Have a Laugh With These 25 Hilarious Horse Jokes

Horses are serious business, so take a load off with these funny puns and one-liners to share with your horse.

Published March 16, 2023
Young woman in felt hat laughing next to horse,

Equestrians already know that horses have their own unique personalities, and they can be really funny. With all the work that goes into taking care of a horse, having a sense of humor definitely helps! If you're looking for a chuckle, these horse jokes are sure to give you a good laugh. And just for good measure, we've included some horse puns and riddles too. Giddy-up!

Funny Horse Jokes to Stirrup Some Laughs

Try telling one of these jokes to your horse. Or even better, a fellow horse lover.

Funny Horse Joke
  • The veterinarian noticed the horse had a sore throat. The owner replied, "yes, he's been a little hoarse."
  • What happens when a horse gets excited? You get bucked off!
  • To move faster on a horse, just add a little more horsepower.
  • A man ran into a wedding and said, "we have to pause the wedding. The bride is missing, and the horse is wearing the bridle dress!"
  • There are a few hard parts about riding a horse, but the ground is definitely the hardest.
  • Why did the racehorse keep losing? Because he was always running in circles.
  • Why did the horse cross the road? Because he was no chicken.
  • What did the horse say when his rider tried for a high jump? We'll neigh-ver make it!

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Horse Puns

Everyone loves a good pun. Check out these silly ones about horses:

Horse Pun
  • Stop horsing around.
  • It's pasture bedtime.
  • You're my better hoof.
  • They herd all about you.
  • That horse has quite a cantor.
  • Your stallion is the mane event.
  • Why are horses good at business? They make great neigh-gotiators!
  • My horse is foal of surprises.

Horse Riddles

Do you love horse riddles? Here are a few you can try to solve with your family:

Horse Riddle
  • Why did a horse need spurs? To stay in the spur of the moment.
  • How do you get a horse owner to stay still? Tell them to hold their horses.
  • What kind of horse is a terrible swimmer, has a purse, and has likes to hang around? A seahorse.
  • Why did the owner name his racehorse 'Bad News'? Because bad news travels fast.
  • What kind of horse walks around at midnight? A nightmare.
  • What did the female horse say to the male horse? You're such a stud!
  • What did the horse tell the cowboy? You're my mane man.
  • What kind of horse has a lot of horsepower? A mustang.
  • Why did the horse run without their equipment? They thought they could ride around unbridled.

Have a Laugh

We hope you enjoyed the funny horse jokes, puns, and riddles. Share them with your friends and family for some extra giggles.

Have a Laugh With These 25 Hilarious Horse Jokes