnies since the bedding provides roughage for your pet and it is insulating.

Comfort and Safety Come First for Your Pet Rabbit

An easy to clean rabbit cage means more cleaning sessions. Pet parents need to purchase a large and affordable hutch to ensure your rabbit feels safe and secure for years to come. The Omlet Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch is an obvious choice for the best overall hutch and enclosure as the features go above and beyond all the other products.

9 Best Rabbit Cages for Safe & Happy Pets