Insights From a Siamese Cattery in Kentucky

Updated May 25, 2019
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Locating a Siamese kitten in the state of Kentucky can take some time and research. There are several options throughout the state for the serious Siamese lover to consider.

Siamese Kitten Personality

Patricia McGraw, a former owner of Emerald Isle Farms Siamese Cattery in Kentucky that is now closed, described the Siamese as, "loyal to their families, highly intelligent, vocal and entirely enchanting and regal in their presence. They have an easy care coat and are known for their very lengthy life span." Aside from being one of the oldest known breeds of cats, they are popular with families because, "they remind me more of a dog wearing a cat suit than any other felines I have been around."

Siamese Kitten Breeds to Consider

When choosing a Siamese kitten, there are several breeds you can also research that were created from the "traditional Siamese" cat. These include the Balinese which has, "all the beauty of a Siamese, but have longer, fuller fur with very soft non-matting length of hair more present around their neck, legs and tail." Other breeds that come from the Siamese include the Birman, Burmese, Himalayan, Tonkinese, Snowshoe and Oriental Shorthair. Many breeders of traditional Siamese cats will also specialize in one of these related breeds as McGraw did with the Balinese.

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How to Choose a Siamese Cat Breeder

It's important to research a breeder fully and make sure their cats are healthy and well socialized. As a third generation breeder, McGraw drew on her experiences to advise potential owners to look specifically for a breeder who:

  • Cares about cleanliness
  • Has happy, social cats
  • Provides health records
  • Requires a written contract
  • Cares about their kittens after you leave with them
  • Provides references willingly
  • Is eager to share their knowledge and experience

Be Patient and Informed

McGraw cautioned buyers to "be prepared and don't be in a hurry. The good healthy traditional Siamese breeders don't usually have kittens available 365 days a year. Be prepared to wait for a good one because they are worth it. Add your name to their birth announcement list and waiting list."

Breeders to Avoid

Unfortunately as with most pets, there are some breeders that should be avoided, said McGraw. Warning signs of an irresponsible breeder is one who:

  • Does not keep everything clean
  • Does not keep records
  • Does not have an acceptable vaccination schedule
  • Does not have much experience and is not being mentored by an experienced, reputable breeder
  • Does not willingly answer any and all questions
  • Does not require a contract or ask any information of you
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Common Breeder Policies

From her own experience as a breeder, McGraw described a typical process you should expect to go through when buying a Siamese kitten.

  • "Before adopting out one of our cats, we required a full time indoor loving home, and people who could commit to the long term emotional and financial responsibility of pet ownership.
  • People must agree to spay/neuter these pets since we didn't sell kittens without spay/neuter agreement.
  • People also needed to understand what the Siamese breed is truly like. A Siamese can be a vocal family member because he or she is very communicative, and some demand direct attention from their family members."

Siamese Catteries in Kentucky

If you're looking in the state of Kentucky for a Siamese kitten, you have a few choices of breeders.

Fleckenstein Siamese Cattery

Located in Burlington, Kentucky, this cattery specializes in the traditional Siamese cat. Kittens may be available in seal, chocolate, blue and lilac points depending on the litter. Cats are registered through CFF and ACA and are sold as pets only without breeding rights. Kittens are $700 with a $350 deposit required.

Jabuchs Balinese Cattery

This cattery is based in Madisonville, Kentucky and specializes in the Balinese breed. They are registered with TICA and CFA and all kittens are raised in a home environment and cage-free. Kittens are sold with a required contract without breeding rights. Kittens are $1,200 and require a deposit.

Evermead Traditional Siamese and Balinese

While this cattery currently is not planning litters, it can provide referrals for people searching for a Siamese or Balinese kitten from a reputable breeder. They are located in western Kentucky. When kittens are available, they are sold for $1,000 with a contract and all kittens are registered with CFF, CFA or TICA. Kittens are spayed or neutered before going to their new homes.

Blumoon O Kentucky Cattery

This cattery is located in southeastern Kentucky and specializes in Oriental Shorthair kittens. Kittens are $650 and shipping is extra. All kittens are sold with a spay/neuter agreement requiring them to be fixed between the age of six to nine months.

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Siamese Kitten Rescue Groups

Another option to find Siamese kittens in Kentucky is through a rescue group or shelter. You can look for Siamese kittens available for adoption through:

  • Adopt a Pet and Petfinder are both websites where you can enter your desired breed and your address and a list of available cats at local shelters and private rescue groups will be provided to you.
  • Rescue Me is a website that lists available Siamese cats currently in rescues and shelters in Kentucky.

Find a Siamese Cat in Kentucky

When looking for a Siamese kitten, it's best to take former breeder McGraw's advice to take your time and research the breed thoroughly. Don't hesitate to spend time interviewing breeders and follow her guidelines for avoiding disreputable breeders. Remember you'll have your cat for up to 20 years so you want to do your due diligence to find a healthy, happy, well-bred kitten.

Insights From a Siamese Cattery in Kentucky